1. @Facts don’t care about your feelings oh, ok, so these two men are democrat supporters who are pretending to be Trump nutcases in order to trick American people ONE AT A TIME? Well now that’s what I call dedication to a cause-

    2. @J. B. I don’t quite understand your response to my comment, I have no problem with transparency, but it has to be done legally. If you watched the video you would have seen that this clearly was totally not not legal. As for “Democrats protect their own” which was the comment I was replying to, I don’t think that was relevant since the person behind the two men was caught and charged (with a lesser offense), and she was a staunch Republican.

  1. As a rule, if you want to know what Republicans are guilty of, just focus on what they are falsely accusing others of doing.

    1. @Kevin sd70 You better review it again – that story details how the 6000 ballots were printed in error – after all the controversy of the previous election – how could something like that get past anyone – what you have now is 6000 irregularities.

    2. @Tobias Birmingham OK. From the article itself:

      Sophia Solis, a spokeswoman for Hobbs, said the driver’s license query failed to properly verify the citizenship for some people, leading them to to be improperly registered as federal only voters. She did not provide a breakdown of their party affiliation or describe the characteristics that led to problems.

      Hobbs said in her statement that the problem affected less than a quarter of 1 percent of voters. She said the database problem has been corrected.

      You have conclusively proven that there are occasional slip ups at the DMV. Did you want to call the FBI or shall I?

    1. @No More: Wow, you’re really good at repeating everyone else’s words! But then I know an African Grey that can do that…and it’s probably older than you, lol. Anyway, if you had done a bit of research rather than jumping up and down like the loser in a sandbox fight you’d already know this case was handled by Emmet County prosecutor’s office, and the instigator of the farce, Trump groupie and all ‘round loser Tera Jackson was charged and convicted a few months ago. The three men she’s tricked, also Trump groupies, were essentially determined locally to be too stupid to know any better and were not charged but another woman is suspected of complicity and could still be charged.

      So calm down before you hurt yourself. If the DOJ decides to get involved it could be a whole different story but for now it’s too ridiculous to pursue, especially since there are much bigger fish to fry first. All the best to you.

    2. @Ray Ray “Wow, you’re really good at repeating everyone else’s words” – It’s called quoting. It’s used so that people who read the comment know the context and reason for the reply. I’m sure that African Grey you know comprehends that concept better than you.
      “this case was handled by Emmet County prosecutor’s office” – And your point is what, exactly? I couldn’t care less what a state attorney did. Those individuals committed several FEDERAL crimes. That’s why people are asking why the DOJ hasn’t charged them.
      “instigator of the farce, Trump groupie and all ‘round loser Tera Jackson was charged and convicted a few months ago” – Yeah, no kidding, that was mentioned in the video — a single count of “disturbing the peace”, which is a complete joke.
      “The three men she’s tricked, also Trump groupies, were essentially determined locally to be too stupid to know any better” – Again, I couldn’t care less what the locals thought or did. Those men claimed to be working for the DoD and they tampered with voting machines. Those are both very serious crimes.
      “it’s too ridiculous to pursue” – Impersonating federal officials and tampering with voting machines is “too ridiculous to pursue”? I guess that could be true if you don’t care about election integrity or the rule of law. Most people, however, do care about both of those things.

    3. It’s pretty obvious-as a Democrat I am sickened by how soft our Democrat leaders are. We are never going to get anywhere if the far right are committing crimes and we are refusing to bring them to justice. I will be watching this mid term election closely and may very well be switching to Independent next election and will definitely not vote for Biden. Tired of being part of weak politics.

    4. @Dmarie “may very well be switching to Independent” – Check with your municipality regarding the terminology. You probably want to change to “unaffiliated” or some such terminology, as “Independent” may be recognized as an official political party.
      “and will definitely not vote for Biden” – That would be a bad move if Biden is the Democratic candidate (which I sincerely hope he won’t be) because unless there is a third candidate with a massive majority over the other two, a vote for the third candidate would effectively be a vote for the Republican. It’s best to view voting as I view it — I’m not voting FOR the Democratic candidates; I’m voting AGAINST the Republican candidates.

  2. Let me get this straight.
    People get arrested for voting after the state approved of their right to vote but those guys walk free?

  3. What is going on that these men aren’t in prison for impersonating federal officials!? This makes a mockery of our democracy. Outrageous.

    1. Then you have those poor souls put in the prison by DeSantis political voting scheme.. Apparently it’s only illegal going one way..Smh?

    2. Biden and his handlers think the people are stupid, and yes some are. The Democrats want us to believe what they say and it’s all lies, but they do want us in the poor house. They keep feeding us all their propaganda lies. well, it’s old and tired BS … Don’t be stupid and believe a crook and a trader to our country that should really be in prison for treason. If Biden is allowed to stay in power for two more years, we will not have The United States of America. We will all be in a third-world country. “Vote as if your life depends on it”!!!

    3. @wreckin ball Listen carefully. He says he’s ‘contracted’ and then he’s ‘like from the Department of Defense contact…’ CONTACT, not contract. He is being careful NOT to say he’s under DoD contract. In fact, he deliberately says nothing specific about anything. ‘Department of Defence contact – I mean, that’s really official, eh?

    4. What’s even worse is that the Clerk who was elected to protect voters rights is not doing her job. 
      She is probably in on the scam also. Why is this clerk not in Jail already???!!!

  4. There is no deterrent to others to not do the same. They’re not being held accountable for their criminal actions to defraud America.

    1. It is how the republican party wants it. Conservatism runs on one principle only and that is: There must be in groups that are protected by laws but not bound by them along side out groups whom the law binds but does not protect.

    2. Vote by mail. I refuse to hobnob with Conservatives at the polls on election days for this reason. It’s safer, i’ts private, and a professional is carrying it. You can even just drop it in the outdoor public box. And it supports our post office/workers and there’s less of an influx on election day. It probably complicates the counting but Conservatives have been first class creeps about this. Why vote on election day in solidarity with your community when they tolerate this behavior and even approve of it?

    1. Election clerks are being trained on how to deal with intimidation from armed men.

      Welcome to Donald Trumps America.

  5. Life is not fair. The fact that these men were not arrested and charged with impersonating a law enforcement officer is really disheartening. Where is the justice?

    1. @Nature and Physics and this is part of how they win. We underestimate them. The goons were sent by a women who was part of group organized by Sidney Powell. There were 20k people on the Capitol lawn Jan.6 determined to stop the democratic process. We need to stop underestimating these peopl

  6. Ok…so most of these cases are all on video. So certainly, these people who were tampering and attempting to tamper with these machines are certainly in jail right? 🤔

  7. Armed men attempted burglary and theft of government property while threatening county officials while impersonating police. Sounds like about 2 years in jail at the very least.

    1. @Jan Bruun Andersen obviously it can be misused that’s the whole point, they’d have names, addresses and other stuff, you’re acting like a child in primary school.

    2. @Adyen – okay… People’s address and phone number is public information, is it not? It used to be anyway, back in the days when we hade big phone books.

      Social security numbers? I fail to see why that should be secret. In Sweden it is not exactly public information, but it is not very secret either. It is used by a lot of companies as an unique identifier for a variety of purposes. The government even offer a paid service where – if you can show a reasonable good need to check people’s name and address – you can make online lookups and get the name and address.

    3. @Jan Bruun Andersen In the US, SS information is linked to much more governmental programs and information than it is in any other country. You can literally steal a SSN and commit identity fraud due to the amount of information you can get off it.

      Also, while in the past a phone book can possibility find address and phone number, and this is actually just based off my memory, a privacy law in the US now protects all such personal information from being used without permission. A quick double check confirms that it’s a felony in the US; and depending on the information obtained, can be equivalent of murder in punishment.

  8. Why is the DOJ sitting back just letting these criminals continue to walk around, if they were black the DOJ would have arrested them the first day. This is crazy, the DOJ and the state prosecutors turning a blind eyes to these criminals. We need the two sisters in Georgia and New York to be in charge of the DOJ, trump and his co-conspirators would have been in jail. It’s sad that those two sisters have more backbone than all of them.

  9. I need to hear reporting on how these two men and the woman directing them are now serving time. There is no way that this is not a crime. Are you telling me that any of us can walk in and demand to take apart voting machines without consequences?

    1. additionally, they are impersonating a government official.

      “Whoever falsely assumes or pretends to be an officer or employee acting under the authority of the United States or any department, agency or officer thereof, and acts as such, or in such pretended character demands or obtains any money, paper, document, or thing of value, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.”

  10. These people need to be found, all their electronics, guns, protective gear seized, bank accounts frozen… then arrested, then put into jail for a very long time. This should be a top priority…

  11. I’m so tired of certain people/parties getting away with whatever they want to do and nothing is being done about it or being held accountable. Sickening!!!

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