Watch the trailer for award-winning film ‘Navalny”

The fly-on-the-wall documentary follows Russian opposition leader, Alexey Navalny, through his political rise, attempted assassination and search to uncover the truth. The CNN Film "Navalny" premieres Sunday, April 24 at 9 p.m. ET on CNN. #CNN #News


  1. Navalny, what a symbol of courage and determination, this opponent of Putin is a real inspiration, like all the other opponents of Putin, who paid for it with their lives!

  2. Navalny wants his country to be prosperous and free so badly that he is ready to give his life.
    This is called love of country.
    He has guts, like all those Ukrainians who fight for their country

    1. Not such big difference as you may think. I know what am I talking about, from Ukraine we alredy knew who this guy really is a long time before the war

    2. @Владимир Чалый не надо на него наговаривать – он герой и сидит в тюрьме за демократию

  3. Navalny has extraordinary courage. When he succeeds, he’ll be the best thing to ever happen to Russia. Putin is the worst thing to ever happen to Russia.

    1. @Anna They only know what they are told, they don’t even know enough about Russian history to make a claim like that.

    2. @Anna Not quite. Unlike you guys, I actually enjoy history enough to study it for a hobby. It also helps to not believe everything you hear on the internet and media.

  4. May God keep him safe.. but it is truly sad that he is now in a Russian prison and who knows what the mad man is capable of doing to him. I hope they do not kill him.. time will tell. Either way my respects for him for trying to fight for democracy.

  5. When tyranny is law, revolution is order.
    I never watch a Russia film before, let alone a Russia documentary one. But gotta say, I’m very interested in it now after this trailer.

    1. I finally got to read a comment which shows someone with an open mind. At last! A glimmer of hope remains!😉✌️

    2. A GREAT movie: Citizen K (2019)! It’s about an oligarch-turned-dissident named Khodorkovsky. He’s a complicated person, who isn’t an angel. But it’s a very interesting story, especially if you like themes of redemption. It’s on Amazon Prime, but I’m sure you could find it somewhere else

  6. A few decades ago, a similar man changed Europe. His name was Lech Wałęsa and he first changed Poland. Then the rest of Eastern/Central Europe. Then Europe altogether.

    When he was a simple electrician at the Gdańsk Shipyard, he mobilized the Polish population and fought for a different idea for Poland. Did Moscow like that? no. Was it a very difficult battle in Poland? YES! Did Moscow win? Ultimately not.

    Back then, Wałęsa did not have to fight russian trolls misinformation on the Internet. Sure, there was propaganda. But people knew the difference because they were deeply grounded in reality.

    Today? Navalny in russia may actually be the next Wałęsa. Who knows? Will Navalny remain alive? I hope so!

    Now to all trolls who will most likely pollute the comment section: Try and try and try again! You will NEVER succeed!

    1. @Vlad the Inhaler wait wait wait!!! NO! Maybe I want to be convinced?!!! Maybe you will explain to me how la petite russie is better!? Please do!!! I only want to hear your speech! Please explain to me how russia is better in 2021/2022! Please!

    2. @vladtheinhaler made sure to erase everything that troll wrote against Poland and Ukraine. But remember that troll.

    3. @Jonathan Bouchard You sound like you’re having an emotional breakdown or something. Why should I try to convince you of something I never claimed? I actually don’t think Russia is better than the US, that’s a childish way of viewing the world. I did make the claim that Russia isn’t the only one using propaganda to manipulate public opinion, the US government is as well.

    4. @Jonathan Bouchard You resort to petty name calling and strawman arguments over me making a simple statement of fact. You are getting upset over me calling out the US government for behaving like war mongers and going overboard on this whole Russia thing. Grow up.

  7. I saw this in theaters, Navalny is an incredible combination of charisma, wit, and balls of steel. No wonder Putin is terrified of him.

    1. @Eric Brown it was only for two days and it wasn’t heavily advertised other than by Bellingcat’s social media.

  8. I’m definitely watching this. I encourage everyone to do so as well, so that in the end Putin knows how much the movie earned at the box office. 🇺🇦💛💙

  9. Navalny is an amazingly brave, larger-than-life visionary – BUT let’s not forget the equally brave and impressively eloquent Vladimir Kara-Murza. Both of these men have survived one or more assassination attempts by poisoning, and both were jailed immediately upon their return to their oppressed homeland. They are heroes with a proven track record (google them!) currently languishing at the hands of the very person=regime that has been trying so hard to extinguish them both.🤍💪 Please, I encourage everyone interested in these things to inform yourselves about Navalny and Kara-Murza and to spread the word about their current plight.

  10. I am Russian and this makes me cry.. I hope so much that we will see Alexey free and working for our country

    1. I am American, but I am hoping and praying with you! ❤👍🏽
      Your people deserve and have earned so much better than Putin.

  11. This guy is extraordinarily brave. Poisoned once but still came back to the country that wants him dead. Talk about courage under fire. This guy is a real hero.

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