WATCH: Two men charged after this unbelievable incident of road rage in Alberta 1

WATCH: Two men charged after this unbelievable incident of road rage in Alberta


RCMP say two men have been charged after this unbelievable incident of road rage in Alberta.

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    1. Hearing to death! English to death!

      Yahweh Blessed Deaf Power (Neo-Deafazi)

      to all hearing

  1. No wonder there’s a show called ‘Canada’s Worst Driver’. I don’t see any shows from other countries with their share of bad drivers.

    1. Lol that show has been to many many countries. A little google search will show you tons of info and videos of crazy bad driving all over the world, especially in Countries with mass dense populations and very little road laws if any. But road rage does seem to be on an upward trend in Canada

  2. I would have liked to see camera footage from before the round about. I’d like to see what set this disaster in motion

  3. Most Canadians don’t care about there cars and I see this happen more often now. Plus I have driven in Alberta’s cities and ppl are so dumb. Living in Ontario now and ppl are just fast and loose here lol

    1. This used to be a thing in the 70s, it happened a lot. Now you do this, you will have a very hard time getting Insurance.

  4. If you did something like this with a firearm you’d be banned from owning them. Just saying

  5. Unfortunately there are idiots out there that do this kinda crap. Take away the dudes license.

  6. There goes your reputation for being nice. Or were those tourists from my home state of Texas?

    1. The woman recording said the person in the suv instigated the entire event. In the longer cut of the video you can see the suv tried to run the truck off the road by coming up on the shoulder and push the truck into oncoming traffic. This was after the truck passed the suv because they suv was going slow but simultaneously refusing to let anyone pass them and caused a massive line up behind the suv prior to this incident. Although the truck driver should have been able to hold the anger in, the suv driver would have just continued to drive like that and harass and danger other drivers

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