WE controversy: Bill Morneau says he repaid over 41K in expenses to the charity


    1. Yup to his surprise he missed payments for 2 trips. Best rest assured it is common practice for him to pay for his expenses 🙄

    1. absolutely….it’s not only immoral and unethical, but the level of fraud involved has yielded actually crimes with evidence and those breaking the law should be charged with their crimes.

      embezzlement, fraud, graft, violating the conflict of interest act, etc

  1. I cannot believe the liberals got re elected after their first 4 years of corruption and incompetence.

    1. Showing ONE sign of body language does not mean they are lying. It is when MULTIPLE signs show at the same time. I’m not saying he isn’t.

  2. Now that Liberals are under the magnifying glass, Morneau suddenly realizes he received a $41,000 trip from WE. Well he forgot he owned a villa in France too. This is the guy in charge our countries finances? No wonder he has doubled the countries debt in less than 5 years. How much of that has he forgotten?

    1. Bslab Debt at the end of 2015 was 612 billion. Projected 2020-2021 debt is 1.2 Trillion. That’s double to me

    2. Wayne Lust


      And I guess covid had nothing to do with it ??
      Just stick to the scandal Wayne , otherwise you are losing steam !!

    3. Moon Light The Liberals have spent more per capita on Covid, than any other G7 country, and have the worst results. Responsible spending is still needed. Not just spending to buy support, like the Liberals have done. We now have the highest unemployment, and most depressed economy in the G7.

  3. Liar, liar, liar! If the RCMP does not take action against Bill Morneau and Justin Trudeau then we have no law in Canada!

    1. @Bernie Hughes UM, ER, UM, UM Taxpayers. What a bunch of morons these liebrals are. The scary thing is nothing will be done.

  4. The penalties for violating non-payment in most contracts is three to five times the original costs. This would just be the start. Next, Bill Morneau needs to step down. There then needs to be a vote of non-confidence in Parliament. Next, the Liberal party needs to be removed from the premises by the police.

  5. My opinion ?
    Not one thing will happen to the Liberals over this .
    mark that on the calendar.
    further more Justins personal day off on Monday I would bet was to seek legal advice .

  6. No one perfect everyone make honest mistake even the people’s who are cheating with CERB too.

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