1. This just proves the point of many out there that firmly believe the CP were, and are, politically motivated, weaponized and empowered to act by the Democrat Party for their interests. Take notice, incoming new House Members.

    1. Where’s this democracy you’re talking about, I can’t find it mentioned even once in the constitution or the bill of rights ..

  1. Good work ladies and gentlemen!

    A well deserved honor for your efforts!

    I hope you are able to find peace of mind ~

  2. They opened the doors for Nancy’s insurrection documentary by her daughter and son, those cops? Lol. Those aren’t cops.

  3. How about these cops finally put those criminals in jail before we start patting ourselves on the back and hand out medals, huh?

  4. 21 Republicans oppose honoring these law enforcement officers despite they risked their lives.
    Shame on Republican Party

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