1. It’s not “potentially missing” it’s definitely missing because they deleted them After they were asked to produce them

    1. @donnie vance I bet the Trumpie SS guys were using thier own phones. Just a guess. You know — The Chump hired all the best people! (:

    2. @k333rl every time that “incriminating texts” are brought to light, my BS meter goes crazy.

  2. Thr most important thing is the secret service is not to investigate itself. We want a independent investigation

  3. Everyone involved in the deleting of those texts needs to be fired and prosecuted! They were asked weeks before to preserve the records..

    1. @J Hudd calling me Forest Gump is not really much of an insult without it being insulting to you because then you have to explain why Forest Gump was so successful in life and yet here you are in a basement going nowhere and what’s worse.. your profile pic shows you are a fanboy of a character who is one step away from being significant as Yamcha.

    2. @GeneraLee Relativity
      “General Lee”? Wasn’t he the great leader, who just happened to fight for the right to keep slaves? The one who led the army who had to adopt a white piece of cloth as their flag?
      Anyway. Back to the point.
      The EVIDENCE you mention could be as simple as a text from one SS officer to another detailing orders, or even as simple as a frustrated text from an SS officer who actually knew he had sworn an oath to the NATION and not to a single individual, who was in the midst of a coup attempt.

  4. The IG should just collect the phones in question and/or lock out the secret service from any cloud accounts that might still have these texts. Secondly, they need to fire the head of the Secret Service. Texts are never gone forever UNLESS someone ordered a secure delete. Therefore, one or more high level people gave the order to completely wipe these text messages using methods where they cannot be recovered. I now consider the secret service UNTRUSTWORTHY.

    1. @okay okay The Department of Homeland Security Inspector General Joseph Cuffari, mentioned in the beginning of this news segment.

    2. Secret service director hand picked by the trumpster dumpster. Any questions. Dumpster will say the guy brought him coffee but never really knew the guy. Case closed.

  5. Well that’s reasonable. If the watchdog is investigating it’s not appropriate that they should investigate themselves.

    1. @Shawn Greenaway well if you couldn’t understand that’s not my problem. To be technical your reply was wrong. Problem is demos are nothing but double standards

    2. Did you say that with a straight face lol? My lord….barring the new generation of comedy. Have to always remember that

  6. That’s how the system is supposed to work, you can’t have a department this high level investigating itself

    1. @Rxses some property damage of businesses during a riot is not quite the same as a president inciting a riot/attempted insurrection at the capitol building.

    2. @$hiek Yobooty My last data suggests 66% for 8th. graders cannot read at or above proficient level (NAEP assessment of 2019)

    1. @Mario I do get it. I was trying to be optimistic. It’s true…leaders are crucified if they admit anything so the result is they admit nothing.

  7. We’re in trouble America. You can’t even trust the Secret Service. What a sad time we’re living in and I’m afraid it will never get any better.

    1. It had to be this way. Everyone needed to see it for themselves. Even now some are still asleep.

    2. They are doing what I expect of them… which is the problem.
      Some people view the Office of the Presidency as something needing ‘protection from all threats.’
      It isn’t about Trump, but the Office he was holding at the time, with some SS officers doing the wrong thing protecting that.
      Don’t completely blame them either, blind loyalty to the office is one of the things they screen in… hence the expectation.

  8. As a data manager from the UK and looking on as an objective outsider… regardless of your politics this should terrify any American with a love for democracy. The idea that in 2022, the security service of any developed country could accidently delete any data whatsoever is just ridiculous.

    I work in public service and we have dealings with low level secure information, individuals police records and the like, and the number of hoops we have to jump through when migrating data is mind-blowing. For a start, no individual user has any input into the migration. We lock all devices, provide new ones, back up cloud storage (which is done daily in any case), and we carry out the migration centrally in small pieces so that if there is a catastrophic loss only a small amount of data is threatened. Similarly NOTHING is ever actually completely deleted, we keep records of everything for a minimum of 6 years. Remember ‘migration’ doesn’t mean ‘deletion’. A data migration is moving that data from one device or portal to another… ie NOT deleted.

    I’m sorry to say it but this cannot have been a mistake. This was deliberate and if I were living in the states I would be terrified right now.

    1. @Matt T weren’t you on the Cyber Ninja Team, was the Orange or Green Team? You’re doing a helluva job, mattie!

  9. As if the Secret Service was investigating its own corruption.
    All it is doing is continuing the cover-up – because nobody has been suspended or fired!

    1. We have a saying in my country: Never trust a butcher who inspects his own meat. Meaning leave the inspection over to others who are not party in the matter at hand. It’s a good decision and I’m glad they finally came up with it. Again this exposes the malicious nature of the Secret Service, thay should have come up with that themselves instead of investigating it themselves. The whole management should be put on leave immediatly for this totally unacceptable behaviour.

  10. Why we have people left and right finding different ways to fail their job description I will never know it’s crazy.

  11. Federal Officers all take an oath to “protect the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic”

  12. The secret service doing their own review is like asking a fox to review the henhouse for any hidden ‘points of access’.

  13. For us security a 3rd party needs to have all that data in their storage so nobody can tamper with it or text relationships talk instead of keeping it business

  14. They ignored and blew off their IG, he has every right to tell them to leave that equipment alone, they have done enough damage .
    I imagine the Select Committee is ok with this, there can’t be a lot of trust towards the SS…

  15. A computer 🖥 forensics scientist can and should be able to retrieve mostly if not all the deleted text messages. And they can also subpoena the phone companies for the text messages. In hopes they themselves didn’t get rid of them. Either way the secret service and their higher ups purposely deleted those messages. They must be punished for doing so.

    1. This is what I was thinking too. It doesn’t matter if the phone was thrown in a smelter if the phone company has records. Get a warrant/subpoena for them.

  16. Has it occurred to anyone other than me that the Secret Service is supposed to be the Preeminent Agency to find deleted text messages. So.. would it not ALSO be possible that same agency would be able to destroy said evidence in a manner that would make it impossible to recover? Police cover for each other all the time! I.e. off duty officer gets pulled over for drunk driving, and just gets a ride home. As an example. Or a wrongful shooting is covered up as justified, etc.
    So.. if there was wrong doing, do you seriously think the Secret Service wants their reputation tarnished??? Easier to say ooops we messed up and didn’t back up some phones. Duh our bad, we will be more careful next time….

    1. That assumes that everyone in the SS is on the same page. It shouldn’t be taken for granted that all of them were on Team trump. There was trumps driver who refused to take him to his little minions despite his “objections.” He can’t be the only one that trump couldn’t completely control. Somebody may have saved something.

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