Watch The ReidOut With Joy Reid Highlights: March 18 | MSNBC 1

Watch The ReidOut With Joy Reid Highlights: March 18 | MSNBC


Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms joins Joy Reid live to talk about the deadly spa shootings in Atlanta on Tuesday—the latest in a surge of crimes committed against Asian Americans. Plus, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.
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Watch The ReidOut With Joy Reid Highlights: March 18 | MSNBC


  1. We the people who
    get up early every morning to go working hard every day making America great always been
    We the people amigo’s

    1. @goldpilgrim in other countries people are just citizens of that country are just citizens no need to have any hyphens.

    2. @diane shelton Not any more! Hyphens are important now, they help maintain diversity. In our WOKE age, not everything is based on merit. Colorblind society is no longer acceptable . If you disagree, you should be cancelled.

    3. @goldpilgrim rubbish, I am not colour blind I just see no need to announce to all and sundry on letters, passports, voting papers, taxes my skin colour. Similarly if you for example went to Ireland as a so called white Irish American they would laugh in your face.

    4. @diane shelton Whites are not hyphenated. You can’t say you’re white but you can say you’re female. It would be also nice to say you’re a black, a refugee and a lesbian. Multiply hyphenated people get more respect in progressive circles. They also have more rights and opportunities.

    1. @TopherTMG The 21 million undocumented residents don’t vote. They know it would destroy their chance at ever becoming citizens and would likely get them deported. Forty-nine of the fifty US states have voter registration, and voters prove their citizenship as part of the registration process. If that is not enough to satisfy “the republicans”, nothing ever will be.

    2. Democrats think Black People are incapable of getting a voter ID, and they know illegals vote Democrat. “Black people do not know where the DMV is” “Black people cannot use the Internet”.

    3. @thomas marsha Illegals cannot vote. You have to prove citizenship to be registered to vote in forty-nine of the fifty states (North Dakota does not have voter registration). Only registered voters can vote in those 49 states. That excludes illegals, unless you think they are all dashing off to North Dakota to vote. People that don’t drive have no need to know where the DMV is no matter what their race. Making people purchase an ID to vote is tantamount to having a poll tax.

    4. @thomas marsha Of course there are, and they are not happy about this blatant effort to disenfranchise them, either.

  2. We are so lucky in the UK voting is so easy walk down to your local village hall or school, you get a card in the post, they match your name and address and get a vote.

    1. @Maureen Peterson in our US patriarchal and religion-based society, privileged white males have had the upper hand far too long. Change the genders and races of people in politics, and you will see a big difference.

    2. @cindy o Absolutely- I couldn’t agree more – it’s surprising how America keeps telling everyone they are the leaders of the free world yet the westerners ha e resolved things America is struggling with like voting! It’s so simple but they have made it complex! And the many other things like starvation wages!

    3. That makes sense when u r not a nation that coddles liars, make the biggest liar president & his sicko fans senators.

    4. @margaretscleong I think there is corruption in all governments but America seems over the top and they don’t even hide it! The republicans speak out loud about stopping people from voting and clearly they are against people of colour from voting! Graham stating on National TV that if everyone votes the republicans will never win! What the!

    1. When the elections happened and we saw the long queues in America the rest of the world looked on in amazement. In a modern country it is appalling that happens. Get your act together and scientific studies world wide have shown no additional risk with mail in voting than other methods.

    2. @diane shelton What we need is a free and fair election process. Not restrictive. This will benefit the Democrats.

    1. Any one notice as the food lines got longer and more people laid off, the BILLIONAIRES got richer and richer. The 1 percent has all the percentages that matter. Like a shark feeding on a school of bait fish. The more poor for them the merrier. The poor lose what they have in this double bind against them. Like an 8 ball trying to win a game designed for it to lose.

  3. I don’t understand how someone could be against vot8ng rights. That’s democracy! Maybe they don’t really understand what our country is all about.

    1. Even Trump admitted it, if every Citizen of the United States of America that has the right to vote actually voted, Republicans would never again win an Election.

  4. Any legislator who wants to take away voting rights shouldn’t be allowed in a position of authority!

  5. Let me state it clearly: people like Chip Roy are the bad guys in this narrative. The lynch mob are the bad guys.

    1. @ST7A Bad Karma I haven’t seen them trying to lynch anybody. Damage to property , graffiti, some violence, sure. Lynching, not so much.
      Trump supporters brought a gallows to the January 6 thing. Ready made.
      You can try and present this as somehow equivalent, but it won’t wash.
      We see you.
      I may not know who you are, nor do I want to, but I know what you are. That’s enough.
      We see you.

  6. I think keeping names private would be okay,knowing these blessed people was innocent is very heart breaking

  7. All I gotta say is…I feel bad for the person who gets stuck firing joy reid one day. WoW..imagine that playing out for a sec. Scary, right!?

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