Waters: ‘Unbelievable’ That Trump’s Response To Pandemic Is To ‘Lie, Lie, Lie’ | The ReidOut | MSNBC

President Trump is once again insisting everything is under control while the United States continues to see record levels of coronavirus cases. Congresswoman Maxine Waters says, "It is absolutely unbelievable that the president, in face of the facts that are confronting him and all of us, to stand before the American people and literally lie, lie, lie." Aired on 7/22/2020.
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Waters: ‘Unbelievable’ That Trump’s Response To Pandemic Is To ‘Lie, Lie, Lie’ | The ReidOut | MSNBC


    1. @Roger Wilco Right, you have to be one messed up POS to be a Trump supporter at this point in time.

    2. @David P. David right now I’m accusing you of being HOMOSEXUAL… do you deny this accusation?
      tinyurl.com/y9a3t8lg 🎶

  1. For 2 days he has been reading from the script, how long will this last before the bull starts running out of his mouth. He has already set a record. LOL

  2. I got Censored for 24 hours because of Youtube and Russian trolls…. I am starting to think Russians know how to game Youtube better then the US

    1. Here’s a trick: never respond directly to what the trolls say. That’s what they want. They’re looking for a reaction. Instead, post something totally unrelated, that you know will irritate them. For example, if a troll says “Trump is going to win in a landslide!” just respond with “Melania has ugly breast implants.” Get the idea..? Turn it around on them.

  3. more unbelievable is that the government cannot do anything against trump, barr, or mcconnel. The US Govt. is impotent against its enemies within. Lot of talk and no action. NADA. ZERO.

    1. IN LESS BARR IS PART OF THE DEEPSTate the dems are going down so keep your fake news and the lies

    2. @Borvo The framers also envisioned that whoever held the office would be a decent gentleman and act in good faith and not be a rouge scoundrel, apparently they never envisioned an entire rouge senate that would fail to do their duty uphold their oath’s and support the constitution.

    1. America loses over 5000 people a day under Trump. Bush was criticized for losing that many people on 9-11. To Trump, it’s just another day at the office . VOTE ACCORDINGLY!

    1. @V Only morons see a terrorist organization and DIRT-DOGS/SCHMEG HARVEST as a bad thing? 🤔 You Liberal creepazoid’s are beyond pathetic in multiple levels.
      tinyurl.com/ycp4tac4 👈😆

    1. @V Yup, same asinine troll on one of his numerous sock puppet accounts. It just shows us how weak Trump’s support has become.

  4. I’ve never heard him say anything true,in regards to the pandemic, the economy, and he doesn’t acknowledge racial tension, just wants to send in mercs to arrest the innocent. The guilty can wait. Par for this imbecile in the wh and his criminal administration.

  5. TrumpVirus and now TrumpViolence

    Trumps never payed Federal income tax. He should have NO right to have the Federal Government do anything. They would be insolvent and non-existent if people paid taxes like Trump. ⚠️

    Congress getting the military ready for January. He’ll be deep in the bunker. 🇺🇸

    #Hitler 💊

  6. He is a dictator. He is sending in his NAZI Storm Troops into the big cities. How much longer before he puts the whole country under Martial Law?

    1. I agree. What’s next? Burning books, shutting down the media, martial law, stopping elections,?

    2. I think that’s his plan. The closer we get to election day, he may increase his overreach

  7. I can not tell a lie “George Washington “
    I can not tell the truth “Donald trump “
    I can not tell the difference “replublican senators “

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