Watch Virgin Galactic space plane, Richard Branson make history | USA TODAY 1

Watch Virgin Galactic space plane, Richard Branson make history | USA TODAY

Virgin Galactic space plane carrying billionaire Richard Branson reaches edge of space
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Watch Virgin Galactic's rocket ship carrying Richard Branson make history in 2 minute recap.

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  1. This is amazing… They told us a space plane was impossible but they’ve been proven wrong!!!

  2. Hmmm. With the amount of money he spent on this project he could have helped to end child hunger and homelessness in this country. Babylon priorities is in his own interest.

  3. All I’m thinking is that hopefully since they’re so wealthy they also help the poor, imagine having money to spend so frivolously

  4. This is called progress…right? I loved watching this cause it was pretty amazing…but I couldn’t help but think about all the money that is being put into this project. I need about 50grand to get my family’s head back above water & that is maybe 1% of what was put in to that space flight. While we r busting our butts to barely survive we got ppl like this playing with their toys. But then again to each is their own & who knows maybe this space flight things will benefit us 1 day. I know it’ll benefit the rich!!! Ok I’m done B****ing now! Keep up the good fight Y’all, God Bless!

  5. Meanwhile back on earth someone is getting a call their love one was killed in an car accident. Someone is calling someone asking for gas money. Someone is getting called they didn’t get the loan for a car. Someone is getting a call they are 3 months past due on car loan. & I’m getting a few bucks from Uber to pick someone up at the airport so they can give me a 1 & they try to get the ride for free. & He is up in the sky saying how rich he is & how much fun he is having. Yes, many of us are dreaming for progress & hoping one day we can have fun & even afford a plane ticket for a vacation.
    His reality is stuck in the skies beyond most people’s reach He could have taken all that money & technology to help & save people & he chose to just have fun with it & have a party

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