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Watch highlights from Friday's The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell. Lawrence O’Donnell airs weeknights at 10 p.m. ET on MSNBC.

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About The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell:
Drawing upon his experience as a former chief of staff on the Senate Finance Committee and as an Emmy-winning executive producer and writer of "The West Wing," Lawrence O'Donnell examines the compelling and impactful political stories of the day. O'Donnell convenes diverse panels of guests, including a variety of politicians and cultural voices, to offer unique viewpoints and perspective. In his signature style, O'Donnell highlights the latest news developments and offers his take on the political stories driving the national conversation.

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    1. Joyce Alene White Vance is an American lawyer who served as the United States Attorney for the Northern District of Alabama from 2009 to 2017. She was one of the first five U.S. Attorneys, and the first female U.S. Attorney, nominated by President Barack Obama.

    1. @Freedom Life every legal American citizen not illegals bring your ID if you want to vote end of story are you okay with that

    2. @Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov Only in Chicago: “Vote early and vote often!” (compliments to the original Mayor Daily)

    3. Yes, would you like us to bring the ballot to you in bed? Would that make it better? What kind of voter rights are being suppressed? Please don’t say “no water & food” in line🙄. Which is “a big lie”

    4. @Torey neely To begin with voting should be easy. It shouldn’t take 6 hrs waiting in a long line. Every state should adopt vote by mail. Just watch this video over again.

  1. “hey Hun don’t forget to grab out hoods from the drycleaners in the way home” – republicans voicemail

    1. @David Hale – wrong, wrong, most BLM rioters have arrested and charged if they caused physical harm or damage to property. Look it up, do not assume.

    1. @Loretta Keesee what did he do wrong that he needs to be in prison can you tell me I’ll wait for your answer

  2. If Trump walks away unscathed after all the insurrection court hearings, what is justice then about?

    1. At this point, I can’t imagine that happening. They said the other “Teflon Dons” were untouchable too, but Gotti and Capone both died old men in prison, for doing much less than what drump’s done.

      And he’s his own worst enemy, it’s almost like they’re giving him the proverbial rope by allowing him to become increasingly unhinged and run his mouth. His latest rant about kavanot and all those “best people” he slammed, was hilarious. They all deserve each other and they all need to go to jail. Impeach that boofing weasel, too.

    1. What “they” got was Lyndsey Graham live on national TV:
      “it’s over! Make it stop (crying. snivel snivel) Mommy!!!” -Lyndsey Graham 1/6/2021

  3. For all these election “security” laws being passed there are none designed to reduce the time in line.

    1. I agree. It seems like there should be laws about how many voting machines should be available for every thousand voters who are registered in a particular area. I’ve never spent more than an hour voting in person.

  4. Trumpers always yelling their freedom of speech BUT where is these peaceful protesters freedom of speech?

    1. they are very lost and confused, which leads to them being even more angry and violent. The only solution is to respond with persistent facts and reminding them that our country comes first while politicians come and go.

  5. Ask Georgia ministers to bless the water by the truckload before giving it to people in line. Let the police TRY to arrest ministers handing out holy water.

    1. @Martha Shandley Of course you mean grifting evangelist and not gifting! The average evangelist no longer has any empathy with anyone else.

    1. **100 million eligible voters in America,,, don’t vote!!! It’s all of my jobs,, to help them get registered and help them VOTE…**

    2. @Jeanne Myers I hear you. Let’s make it a pledge to spread it around and keep it in the front of any political discourse, Jeanne.

  6. Trump’s coup denial reminds me of a child at a playground:
    Child: “May I play with you guys?”
    Response: “No.”
    Child: “I did not want to play anyway.”

  7. GOP knows the writing is on the wall , and their days are numbered , dirty pool is their middle name ,

    1. Hopefully, but we must be vigilant. Protest voter suppression. Elect Democrats at the local and state level.

    2. **. Talk to our friends and family and neighbors and coworkers,,,, and see if we can help them,,, GET REGISTERED AND VOTE!!! 100 million eligible voters don’t vote!!!! That’s pathetic… That’s how Republicans win!!! And we can do something about that….**

  8. I’m glad somebody brave enuf to stand up for civil rights on Texas because when I was there for med school I was shocked coming from a mixture city like Sacramento, the Texans were like Archie bunker State

  9. Trump is a “bad seed” cultivator. His crop is thriving. Let’s hope it doesn’t spread like kudzu in the South.

    1. The US health department states Trump derangement is a true mental illness if you hate one person that much truly get some help

    2. @Joboo Luvs On the other hand, if the POTUS incited an insurrection against the USA Govt, instigated a lie that an election was ‘stolen’ and downplayed a pandemic leading to the deaths of hundreds of thousands, hating him would be a rational thing to do.

    1. I am so sorry for not giving more likes! It is the trademark of a real democracy. And don’t forget to get rid of the electoral college. Every vote should be equal. The states get their share through the senators.

    2. @Torey neely **seems like every time someone gets caught cheating, it’s a Republican!!!! I think you’re projecting again!!! Voter fraud,, is exceedingly rare… And one vote one way or another,,, isn’t changing an election….**

  10. I have five (5) people in my family who I know didn’t vote my goal is to make sure they are registered and that they vote 🇺🇸

    1. very admirable of you – I think that everyone should make it his/her goal to make at least one person to register and vote, just to make democracy work


  11. Black women are some of the smartest, strongest, and most empathetic people in our country! 🧠💪🏿👠💜🇺🇸

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