Watts: Fox News Is Wrong, ‘You Can’t Be Pro-Business And Anti-Vaccine’ 1

Watts: Fox News Is Wrong, ‘You Can’t Be Pro-Business And Anti-Vaccine’


Former FBI special agent Clint Watts, Real Clear Politics editor AB Stoddard, and Advancing Health Equity founder Dr. Uche Blackstock are shocked that some Fox News anchors have abruptly become more pro-vaccine while still spreading vaccine misinformation.

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  1. The same crowd who whines the loudest about getting everything back up & running, whines louder about wearing masks & getting vaccinated. That’s Con “logic” for you.

    1. @Coldwynn Frost It may be the simple fact that you didn’t even understand the answer given is the reason you hold your ignorant position.

    2. @billdale1 I was trying to answer the question about whining mask wear and vaccine to gentleman and I stated don’t wear a mask don’t vaccinated cause it’s his or her choice but their choice to live or die like the anchor at fox said it’s their choice to die.

    3. The guy that funded the lab lied to you for over a year about it, then mocked you dummy by saying masks work while knowing they dont do anything (now admitted its just theater) and is also the guy that wants you to take something that is still in phase three trials. HAHA. Darwin be like.

    1. Yeah, they are comfortable with people knowing that. They aren’t anti-vax. They just report the possible side effects of the vaccines which others don’t want to report. At least somebody does, because we deserve to know.

    1. @Jay Gray The first time Trump was impeached, it was due to a baseless accusation from Democrats about the phone call he had with the Ukranian leader. Nothing to do with how he became president. The Russian collusion narrative is dead, Jay. Get with the times.

      And no, Trump wasn’t deemed guilty before the trial. A trial is the mechanism to determine whether someone is guilty. How are you an American yet you don’t know this?
      You’re a total clown.

    2. @Bubble Burster Sounds like you voted for a clown. There were no baseless accusations, and I didn’t say he was deemed guilty before the trial. Interesting how trump supporters have their own version of what actually happened. Any Ukraine connection was directly connected to Russia, or haven’t you been paying attention to that part.

    3. @Jay Gray You said he was deemed guilty or he wouldn’t have been impeached in the first place. That’s not how it works. The impeachment hearings are what determines guilt. And he was acquitted. No, the Ukraine phone call was not connected to Russia.

    4. @Bubble Burster Wake up – the impeaching happened at the END of the trial. A biased senate letting him off the hook doesn’t make him innocent, just like all the court cases he settled out of court didn’t make him innocent, he wouldn’t have paid a penny if he was innocent. I suppose he’s innocent of tax evasion and fraud too.

      It’s amazing how stupid his supporters really are, believe everything lie he spews, completely incapable of thinking for themselves. You think Maddow was charged with something because trump told you she was, you haven’t researched anything. You must know clowns real well, being in a circus.

    5. @Jay Gray No, it didn’t. Trump was considered impeached because the call to remove him from office passed the House. It didn’t pass the Senate, meaning he was acquitted.

      Trump never said anything about Maddow. I said she was sued and let off the hook because her lawyers said she should not be taken seriously.

      You have no idea about anything you speak about, once again.

    1. @Ally M First bleach, now chlorox?
      I know that clip. How about you pay attention to his words rather than leftist propaganda? You’ll find the word he used was “disinfectant”. Sure, he didn’t have a clear idea what he was speaking about, but don’t put words in his mouth.

      I also voted for Obama twice and nobody in 2016, then Trump in 2020. And I do not regret it. Biden is awful.

    2. @J W Thankful for your intelligent, thoughtful comments. I agree we should return to the days of having just having policy debates; instead of hating each other. Our tribal divisions will only serve to cause the fall of this nation, just like the Roman Empire. I know it’s difficult to take the money out of politics, especially, in light of the SCOTUS’ ruling in Citizens United. IMO, it’s one of the worst decisions, in modern history. They’ve basically enabled any one billionaire to influence outcomes in our election processes. Congress has the power to enact legislation to circumvent this ruling. Whether they’ll ever proceed, with doing so, is the question.

    3. @G Schmidt You all think George Floyd and Michael Brown are saints, so perhaps you have no room to say that.

  2. Looks like the threats of all those lawsuits against Fox News propaganda lies is finally catching up to them

    1. @Bill Rodriguez ” Say something stupid … ” says dumb as a rock Billy-Bob … It might help your cause if you could actually manage to string a sentence together.

    1. @Stephen Stretch Rupert Murdoch was vaccinated in December 2020. All For staff have to be vaccinated, and show proof, before they may enter a Fox building. Advertisers have threatened to stop doing business with Fox and the Stock Exchange is shaky.

    2. @Jillian Copeland It’s absolutely all about the money.
      That’s why left wing media outlets are coming out so strongly against Fox and other right wing media lately. Left wing media like MSNBC here has been tanking in ratings since Trump left office.

    1. I thought I heard that too. They didn’t seem to mind trump telling them what to do, or no, with their health – now it’s a crime for the government to do what the government did

    2. @Lesley Edgley If you say that’s what trump did, I believe you. But, that’s not what democrats did or plan to. Republicans accuse democrats, but that’s just republicans blowing more hot air out their butts because trump lost the election. Their accusations are based on nothing but trump’s lies and conspiracy theories.

  3. Okay so basically Fox “News” must be facing some monster lawsuit, no way they just start talking sensibly about COVID for no reason.

    1. Not only that.. Dow Jones tumbles down. The worst drop since Oct. Of course it will hit FOX’s stakeholders directly bcoz of the COVID surge. Murdoch’s company will suffer massive 💰💸money losses. That explains the sudden change of Fox. 😏

  4. What happened with Fauz Newz ? Why now are they doing an about face ? Perhaps they have another lawsuit against them for their lies .

    1. Dow Jones tumbles down. The worst drop since Oct. Of course it will hit FOX’s stakeholders directly bcoz of the COVID surge. Murdoch’s company will suffer massive 💰💸money losses. That explains the sudden change of Fox. 😏

    2. @MSS WAWW Well of course they can , it has happened many times . Republicans simply forge papers to vote for dead folks . It is common practice among them .

    1. Hannity reversals is going to make The MAGA cult and Trump very upset. I hope Trump will tell his followers don’t get vaccinated.

    2. @Carlos Lara Hannity is doing very well. Talk shows on CNN, MSNBC, and other left wing networks are failing. That’s why they are attacking right wing media with false pretenses. They see their ratings plummeting and it frightens them.

    1. True! Dow Jones tumbles down. The worst drop since Oct. Of course it will hit FOX’s stakeholders directly bcoz of the COVID surge. Murdoch’s company will suffer massive 💰💸money losses. That explains the sudden change of Fox. 😏

  5. Hannity – “you can even be vaccinated in secret.” Now that’s a good appeal. Next, he should say something like “in 2022, you can vote in secret and help redeem yourself. No one has to know how you voted.”

    1. People can vote Republican if they comeback from the dead, ghost can vote very inviciblely secret.⚰️👻👻👻

  6. FOX needs to be shut down
    And Rupurt Murdoch needs to be banned from owning ANY Broadcsting stations period in America.

    1. But more importantly, the populace needs to be smart enough to recognize poop when they smell it.

  7. If someone dies of Covid due to the misinfirmation, then the people spreading misformation should be criminaly charge to stop them to further midled thr public.

    1. Somehow I don’t think you have the same attitude about people who died from a bad reaction after being given misinformation that the vaccines were safe.

  8. ” Not gonna judge …. ” Says some of the most judgmental and critical and hypocritical people on the planet that actually believe they have the right to make lifestyle choices for others including reproductive choices for women,.

  9. Trump’s base will just say “the deep state” is just forcing Sean Hannity to say go get vaccinated.

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