We Can’t Forget How Dire The COVID-19 Circumstances Were A Few Months Ago | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. I think we already have forgotten….

    Half the people I work with seem to think it was a hoax, and the other half seem to think it will just disappear… like a miracle.

    1. @Marcus Anderson You may get your wish – though many anti-Gretchen Whitmer trolls on the MLive and Click on Detroit channels will throw fits if Gretchen does become President. I do battle with all those anti-Gretchen trolls on those channels on an almost daily basis. If you visited those channels, you would wonder how Gretchen was ever voted Michigan’s Governor.

    2. @Karen Byrd I think a lot of people live in their own bubble. They have no idea what the daily battle is in hospitals in the affected areas of the country.

    3. You work with a bunch of fools. The family’s of the 111K US citizens who died from Covid wish it was a hoax.

  2. People please dont let your guards down , covid is still here , remember the spanish flu in 1918

    1. People in western Michigan are not wearing masks as they should. Mandatory mask wearing is not being even being politely enforced. Right across the border in Indiana in Elkhart county is having a Huge spike as well as St. Joesph County.

    2. That is a total understatement. People think they are safe simply because they want to be. They are still in danger…and there is zero reason they are not already on the death list. But I think some people know this already.

    3. Thanks to the protesters, we now know that the COVID-19 scare is OVER!! Go back to work, go back to life as normal. NY doctors on the front line of the COVID fight say that it is MORE IMPORTANT to protest than to worry about COVID, so that must mean that OUR JOBS and BUSINESSES are more IMPORTANT than the VIRUS!! It’s obvious that we should NEVER have shut down, since the NY doctors have no concerns now.

      Furthermore, there will be no need for MAIL-IN BALLOTS, we can now go to the POLLS and vote as we normally do, since you can infer that VOTING is MUCH MORE important than COVID-19.

    4. @MJB For Trump This is baloney. There is 112,000 dead and the number keeps rising…slower…but it has not stopped I’m sure. Basically, screw those who will die…and get back to work…because you will be a part of the lucky few who do survive. Good luck! (There is no getting back to work or things returning to normal for the Coronovirus victims and their families)

  3. I’m glad to see that in most of these protests and the one here in SF, 95% of people were wearing masks.
    Be safe out there people!

  4. It’s ok for people to bring guns to state capitals and demand to reopen the state, but it isn’t ok for people to protest police brutality.

    1. @Ellen Peba Detroit is a burned out wasteland YOUTUBE Detroit wasteland tours . This is why Trump won Michigan and will again from over 2 million people to less than 700,000 .

    2. Remember that the MEDIA dictates that you cannot distinguish between protesters and rioters. If you mention the rioters you are preventing the protesters from exercising their rights. Got it?

    3. Because they were no arch felons, rapists, looters, thugs, arsonists, antifa, BLM human scum.

    4. @MJB For Trump – No just people screaming at the police, getting up in their faces & the cops didn’t attack them at the Michigan protests.
      Notice how different the cops are acting during THESE protests? Attacking people who are sayings “Hands up, don’t shoot!” & “Black Lives Matter!”. With tear gas. With pepper balls. With batons.
      Yeah, no difference at all /s

    5. @Michigan Wolverine – LOL You’re delusional XD I consider myself a left leaning centrist & guess what? I come from a police & military background, guns don’t scare me & I am all for conceal & carry (as long as you’re properly educated & trained). Guess that kinda blows your blanket statement outta the water.

    1. ​@Mike B
      P M
      1 hour ago
      @Mike B You are not everybody…that’s your 1st error…. take Note. PM is 100% right. The saying goes…The pig smells it’s own mess.

    2. @Severin Slightly 100 thousands + dead is not a first wave for you? Well god dam I don’t want to know what is a wave by your definition, a million dead? Two million? Who knows. You probably think its all fake.

    3. Only if they create a fake 2nd wave for the election. American will never agree to lock down agenda again.

  5. Biden marching, this lady marching, Elizabeth Warren marching but Trump needs an army just across the street. Okay

    1. Because he’s Bunker Boy!
      And your tax dollars are at work protecting Bunker Boy from Washington D.C.’s rioters!

    1. Yeah, your guy just sent prison guard thugs to protect Lil Donny from those mean old protesters.

  6. Two months ago, there was lots of talk about ‘flattening the curve’.
    Now, we all don’t hear much ‘flatten the curve’ talk!

    1. Because you can’t. Lock down and social distancing was a massive lie. Just look at the NYC curve. Nothing was flattened.

  7. I like Gretchen Whitmer, though many anti-Gretchen trolls on Michigan’s MLive and Click On Detroit channels don’t like her.
    I do battle with the anti-Gretchen trolls on those channels nearly every day!

  8. Thank you governor for keeping my family in Michigan safe as best you can while I watch and worry from half a world away in Rwanda. Thank you stephanie for giving her the chance to speak. Keep up the good fight. We can and must fight for equality and our health at the same time.

  9. The same, unfortunately large percentage of the populace, that goes to casinos and wastes money on lottery tickets believe that somehow the universe will treat them extra-specially and will stop them from getting Covid 19

  10. November 3rd. Use your vote to save lives. Remove Trump and his entourage from politics. Make them stand trial. A Nuremberg springs to mind. Drain their bank accounts of all of the money that they have stolen. Invest that money in health and education. Then imprison Trump and his entourage for the rest of their lives, with no possibility of appeal or parole.

  11. Oh, the double standards…..
    It’s important to watch these “leaders” actions, they obviously speak louder than words in regards to how dangerous Covid-1984 is now. Even though Italian top doc’s and scientists are all talking about how the virus’s potency is half of what it was 3 months ago, these governors will be damned if they let these protests go to waste. In California, our hot yet disturbing governor Gavin Newsom has been chipping away at privacy laws as if this was Beijing. First, creating + sustaining a jobless environment so that people are hungry and looking for work- anywhere, and any type, even better and rarer the chance to come across a new field to possibly build a future in. Then he swoops in like a drug dealer would on an addict, all dreamy with his good looks and pearly whites starts boasting in a live chat about how YOU can have a CAREER as a CONTACT TRACER! As if he wasnt acting too exited, repeatedly, he kept referring to this as a “career”, and that we are in the process of creating an “army” of “contact tracers”. So instead of referring to this already illegal and highly unethical work as ‘a temporary gig until this once-a-century pandemic ends’, Gavin is repeatedly referring to it as a “career”. Kinda gives you a glimpse at a slightly more diabolical plan being exercised. We can only draw the best conclusions not from their assurances, as time and time again do they lie- but from a thorough, critical analysis, through an unbiased third party..or simply trusting your gut instinct. And it says this is wrong, and that I need to be wary of the possible future crippling of personal liberties by the very people we voted to protect them with. I can understand the overall goal, but at what cost are you willing to pay for it? How is it that health care workers are being thought of as Gestapo? Wtf America!! :X

  12. Michigander here==So Glad She Is Our Governor == She has done a wonderful job. itws a shame that there are those who dont understand what it is that is really going on.

  13. I love our competent governor. Despite what salty republicans think, she has done a great job with the whole pandemic.

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