We Can Get This Done: Biden Joins Senate Dems To Discuss Spending Plan 1

We Can Get This Done: Biden Joins Senate Dems To Discuss Spending Plan


President Biden joins Senate Democrats’ lunch to discuss the proposed $3.5 trillion reconciliation package.
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  1. They remind me of the Muppets that are always grumpy that sit in the balcony of the theater… lol

    1. @Jeff S Or you could just elect Republicans who don’t think that they can spend your money better than you can. Democrats are all about taking your money and blowing it to make their friends rich.

    1. @Meredith Rollins are navy is not war ready, you want to cut military spending as biden is getting us into a war with his weakness on Iran, China and Russia?

    2. @Phill McCracken
      Do you? Do YOU know what the GDP is?
      How about this for numbers……
      70 out of the top 100 counties that had the most deaths from Covid, are from counties where they voted for Trump.
      Welcome to ignore. You earned it:)

    3. @Equality For All not sure too many in new York and California voted for Trump where failed governors killed thousands of elderly. Your opinion doesn’t support the facts.

    1. @dave s There’s always communist in America and is only for the rich Republicans and that is about to change.

    2. @wig cap I would suggest getting a better grasp of the English language and reality. Democrats are actively supporting communist policies, and their runner up in the presidential primaries (you idiots almost elected Bernie Sanders – who is a rich communist) is a devout communist.

    3. @My Tale How ironic someone using a fake name making a comment about a fake account, so is being a moron something you work at or does it come naturally for you?
      I’m going to say it probably comes naturally for you!

  2. Hey, moderators. Why do you delete replies to troll posts, which are not obscene or in anyway objectionable, and leave the troll posts alone? Also, why do you not delete the tons of obviously fake posts that flood these threads? Please get your act together.

    1. Trumpoacalypse it’s funny how it’s always libs that want to silence conservatives and never the other way around. Funny how you call yourselves the anti fascists.

    1. He has nothing to hide and it’s all about the American people for President Joe Biden! A true civil servant!

    1. Remember Obama/Biden had shovel ready jobs and $800 billion? They lied. Turned out that $800 Billion only $29 Billion went to roads and bridges. Imagine that,Obama/Biden lied to us!!!

    2. @David Eby
      Still lying to cover up for all of Trump’s lies, huh?
      They didn’t work for Trump and they won’t work for you:)

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  4. Tell us why you are putting illegal immigrants from Lackland Air-force base on military planes dropping them off around the country!

  5. these people are evil. they want power forever for themselves and their families while the rest of us suffer under socialism.

  6. You think the prices are going up now? Wait till this usurper of democracy prints the trillions of dollars of pork spending.

  7. If the 3.5T$ money is not backed by gold or equivalent, which obviously isn’t discussed, then it will lead to inflation.

  8. I can not believe people are believing his lies. Besides crashing our economy. Name one good thing he has done. Because if it’s about race. I’m going to just totally ignore. Reason? Our economy is tanking. I have never in my entire sixty years seen a more depressing and oppressive president in my entire life.

  9. “We can get this done”..?…what, pass a bill? How about MIN WAGE INCREASE YOU WERE ELECTED ON ??

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