1. How sad that our Chinese brothers and sisters are made sick from the burning of toxic materials. I imagine this so called virus stopped the protests?

  2. They just putting some container alike rooms on the site then claimed that’s a hospital.
    Not even have electricity.

  3. If this was Canada it would take seven years longer then estimated and be 700% over budget and with SNC at the helm….

  4. In a country like China which is one of the most densely populated in the world. A virus with a death tole of roughly 132 you’re telling me they have to build an entire new hospital? They don’t have enough hospitals in place already? Something seems very off about all of this.

    1. They have enough hospitals for non-infectious diseases. This is a special purpose hospital to isolate patients on a grand scale. Just check how many negative pressure rooms are available in entire Canada. You will be shocked at how low this number is. The issue is not that current death toll, the issue is that nobody understands the disease and that there is no cure for it currently. So to avoid that something currently uncontrollable gets out of hand strong measures are necessary to stay on the safe side.

    2. @Joshua Beckers influenza has killed more than corona by far and it’s contagious…..seems they are a little behind on the building hospitals club. I still feel something is off about this.

  5. Meanwhile in the Philippines
    2 years proposal
    3 years feasibility study
    1 year RIGHT-OF-WAY issue
    5 years delay
    2 years construction
    1 year delay UNDERBUDGET
    6 months SENATE PROBE
    1 year construction CONTINUED


    3 months another senate probe OVERBUDGET, CORRUPTION

    A year later…
    Cracks formed in the wall, senate investigation awaits….

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