'We are currently on a pace to finish by August 31' - President Biden on Afghanistan withdrawal 1

‘We are currently on a pace to finish by August 31’ – President Biden on Afghanistan withdrawal


President Joe Biden said that the US is on track to complete its evacuation mission by August 31 and he does not plan to have American troops in the country past that date — but he recognized that it's up to the Taliban whether that mission will be done on time.

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    1. @Joe Biden is Your President!!!!! Get Over it!!!!! how about that botched pull out. joe gave 85 billion in equipment how do you feel about that.

    2. @Joe Strutter I know this would’ve happened under trump because of the way he handled the Saudi Arabia issue

    1. Nothing that comes out of his mouth is Truthful also in the 80s he ran for president he had to leave the race as he was exposed for LYING

    1. Cnn is falsely claiming the Arizona election recount is fraudulent WITHOUT any evidence at all at an attempt to stop the duly elected president from winning

    2. @Hannah Dyson We never lost our dignity yet 😊…. Seems u r biased watching our country’s development after 2016..🤭

    1. He also has lied EVERY single time he’s addressed the American people smh This while administration is the epitome of corruption

    2. Neither was tRump elected or in charge and all the while spreading his big lie while chanting *_”Where are my hamburbers at?”_*

  1. Guess the Democrats are so good at kneeling that they also kneel to the Taliban with their tail between their legs lmao.

    1. @Carl Weller > implying we ever would have _won_ the war

      We lost the femtosecond we started it.

    2. ​@Carl Weller 2 trillion dollars and 20 years of toil for literally zero gains. We were never going to win. The Romans couldn’t win in Afghanistan. The Brits couldn’t. And the Soviets couldn’t. It’s called “the graveyard of empires” for a reason.

    3. @NotForSale This video has more dislikes than likes despite the fact that CNN has an ultra Liberal audience……
      Its like having a Trump video on Fox news with more dislikes than likes its impossible literally impossible….

      I guess Biden’s own base know he is the one responsible for the chaos and humiliation that American is going through right now….

    4. @k james you’re blaming George bush for what happened in Afghanistan !!!! Joe Biden himself voted for the iraq war…….
      Congress voted for the afghan war unanimously in a Bipartisan way Some left wing ultra liberals like Hillary Clinton and Ted Kennedy and John Kerry all voted for the war
      And they all voted for the iraq war…

      This is what liberals keep doing all the time they call everyone who they disagrees with theme racist and right wing….. And blame theme for everything….. But refuse to take responsibility for anything…..

  2. “Just tell them some promises to keep them quiet for now, when they start to complain nothing is being done, tell them some more promises” rinse, repeat…

    1. If you didn’t fall asleep during this speech, please contact your doctor as you may have a serious but potentially treatable condition. Thanks.

    2. @Rashaad Lawton You poor misinformed soul. You don’t remember that they have released about 5000 Al Queda and ISIS prisoners earlier this month? Did CNN forget to tell you that our pullout left billions of dollars in weapons, vehicles and ammunition? Can you at least try to think logically what the next step might be?

    3. @Yeticus Rex Are your talking about the deal Trump made that ended with the release of 5,000 members of the Taliban cause that’s the only thing being pulled up

  3. Is this supposed to make Joe Biden look strong, and decisive? What day will Christmas fall on this year, Mr President?

  4. Bush: We fight over there, so terrorist don’t bomb here.
    Walk Away Joey:” We give you free ride, housing, money, and bring your bombs.”

    1. We have over 70,000 people evacuated and we still have until the 31st to finish our mission. How is this not a success and actually answer my question

    2. @L D Can we knock off the partisan bs so that my question can be answered. Why is this not a success

    1. @Cherokee8328 The man is trying his best, seems like people always got something negative to say. Every president is not perfect.

    1. @The Bilbo Show Trump is the prime example of that….His entire first campaign was predicated on attacking “crooked Hillary”….. But he failed to mention that he donated to The Clinton Foundation multiple times 😂

    2. @Joseph Williams hey jo jo that didn’t happen if you think it did in your deluded mind provide the proof

    3. @Joseph Williams jo jo did you read the document from your president TRUMP that was on the white house page about the leaving Afghanistan. Apparently your didn’t so quit spreading bold face lies and please move out of your mama’s basement.

    4. @Joseph Williams hey jo jo your idiot president said he has a plan for the covid. Has he sent it to you privately or has he sent it to the world.

  5. We can see how his rating is going down after each speech.
    CNN will soon put him back on hiding .

    Biden the newscaster

  6. Crazy how democrats want people to present Vaccine ID to get anything done, but think needing an ID to vote is voter suppression 😂

  7. You know your President is an absolute tool when he has more than half of the leftist CNN audience against him. He needs to be impeached.

    1. You may keep going to visit his voters as your tax goes up.
      To support refugees with free health insurance, meal, housing, mosques, education, 8 kids of each family babysitter welfare, college privilege.😳😳😳

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