Watch The ReidOut With Joy Reid Highlights: September 10th | MSNBC 1

Watch The ReidOut With Joy Reid Highlights: September 10th | MSNBC


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  1. The recall process should require at least 20% of registered voters to sign a petition requesting one. Stop opening these expensive, tedious processes to fringe nutjobs and secretive private political groups.

    1. Nope – rules are rules…..signatures of ALL parties were obtained and they were verified as legal. Increasing the number only keeps bad people in power….like Gruesome.

  2. Keep your Governor do not let Scary Steve Miller & Larry Elder win, their supporters have lived on earth in luxury and self-indulgence. You have fattened yourselves in the day of slaughter.

    1. @N Q unlike republicans, democrats don’t have to cheat to win elections. If you’re upset about that, maybe try getting a platform that people actually want to support. 🤷🏻‍♀️

    1. @Lillian Matthews No, because of his demented policy beliefs…No Minimum wage, Women should put up with discrimination in the work place, no medicare programs, and says Miller should be president ??? he’s just another political hack trying to appeal to the republican base, saying whatever he thinks will win him votes..and could you please explain to me why he has, to date. skipped 3 campaign debates ???…..scared of having to answer for the all the crap he’s putting out there maybe ???

    1. I think that, also for a crazy american sjw, is not so difficult to say that Newsom is the worst of the worst. It doesn’t mean “I love Elder”, it only meanz that Newsom il the worst of the worst

    2. Exactly, I just wrote: These donners who pay millions of dollars to the politicians deduct the entire amount on their tax return, so here again it is the small taxpayer who in reality pays to their possible “enemy” with the politicians.

    1. @Metatron Omega shut up! Repubs have run that state as well as dems. Plus, Cali has been sucked dry by the likes of Hollywood, tycoons, big corporations and anyone who had a dream of “making it” for YEARS! What the heck do you expect would happen??? The state was saturated and now people are moving on to destroy another state, dum dum. Florida will be next, then Texas. So, go in the corner and have several seats!

    1. @Biden will get us all killed Trump is the one that negotiated the surrender to the Taliban for a May 2021 pull out and he released the Taliban co founder and 5000 of his fighters from prison in Pakistan.

      So you are either dishonest or a low information person that needs to study the facts before he starts talking

    2. Sounds like someone we all ready know these idiots can’t even think for themselves they use the same phrases we know where they’re coming from their trumpsters and they will always be trumpsters put them in the dumpsters where they belong their garbage

    3. @Comic Power And it’s congress that gave the taliban millions of your taxmoney for transgender studies lmao

    4. @Live the moment like it’s your last where can I find that infor to start researching. Be safe get vax and wear a mask. God bless

  3. “It’s all rigged”…But say the rest…”It’s all rigged cuz I’m riggin it by sowing doubt on the legitimacy of it”…and there are enough gullible people out there to believe it…

  4. I’ve always liked Jerry Brown. Plus he had property in NSJ, not far from me, when I resided in Nevada County, CA. He would have made a good prez.

  5. I love Morgan Freeman. He is one of best actors ever. He truly deserved the SAG lifetime achievement award 😊❤👍

  6. Get that m- ‘man’ an exorcist. Larry has always enjoyed being different. For instance when just a BOY of 8 years he wanted a skunk as his pet, yet bonded with the worm he got instead. This helped in determining his personal life goal …to be stinky and slimy. He prides himself at having reached it.

    1. They tricked you by pushing the “right wing madness” lie. This isn’t a right or left issue, this is about how bad Newscum is for the people he’s supposed to represent.

  7. voted no recall!!!Proudly! A bunch of Karen’s and kins don’t like the results of an election decide that they want a recall because the mean Democrat tried to make them wear a mask!!!😂😂😂😂😂

  8. I can’t believe you got to interview “God”! Maybe, I need to reconsider my atheism. 🙂 I love Morgan Freedom, thanks for having god, er Mr. Freeman on your show.

  9. Joy Reid is a fantastic professional.
    As for the killing of this innocent man its about the racist police at ‘work’!

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