Watch The ReidOut With Joy Reid Highlights: September 3rd | MSNBC 1

Watch The ReidOut With Joy Reid Highlights: September 3rd | MSNBC


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  1. People should be angrier at the SC for violating privacy laws. They know these people have voiced support for voter intimidation and violence against political opponents, school board members, and even hospital staff. ACB’s refusal to answer the question as to whether or not voter intimidation was illegal was the biggest red flag gone ignored.

    1. @Texas Abortionist HUNTER I see you have no desire to help the poor and that is typical from you “ pro life “ people. It’s why we know it’s not about life to you. Didn’t you just have a hurricane? The only thing that might help you is an exorcism, actually.

    2. @Jennifer Cuddy you beg for decades. You wasted our HELP. Now you try and BULLY because you’re so spoiled from AFFIRMATIVE ACTION. You need to look in the mirror and stop BEGGING my culture for MONEY and FREE handouts. We built this country WITHOUT handouts. Build something!!

    3. @Jennifer Cuddy get mad at me. I’m the one that actually cares. That’s why I’m telling you hard facts. Tough love 🇺🇸

    4. @Jennifer Cuddy you need help. End of story. Americans won’t listen to people that have no facts. Just more complaining.

    1. @Texas Abortionist HUNTER in reality its republicans who are taking away your right to vote, causing gridlock in congress to pass no legislation for americans, packing our courts with far right extremists to hold on to power. VOTE BLUE!!

    2. Never say never, but no this not the party of Lincoln for sure. They talk that stuff but neither party since Lincoln has made any drastic changes in the culture of racism in the United States of America. There’s hope for the republicans once the democrats do what it takes to make them see clearly that the absolute binding laws and rights of it’s citizens are meant for all. The vote tell the legislature what to do.

    3. @Texas Abortionist HUNTER sorry but you have it in reverse. They have power but no leadership that makes a difference at this point.

  2. They’re coming to lie about why their liar comrades came to listen to the liar in chief. And why that liar in chief felt the need to lie about his loss, simply because his ego is so ‘crystal champagne flute’ fragile.

    I’ve met women with extreme cases of borderline personality disorder, and paranoid schitzofrenia, with more even tempered and reliable personalities than donald trump has. Its pathetic.

    1. @Texas Abortionist HUNTER Bill Barr, Trump own DOJ kept it under wraps inexplicably. Personally I think it should been throughly investigated, unfortunately I do not have any authority on that.

    2. @Texas Abortionist HUNTER “2024 will be here and then it’s all over for the lefties.” Good luck with that.

    3. @Michael Lopez
      He’s just an elderly Canadian pushing 70 plus with multiple accounts and loves to block me.
      Ignore the old yellow skunk.

  3. CRITICAL RACE THEORY: Disneyland America is the America everyone wants to believe in.
    Then on their way home while waiting at a bus stop they get hit with a hammer for being Asian American.
    Then on their way home they jay walked across the street and were shot by police for being Black American.
    Then at school they were upset that history now includes all races and they are Pink American.

    1. @Bessie King hmmm…and the Left as well. I actually feel the Left lies are much more dangerous than the Right lies at this point in history. Sadly, people are too stupid/lazy to do their own research.

  4. The DOJ should look into where the EPA funding grants went after Bannons help to dismantle it along with trump…somone got a big bonus.

    1. or, look for mutiltple mega bonuses for four years. And check how much money our Treasury printed during that four years…. the guy in charge looked pretty dicey with his girlfriend in front of the money printing machine.

    2. actually the managers all go directly to fat positions in private sector (the same companies they passed chemicals for). This and the same action on K street should be illegal.

  5. At this rate, the White House may change hands before the ring leaders are brought to justice. Expect pardons for those folks for sure.

    1. @Texas Abortionist HUNTER oh hey guy who lives in another future, Mexicans are coming to snap pictures of your females in Texas in their bedroom to prove that 7 weeks later they are not pregnant in court, ka ching $10,000, and Texans will pay them for that.

    1. @No Show Joe Trump is the most infamous president in our at least three generations. No he didn’t win and Joe Biden is the POTUS. Anyone who says different is disillusioned and most of all white supremacists.

    2. Doesn’t matter how many was at the party or RALLIES especially during covid19. Biden camp was smart and people recognized the most responsible party and it was the democrat.

    3. @Bessie King correction anyone who says differently will be censored by the government…cause that’s how you KNOW you’ve won an election for surezies🥴.

    4. @Bessie King oh my…you are making an interesting comment. White supremacists? Is that your response to anything you do not like? How very feckless. Biden did win …and here we are…our POTUS is a well defined racist, profoundly inhumane, abundantly narcissistic and quite stupid. We have him and he is quite sadly “ours”…sigh.

  6. The GOP hierarchy doesn’t realize the mess they are going to create. They may be dreaming some ultimate conservative utopian vision but it’s just never going to be that. Amazing the number of educated politicians that can’t see the absolute disaster evolving in front of them. Their myopia is almost pathological in scope.

    1. @Bessie King Why won’t Biden release transcript of his call with Ghani? MSNBC does not seem to be covering the story > Can you answer me please

    2. @David Cohen why? We already have the audio which was leaked. Biden is a shameless inhumane racist thing BUT leaks such as that one are felonies. I despise felonious behavior regardless of party affiliation. Nah…did not like Trump either but many of his policies were good for the country. At least NATO only disliked us during Trump presidency now they HATE our President. We are in deep water internationally.

  7. On the Texas abortion law, the SCOTUS took a page from the first Trump farcical Senate impeachment “trial”: No evidence presented, no witnesses called.

    1. @CJ 2021 Just not all of it. Chief Justice John Roberts wrote: “I would grant preliminary relief … so that the courts may consider whether a state can avoid responsibility for its laws in such a manner.“

    2. @vermary obviously, i provided a brief synopsis. Once again, the result is that it was pushed back down as it should have been and it will probably reach SCOTUS again.

  8. Since I started watching MSNBC as a German living in South Africa The Reid Out has grown so much on me. It is by now my favorite show. Keep up the great work. Thank you for what you do.

    1. As a South Africa I will tell you a that you’re a disgrace. Turn Joyless Reid off if you want to fit in. She’s a poes.

    2. Hmmm…if you “enjoy” Joy, most assuredly it must be from a “gallows humor” perspective. Otherwise, consider re-evaluating your “propaganda radar” because she is a dangerous propaganda tool and she knows it.

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