Watch The ReidOut With Joy Reid Highlights: September 7th | MSNBC 1

Watch The ReidOut With Joy Reid Highlights: September 7th | MSNBC

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  1. Doesn’t matter if you have R behind your name or D behind your name you’re going to still be eligible for infections from the viruses you should listen try to learn some !! Instead of trying to be so insultive!

    1. @Wisconsin Man how kind of you. Thanks.
      I am sure your parents would be So very proud of your words and behaviors

    2. @Wisconsin Man what a sweetheart you are. It’s a good thing I know a couple of people from Wisconsin and they’re nothing like you~otherwise I would probably begin to think that the whole state is comprised of self-centered, ignorant yahoo’s, borrowing their cows dewormer and swallowing it like it was Jello. Orange jello, what else. You people don’t care that the medical professionals in every hospital are ready to drop from 18 months of exhaustion and day after day after day of death after death after death. You don’t care. You don’t care about anything except your precious rights except for the fact that the constitution does not protect what you think it protects in a public national Health crisis. And this one happens to be international as well, you ridiculous clown shoe.

      That’s for your compassion and intelligence, well, suffice to say, your parents must be so proud

    3. @Batia Love Ahava Thats typical. You are FINE weeding out the stupid, which we all know what you mean. So tough, I’ll watch the Obits for you. Fingers crossed. My parents are dead, but they did leave me a ton of money because they loved me.

  2. Safe space in hospitals stay home and deal with covid yourself. safe space for the children of these ignorant parents.

    1. Does Joyless the Race Lady ever mention that Blacks have the lowest rates of vaccination in the US. Obviously they are Trump supporters.

    2. @gum zee She is the worst. She spread that lie about an Oklahoma hospital being overrun with patients who had taken Ivermectin. Did she apologize when it was proven to be a lie? I don’t think so.

      And today, Fauci is on her show. The man also has ZERO credibility.

  3. Those keeping this going will lead to dreadfully epic numbers. A truly sad scene. Another variant to come.

    1. @PointingOutObvious At this rate, there’ll be another, better suited for breakthroughs, to render current solutions obsolete, though I hear Mu is faring better than the rest currently.

    2. @Wisconsin Man explain this idiotic statement? The vaccine came out Jan 2020. 340000 people died in America before the vaccines were even out! How TF is your statement true? That’s already 50 percent of the deaths.

  4. When I see stuff like this I post the following. Covid don’t care. Covid wants to live. Covid don’t care. Covid likes everyone. Covid don’t care. Get vaccinated cause Covid don’t care!

    1. Yeah and Covid doesn’t care whether you got the “shot” or not either. Why the word “vaccination” keeps being used, when the shot does NOT prevent the spread, is beyond me. This man tells a different story every time I hear him talk…smh

    2. @Ronald Lawrence Doesn’t work? and this is based upon your PhD in what? When you can support with evidence a comment worthy of reading let us know. otherwise do some reading. their is clear evidence the vaccine works, just check the stats world wide. I wish we had the vaccination rates of some of the best first world nations before the Delta variant arrived, then we could be enjoying low rates of infections, hospitalization and death rates like they are.

  5. The morons in America made vaccine and masks political once the American people fired Donald chump at the ballot box.

  6. ‘Got it from a friend who got it from a friend and we’re spredin’ it around.’
    MAGA’s new theme song. Followed by:
    “Another one bites the dust”
    Darwinism at its finest moment.
    Stupidity & irresponsibly takes its toll.

    1. “I got it from Agnes, She got it from Jim, we all agree it must have been Louise who gave it to him.”-Tom Lehrer

  7. I keep myself safe, I keep my family safe. The people that reject the science will be subdued by the threat. After that, all the smart people can do is burn the bodies of the dead.

    1. All the people preaching science no nothing about the science and are instead taking it on faith like a religious doctrine.

      How can you trust Fauci (The science) when it’s been proven he has intentionally lied about certain things. He said “the science” doesn’t call for mask wearing then months later said that wasn’t true and he was more worried about Doctors and nurses not having the supply if citizens went out and purchased them all.

      Or the fact it was proven today that he lied under oath about his Gain of function grants?

      I understand data changes but it is clear that is being used an excuse in order to keep power.

      I’ve done the science to confirm my statement and if you disagree you are anti science…

    2. @Tom Science does not require faith. The evidence exists whether you believe in it or not. You can examine the studies and statistics for yourself. You don’t need to take what Fauci says on faith—look at the studies scientists around the world are doing, look at the covid rates of different places and what measures they’re taking to prevent the spread.

    1. I agree. But things are going to go from uncomfortable to very, very bad. This will never stop until people realize all division solidifies. And they sue for peace. Not just a party or religion. But of the world over. All bubbles will burst.

  8. If these “parents” don’t want their kids in school because they will have to wear a slip of fabric over their mouths, they’re welcome to home school them!

    1. @H K S It’s a no-brainer. If you want your children to be protected wear a mask. If you disagree then home school your children. However, children need social interaction in order to learn from their peers. I’m a retired long-term substitute teacher and I’ve taught over a thousand children from K-12. Even High School students need continuity. And they are very sensitive to radical changes. LOL, Even a former student accused me of “abandoning” them when I was forced to retire!!! I love teaching but I hate the politics and superintendents who have never taught in a classroom. Now superintendents are political appointees hired by the State to maintain the status quo while our foreign competitors are excelling in science and technology. So I’m creating a Literacy Learning Academy to close the gap. Wish me Luck!!

    2. @Roger whatever dude! I’m pretty sure the Illuminati has better things to do then teach home economics.
      if you keep telling yourself there’s a boogie man over and over, I guess you start to see one.

    3. @John Boddie You’re backwards. Those who fear covid should stay home. Why put your kid at risk? It’s dangerous! lol

    1. Speaking of stupidity, has Joyless the Race Lady apologized for her fake, phony and fraudulent story about a hospital in Oklahoma that was overwhelmed with people who had taken horse-sized doses of Ivermectin?

    2. @Eric K your right she is doing a great job…. I thougt I would give you a Jim Jordan responce… and this platform might lead her to the White House , stranger things have happened… who would have ever thaought the Orange Fruit would have made it , Hmm?

    3. Not really, what’s actually going on is the country’s dimwits is surfacing in the open and we can identify clearly the dummies to stay away from and we need more education.

    1. and yet, as i have found, Republicans that encourage this behavior – put their kids in private schools with mask and vaccine mandates, and themselves (like Mr Trump) have been vaccinated. The rate for actual death as the outcome of covid and it’s variants is actually quite low, but the harm caused by many people catching and spreading covid is significant.
      Clearly the message is not about what is the healthy or pragmatic choice, only to create a situation that leads to chaos and pits people against their neighbors – either to distract us from what the GOP is doing, or to cause us harm stress and distrust of each other and our government.

    2. That’s what happen to Trump voters djt akathe grimreaper some Republicans say let them die oops there goes another repubvoter

    1. Anthony fouchy is a bold face liar, he lied about the necessity to wear masks, he lied about the percentage need for her immunity and worst of all he lied about gain a function research being done funded by the US government in Wuhan of back coronal viruses. Anyone who listened to him and didn’t wear a mask then contracted covered and died, their blood is on his hands. The same can be said for all those who died because he misled the public in thinking that this was an animal to human transfer virus, not allowing us to even discuss the issue let alone making the Chinese open up that lab so we could get a vaccine or a cure faster. This man is a monster. He should be prosecuted like anyone else who lies to Congress.

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