Watch Trump Loyalist Get Fact-Checked On 'Socialism' On Live TV | MSNBC 1

Watch Trump Loyalist Get Fact-Checked On ‘Socialism’ On Live TV | MSNBC

The political fight in Washington is heating up as President Biden promotes his agenda on jobs and infrastructure. As Republicans push back against the Biden administration on spending and priorities, the chairman of the American Conservative Union Matt Schlapp joins MSNBC’s Ari Melber to discuss the situation.

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  1. This guy doesn’t know what he is talking about. Ignorance isn’t painful, just appalling.

    1. @Bunty Kumar and yet it’s been proven most of the Republican party has a higher iq then the Democrats.. stupid

    2. @Steve Austin Steve Austin did you know that basically every western European country today is a socialist-democracy and that they have all thrived and continue to do so up to this very minute? Learn history man.

    3. @Bellucci2014 Thank you! And may I note that Denmark consistently places #1 in happiness or overall quality of life indexes worldwide.

    1. Just so everyone is aware, I know Scandinavian countries are social democracies. I was just taking a jab at the Republican’s definition of socialism.

    2. @Ferko K – ah I see you found the definition Democratic Socialism; a term used interchangeably with “Socialism”

      So yes, they are Socialist. Just not the absolutely-strict-No-True-Scotsman definition to which subscribe

    3. @Kim Caspar – same thing; those nouns are used interchangeably, particularly here in Europe

  2. Karl Marx: a man so hostile to family that he only married one woman, stayed married to her until her death 38 years later, and had seven children with her.

    1. @Republicgirl but you love a kleptocracy….. Frankly, I’d take socialism any day over that or other authoritarian rule.

    2. @Republicgirl What are the two worst concepts that Karl Marx, himself within his written work, “promulgated” in your view? Be specific.

    3. Both capitalism and socialism need each other for sustainability….the corruption of these systems is what really needs to be discussed….haha

  3. The Founders were hostile to “religion,” because they had witnessed and expereinced religiotyranny as gov’t, which is why they established separation of “religion” and gov’t.

    1. And any one who doubts that should read Thomas Paine’s “The Age of Reason.” It’s a one-two punch at the literal interpretation of the Bible espoused by many preachers of the time. And Thomas Jefferson produced his own translation of the New Testament with all the miracles taken out, because he thought the moral teachings of Jesus were what was really important.
      Given the behavior of the former Massachusetts Bay Colony, one could hardly blame the Founders for the stances they took.

    2. @Lisa Gulick Exactly my point about Massachusetts-Bay, the “Bible” Commonwealth, the original “Shining City On a Hill”. All their death penalty statutes were taken from Leviticus and Deuteronomy.

      And the “religious” gov’t was utterly corrupt.

      Reading that Massachusetts-Bay Colony law is eye-opening. See the scholarly William H. Whitmore publications.

    3. @Lisa Gulick I believe also that Jefferson wrote an alternative Bible, leaving in the positive morality stuff, and cutting out all the magical nonsense like god.

    4. I mean they were hostile with their religion too. They displaced the natives who weren’t willing to abandon their culture and religions

    5. @Santiago Munoz – Although, ‘Cross or the Sword’ politics goes back to the dawn of ‘civilization’.

    1. @czgibson none of us wanted any government checks. We sent them back. You communist Democrats kept yours

    1. @Scourge Looking at the debacle that is our public education system, run by liberals, I do not think our children could learn less. That’s the problem the left uses schools to indoctrinate immature minds, rather than to educate. Their willing minions are “education majors.” You do realize that the bottom third academically, of those entering college, make up the majority of education majors?

    2. @Michael Hill I’m gonna need to see some diplomas before I believe you’ve attended high-school.

    3. @Michael Hill as several audits (by professionals with experience and bipartisan supervision) have shown, the only ballots counted were manufactured to state standards and in the US . . . and used properly.

      just because you didn’t want tfg to lose doesn’t mean your wish overrides the official, certified count.

    1. They’d have to know what it is to ‘not like it’

      So, anything republicans don’t know anything about is socialism or communism or Marxism. Whatever isn’t the word ‘capitalism’

  4. Dumbazz – “no body has gotten richer or wealthier because of socialism”
    Scandanavia – “hold my Lutefisk”

    1. @imedi to be honest they don’t know communism either; because we’ve never had a successful communist state, because all of the attempts were just fascists pretending to be communist. NK, Russia, China, etc, none of them are communist, all of them are fascist dictatorships

    2. @BeardedPagan free market capitalist. They stated this themselves when Bernie tried to say they were socialist

      They have a more free market than America

    3. That guy go back and look up those 2ho run or own these programmes they are extremely wealthy. It’s the ordinary citizens who needs the over costing medicines or medical interventions by being charged over whelming fees for these services the Norwich countries treats everyone the same all service are free for all to use by paying their fair share of taxes according to income. Norwich have been recognised for having the fairest health along with many other programmes to inhance their citizens lives. Many countries around the world try to inmate their programmes.

    1. @Jean Roch We do have RINOs who are not true conservatives. Conservatives believe in hard work and honesty. Not much of that in the Dem party. They believe in cheating and stealing what they can get away with.

    2. @Pat Melton as if the corporations would allow any type of state socialist anything go anyone but themselves!

    3. @Pat Melton “conservatives believe in hard work and honesty”… Are you kidding? Most republicans today have no integrity!!!

    4. @Pat Melton I don’t think you know what socialism is. The Dems’ policies are mostly about social programs. Social programs are those services that are available to all citizens. They are schools, roads, police and fire protection, Social Security and Medicare. Socialism is an economic philosophy where the workers of the world own the means of production. I have never heard any Democrat advocate such an action. As what Harry Truman said “Any time a program is proposed to benefit all the citizens the Republicans cry, SOCIALISM!”

      So Pat Melton, now you know!

    1. @Sukhbir Sekhon roads lol.. I think auto registration fees, inspection fees, parking fees, gas tax, tolls etc ought be enough to cover that.

    2. @Pianopub Maybe for now but it won’t be when Biden and his goons get done with what they want this country too be. And nobody is gonna take a stand. Should of already happen if it was going too. Like back in November to be exact when the election was stolen from the people.

    3. @Why liberals should burn So you actually believe the election was stolen? Are you saying the 60+ courts/judges that threw out the cases are part of the steal? This is just what I mean about the voting public educating itself. Without it, you fall for these grifts!!

    4. @dozzer009 – ‘Willful, wanton, *violent* ignorance’…fueled *by* their ‘Dear Leader’, the ever-febrile #45.

    1. @John Kendall I am sick of both parties. Yes, the RINOs are in the Republican party but the Dems are worse. They want to favor illegals over our own country.

    2. @Pat Melton You’re not wrong there , how do they keep getting re-elected again(rhino’s)why do we keep putting up with all the untruthfulness when we know better!!

  5. “Marxism has taken over the Democrat party”
    Words no longer have any meaning whatever, I guess.

  6. “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it’s the illusion of knowledge.” – Stephen Hawking

  7. The right wing is now back to the McCarthy era calling everyone they don’t like a communist, Marxist, or socialist.

    1. @Keep Faith He can’t see the difference because English is not his native tongue. He is a Russian troll.

    2. @Neon Nights like looting antifa defund the police hyper inflation. You have lots to debate lmao

    3. @Michael Hill – the difference there is that truth hurts

      And then Republicans cry about it, instead of becoming better people

  8. “So how is BIDEN a socialist tho?? ” “Hillaries emails that’s how!!” Im so tired of this fruitless merry go round.

  9. It’s as if this guy was just “buzz-wording” to get reactions…seemed almost like a “word salad”, so to speak. PB

  10. A quote from HEE-HAW: “That man was born ignorant, and he’s been losing ground ever since.”

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