We are Coming For You | Another Murder in St. Thomas – Mar 4 2022

We are Coming For You | Another Murder in St. Thomas - Mar 4 2022 1


  1. This is beyond infuriating! That homeowner needs to be criminally punished. You couldn’t warn him? Heartless!

  2. Whitehouse westmoreland need to be clean up too. Putting containers along the road side without permit, devaluing people’s property.

  3. Me still no believe nothing bout COVID and till them do some articles make I see straight up 🙏💯💯💯💯

  4. Jamaica need some new different set of politician these ones are temperate with I am asking God to provide to the Jamaican people a new set of politician

  5. Reactionary. houses are being built since year zero…..so how come the building code is just being enforced. Rubish!!!!!

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  7. Please stop asking murderers to turn themselves over to police. The police needs to find them and turn them over in the dirt , stop stressing the poor people to feed and shelter murderers. Killed my loved ones and eating and drinking and shelter from my tax money. People need to draw a vote on that omgoodness

  8. There is no serious consequences in Jamaica for anyone that brake the law.
    How could someone put just a piece of bread over a sewages pit ?
    That home owner should go to prison and even pay the family members some money too..

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