We are going to hold China accountable for the coronavirus – Vice President Mike Pence

We are going to hold China accountable for the coronavirus - Vice President Mike Pence 1


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Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) weigh in on relations between the US and China and the coronavirus pandemic.

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  1. Want more debate videos? Watch them here: http://cnn.it/3g9mMAL
    See more fact checks here: https://www.cnn.com/factsfirst/politics

    • @tony No… that’s comedians making jokes.
      You said Biden made a comment about his Black maid.
      Present this video.
      You say it is all over YouTube but I say you made it up.

    • @tony That was a comment about some Black woman stocking a grocery store shelf and the average American realizing that is a reality, and then a shot of that clip being laughed at by a Black woman who went on to mock the George Floyd incident.
      You said he was talking about his Black maid and you made it sound condescending.
      Still waiting.

    • zerooskul, don’t you watch the news? Do you have any opinion on the recently declassified documents that show Hillary Clinton’s campaign was planning to frame Trump with a cooked up collusion story to distract the public from her email server scandal?

  2. *Where’s the Moderators MUTE Button❓*

  3. America is just trying to extort any money they can get their hands on, that’s all. Cheapi

  4. the moderator should be stricter to tell the debaters to stop talking after 2 mins. the moderator should also follow-up on questions that are not being answered.

  5. When the blame game starts that’s when people should know it’s blamer who’s trying to hide their incompetences and failures.

  6. Marshall Enriquez | October 8, 2020 at 12:50 AM | Reply

    This is more of a matured debate than the presidential one.

    • @Daleen Weight Watch it again and see. Chris Wallace tried his hardest to shut Orange Man Bad down and interrupted him more than he interrupted Biden and vice versa. Trump was a little out of control I agree, but a better moderator would have made all the difference. Chris Wallace was the absolute worst.

    • Daleen Weight | October 8, 2020 at 9:00 PM | Reply

      @mikedoesseo No way could I stomach watching it again, already lost 2 hrs of my life I can’t get back.
      I do see ur point. The higher Biden gets in the polls the more dangerous Trump will get. I anticipated Trump’s/ Barrs deputized military goons occupying our streets by now

    • @Daleen Weight The polls are a total hoax, Biden has never had a lead this whole time lol. You are right about Orange Man Bad getting dangerous the closer we get though. He could have a press conference with the innocent black man who Kamala hid the evidence to free him from DEATH ROW. He could also drop this commercial — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oDHSt-CKtc&t=14s. I think OMB will wait until Biden/Harris try their lame October surprise of him talking about broads on some new tape or something lol.

    • @Daleen Weight I hate to tell you this, but all the signs are there for Orange Man Bad to go beyond 2 terms. While I prefer him to the 2 scumbags he’s running against, I don’t know if that’s such a good thing myself. I think this is a conspiracy that is being formulated by the powers that be above OMB. This is why the left has gone whackadoo crazy the last 4 years. Both in their behavior and in their policies. Did you find it strange that they accused a straight laced family man of being a gang rapist and then never apologized after? After it was proven that it was all lies. Then there was “Russia!!!!” Then they try to impeach him for something laughable knowing that they couldn’t do it without the Senate which the Republicans control. Think about it.

    • Roger Williams | October 8, 2020 at 10:21 PM | Reply

      @David Barnes Millions saw it the way Trump saw it: Telemundo … Trump won 66%/34% … C-Span: Trump won the debate 69%/31% … EVERY TIME YOU LOOK OVER THE DEBATE, YOU REALIZE THAT TRUMP ASKED REALLY POINTED AND INGENIOUS QUESTIONS.

  7. Mauricio Morro | October 8, 2020 at 1:13 AM | Reply

    So Trump is going to make China pay for the virus? I guess they are paying the same way Mexico paid for the wall?????

  8. What about the PROTECTIVE CARE ACT MIKE???

  9. If trump did not do anything about China 4 years ago imagine where are we. Remember they was raging war again countries and when people in our country speak up China make them shut up, remember NBA incidences, not even our government is allowed to do that but China don’t care. Very stupid of Kalama to say what trump did is wrong about China.

  10. Just as the Spanish Flu was found in Spain did not necessarily mean it was originated in Spain, so too Corvid 19 found in China does not mean it is originated in China. Most likely it is a mutated variant of the Spanish Flu. The first case of Spanish Flu was reported at a US military base at Kansas in 1918. Corvid 19 had been detected in sewers in Spain & Brazil 2019 well before it reported in China. Blaming is also known as American “lie, cheat & steal “, trying to extort money from China. To do so will kill another 100 thousands innocent Americans by December 2020.

  11. Biden has no voters, only Trump haters. Lets face it, the fly is the only meme you snowflakes have on this debate.

  12. No one is to blame for the worst pandemic situation with most deaths per capita in the world but Trump himself and his sycophants.

  13. Stanley Sessor | October 8, 2020 at 2:02 AM | Reply

    Pence its very difficult to defend a fool good luck with that.

  14. Like they were gonna make Mexico pay for a border wall!

  15. Angel Johnson | October 8, 2020 at 2:32 AM | Reply

    Only people who believe that lie are the same morons who believe that Trump was going to make Mexico pay for a wall.

    If anyone needs to be held accountable should be Trump, he knew November last year said it was nothing to worry about and did nothing.
    Trump should have did what other countries did like Vietnam.
    They have low death rates and low numbers of people who have virus.
    They did something, when they had the first person in their country to test positive
    Trump got rid of pandemic research and admit he held back testing

  16. Nearly 4 year’s every times trump open his mounth fist word is Obama and last words china China’s, what is Obama and china have anything to do with your presidency’s if is does let’s do some thing’s about its or you just resign

  17. BluffaloSoldier | October 8, 2020 at 2:51 AM | Reply

    This was a good debate. I think one side is clearly more correct than the other. But I like that they didn’t just yell over each other, and their answers made sense.

  18. China will be held accountable just like Mexico will pay for the wall. SMH.

    • Have you seen the state of Mexico? Clearly they are “paying for it” and they picked up their act and started enforcing their own borders after Trump threatened them with axing the deal… Mexico enforcing their borders is something Obama said wasn’t possible…. HMmmmm

    • Peter Whitlock | October 8, 2020 at 6:45 PM | Reply

      all when trump stops LYING…as in NEVER…BATS and PIGS are China now???

    • Fergus Crawford | October 8, 2020 at 7:00 PM | Reply

      @Reagan Laughlin I actually would appreciate that. I would love to do research to see the appeal of trump. I did study economics enough to know his trade deals should and did more harm than good, but I’d love to see the policies he set in place that benefited you and what demographic you would fit into as in self employed or what context he helped you. I am not overly fond of liberal news and I basically see conservative talk as pure propaganda and notice a substantial amount of blatant racism. I will research and take your opinion seriously. I feel like most of the crises facing America were preventable and his rhetoric on putting America first neglects the reality of the global economy we all compete in.

    • Nicholas Parker | October 8, 2020 at 7:05 PM | Reply

      The Chinese are lucky China hasn’t been nuked to hell and back like they deserve

    • Reagan Laughlin | October 8, 2020 at 8:33 PM | Reply

      Fergus Crawford- I’m conservative, but purely based on facts. There’s things I agree with and disagree with, but if you’re looking for facts check out Ben Shapiro. He’s an extremely reliable informational source and, believe it or not, he’s not a giant fan of Trump, but gives credit where credit is due. He’s Jewish and I’m not really religious so, like I said, I don’t put al my eggs in his basket. 😂 I believe in less government and think that we shouldn’t be trying to help out other countries with trade deals whether it’s intentional or unintentional. If there’s ever a one world order up in place where we’re all in it together then I would not be opposed with helping out other economies. We should look out for this wonderful country first! Ok, here’s some things Trump has done!

      * Trump recently signed 3 bills to benefit Native people. One gives compensation to the Spokane tribe for loss of their lands in the mid-1900s, one funds Native language programs, and the third gives federal recognition to the Little Shell Tribe of Chippewa Indians in Montana.

      * Trump finalized the creation of Space Force as our 6th Military branch.

      * Trump signed a law to make cruelty to animals a federal felony so that animal abusers face tougher consequences.👀👀

      * Violent crime has fallen every year he’s been in office after rising during the 2 years before he was elected.

      * Trump signed a bill making CBD and Hemp legal.👀👀

      * Trump’s EPA gave $100 million to fix the water infrastructure problem in Flint, Michigan. The media never reported on this bc they don’t want to report on the good things

      * Under Trump’s leadership, in 2018 the U.S. surpassed Russia and Saudi Arabia to become the world’s largest producer of crude oil.

      * Trump signed a law ending the gag orders on Pharmacists that prevented them from sharing money-saving information.

      * Trump signed the “Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act” (FOSTA), which includes the “Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act” (SESTA) which both give law enforcement and victims new tools to fight sex trafficking.👀👀

      * Trump signed a bill to require airports to provide spaces for breastfeeding Moms.

      * The 25% lowest-paid Americans enjoyed a 4.5% income boost in November 2019, which outpaces a 2.9% gain in earnings for the country’s highest-paid workers.

      * Low-wage workers are benefiting from higher minimum wages and from corporations that are increasing entry-level pay.

      * Trump signed the biggest wilderness protection & conservation bill in a decade and designated 375,000 acres as protected land.

      * Trump signed the Save our Seas Act which funds $10 million per year to clean tons of plastic & garbage from the ocean.👀👀

      * He signed a bill this year allowing some drug imports from Canada so that prescription prices would go down.

      * Trump signed an executive order this year that forces all healthcare providers to disclose the cost of their services so that Americans can comparison shop and know how much less providers charge insurance companies.

      * When signing that bill he said no American should be blindsided by bills for medical services they never agreed to in advance.

      * Hospitals will now be required to post their standard charges for services, which include the discounted price a hospital is willing to accept.

      * In the eight years prior to President Trump’s inauguration, prescription drug prices increased by an average of 3.6% per year. Under Trump, drug prices have seen year-over-year declines in nine of the last ten months, with a 1.1% drop as of the most recent month.

      * He created a White House VA Hotline to help veterans and principally staffed it with veterans and direct family members of veterans.👀👀

      * VA employees are being held accountable for poor performance, with more than 4,000 VA employees removed, demoted, and suspended so far.

      * Issued an executive order requiring the Secretaries of Defense, Homeland Security, and Veterans Affairs to submit a joint plan to provide veterans access to access to mental health treatment as they transition to civilian life.

      * Because of a bill signed and championed by Trump, In 2020, most federal employees will see their pay increase by an average of 3.1% — the largest raise in more than 10 years.

      * Trump signed into a law up to 12 weeks of paid parental leave for millions of federal workers.

      * Trump administration will provide HIV prevention drugs for free to 200,000 uninsured patients per year for 11 years.👀👀

      * All-time record sales during the 2019 holidays.

      * Trump signed an order allowing small businesses to group together when buying insurance to get a better price👀👀

      * President Trump signed the Preventing Maternal Deaths Act that provides funding for states to develop maternal mortality reviews to better understand maternal complications and identify solutions & largely focuses on reducing the higher mortality rates for Black Americans.

      * In 2018, President Trump signed the groundbreaking First Step Act, a criminal justice bill which enacted reforms that make our justice system fairer and help former inmates successfully return to society.

      * The First Step Act’s reforms addressed inequities in sentencing laws that disproportionately harmed Black Americans and reformed mandatory minimums that created unfair outcomes.👀👀

      * The First Step Act expanded judicial discretion in sentencing of non-violent crimes.

      * Over 90% of those benefitting from the retroactive sentencing reductions in the First Step Act are Black Americans.

      * The First Step Act provides rehabilitative programs to inmates, helping them successfully rejoin society and not return to crime.

      * Trump increased funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) by more than 14%.👀👀

      * Trump signed legislation forgiving Hurricane Katrina debt that threatened HBCUs.

      * New single-family home sales are up 31.6% in October 2019 compared to just one year ago.

  19. The republican way, blame blame blame… everyone else for their failures.. sad that citizens fall for it and have to suffer because of it..

  20. Markonefifteen | October 8, 2020 at 3:54 AM | Reply

    I’m no trump supporter and I’m never voting for him, but something I hold true is American manufacturing and keeping it MADE IN USA, and not China. That’s something that the democrats always failed at and shill to China.

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