We asked a hacker to try and steal a CNN tech reporter’s data. She got it in seconds

CNN tech reporter Donie O'Sullivan thought he was being safe on social media. Watch social engineer & SocialProof Security CEO Rachel Tobac prove him very, very wrong. #CNN #News


    1. @tea time commenter For what it’s worth, that is *not* identity theft. She’s just manipulating trivial processes. The airline change was a “set up” – he even says “as you know, I have a flight from Vegas.” You can’t just call up and get flight information – he gave her the required information beforehand, and they staged the outcome. And for the record, even with HIS permission, what she did was against federal law when she pretended to be him _to the airline_. If it actually happened that is, regardless of them calling it “live hacking.” Anyway, that has nothing to do with “identity theft.”

    2. ​@Marcos Filho Dude… “Hacking” is CRAZY ILLEGAL!!! Basically the FBI views it as domestic terrorism, and hackers get treated accordingly. Read up on some of the earliest hacker convictions; some of them spent years in prison without a trial so the laws could catch up… it’s seriously brutal. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bernie_S https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kevin_Mitnick https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2013/01/aaron-swartz-isnt-first-hacker-commit-suicide-face-federal-investigation/319484/ https://www.wired.com/2008/08/indicted-federa/ and on and on and on. They could’ve been recruited to give the U.S. an edge, but instead we just wasted these brilliant minds, and punished them for being inquisitive and intelligent, cause that’s what American society does. Now go watch football and the reality tv president.

    3. well he isnt exactly the govt or cloudfare… these attacks are for fast money with minimal effort and time. pretty sure custom python scripts on his home network would be a tad extra.

  1. Before watching this clip and just looking at the thumbnail I immediately assumed the guy was the hacker and the female was the reporter.More fool me!

    1. I was just trying to show how deep gender stereotyping goes. I consider myself to be a normal person ,who doesn’t judge or make assumptions, but how wrong was I.

    1. tea time commenter it’s actually data mining : not illegal if it was illegal this podcast would be equivalent to buying hookers on the streets of any ghetto to prove a point

    2. @Marcos Filhoit is illegal because it is identity theft
      data mining has to do with computers but this girl just called up a bunch of places and read information accessible to everyone else

    1. Females make better scam artist because of their social advantage.
      Somehow my ex wife gets everyone to tell her their deepest secrets. She doesn’t even have to ask half the time.

    2. She tells me that she just hacked in to all my personal info. I tell her” So You’ve got my phone number”?

    1. She’s not a hacker, the real hackers are the men she hires to do the job she’s saying she’s doing, she’s just the face of the company.

    2. David King yea I’m glad you spoke on that because it was uncalled for and completely from left field

    3. cj p woah. What was that?? Had to squeeze in some homophobia and fat shaming into this clip about hacking eh? Your a sad person

    4. Fizzgig let’s keep it real. Your moms overweight isn’t she? I don’t know who you are but there’s a high possibility that your mom is fat too right?

    1. @Jesse g Unlike you, I’m smart enough to understand the difference between an IRS audit & a criminal investigation. 😎

    2. @R C woah the Trump Derangement Syndrome is strong with this one. You DO KNOW that the IRS Special Agents exist and their job is specifically to conduct criminal investigations, right? You’re a bigger idiot than I initially thought. Congrats.

    1. I didn’t say I don’t have it. I have nothing for people to steal….. You’re kind cute yourself

    2. Nope, the only way to completely secure your data is to not have any data. The only way to completely secure your money is the same, don’t have any money.

    1. Half the comments from Libtards are made up bullshit. We know CNN puts out the most garbage propaganda. Liberal side still can’t accept there was no proof of collusion because CNN twists words all day.

  2. Social hacking, not computer hacking…. but I got a friend’s birthdate because her voters registration information was online.

  3. This is just social engineering. Imagine if she was using technological engineering to crack your entire phone.

  4. I’d hardly call her a hacker, she’s using data mining and social media vs someone who uses code and exploits

    1. Fair point, but the social engineering aspect or avenue of hacking is something to be wary of. The average person doesn’t care if they were hacked or socially engineered, they just want to be made whole and made safe from it.

    1. I look at it the other way around. She’d be Individual 1 in any investigation, particularly since she’s happy to go on national tv and show everyone how she doesn’t care about publicly violating federal law.

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