‘We Could Have Done More,’ Says Mueller Prosecutor In New Book | Morning Joe | MSNBC

'We Could Have Done More,' Says Mueller Prosecutor In New Book | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


A former prosecutor on special counsel Robert Mueller's team writes in a new book that the group failed to fully investigate President Trump's financial ties, according to new reporting. NYT reporter Michael Schmidt discusses. Aired on 09/22/2020.
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'We Could Have Done More,' Says Mueller Prosecutor In New Book | Morning Joe | MSNBC

73 Comments on "‘We Could Have Done More,’ Says Mueller Prosecutor In New Book | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. Then they should have , instead they let a monster stay in office .

  2. If what happened had happened in the fifties, McCarthy would have put Chump on a wall.

  3. Broken system. Can’t prosecute a sitting unethical immoral criminal President. No checks and balances.

  4. *Donald J Trump is The President of CRIMES AND CHAOS*

  5. TRUMP needs a country to run to with he’s family , by the time American’s are finished with him. PUTIN will welcome them in.

  6. its not just his ties to russia but 40 years of criminal activities the crook is working so hard to cover up

  7. Q: Mr Mueller, if Mr trump was not the sitting president, would you indict him?
    A: yes!

  8. Jeny St Laurent | September 22, 2020 at 8:49 AM | Reply

    I’m tired of these stupid books…no one held 45 accountable for anything!

  9. Yea I know you could have done more. I’m the guy who said you wouldn’t do enough. When they hired you to do the job.

    • They selected him by his great reputation. I don’t think anyone sat down and interviewed him. No one tested his mental health, which was in decline . The man had a great reputation. It’s all gone now, a sad story.

    • @Mark Campbell He was picked because of his centeredness.

      That means he wouldn’t look outside his perceived purview. He was picked. To fail.

    • Trumps Bunker I see what you say to a point. He reminds me of someone with Alzheimer’s. I don’t see how anyone does not indite Trump for those poor answers in writing. You would need to put him in front jury.

  10. A failure to America

  11. Imagine what this has done to the country now.

    • Donald Trump has done great things for the US and his approval keeps growing, while support for Democrats is dropping faster than Anthony Weiners pants in a AOL chatroom!

  12. If they could have done more then they should have done more. you shouldn’t be afraid of losing your job to seek the truth. That’s called being a coward.

    • and we would not be in this shithole nation trump created. i love my country just not trumps version.

    • Stop to cry, it is like it is.

    • It’s not just the job they loose it’s the power and the money after fighting their way up they don’t want to sink to the bottom again.

    • They were not cowards. They knew that in order to attempt to finish their work, they had to keep Trump at bay. They were balanced on a knife edge throughout the investigation. It had nothing to do with keeping their jobs. Those investigators could have found jobs anywhere, and far better paying jobs in the private sector. They had to be meticulous, and act at all times within the four corners of the law, while their opponent, Trump, was lawless, and did as he pleased. You are being grossly unjust to those investigators to say that they did anything but their best. They handed more than enough evidence to Congress and Senate, to do their jobs and impeach and remove Trump. Congress impeached him, but the GOP in the Senate refused to remove him. Let the blame lie where it belongs.

    • Right. If Mueller was sick, he should’ve stepped down. This was too important & big items got skipped


  14. So Mueller sold the farm. That’s what happened.

  15. Miscarriage of justice and dierlic of duty… just like trump

  16. The Rasputin President is a Russian asset, we all know it. #DeepKremlin.

  17. I was very disappointed with Mueller during that time. He could have done a much better job of speaking up

  18. He let the most obvious crook off the hook. A miserable failure.

    • But we didn’t know that Rosenstein was in Trump’s pocket. Mr R acted otherwise, in public. Trump was loudly attacking the investigation in public, (over a thousand times publicly) and trying to fire Mueller in private. And then Trump’s strategy is to drag out everything, in the courts. The report did cite 10 partial instances of obstruction of justice, in Part Two. Yes, I was somewhat disappointed. But the Report is chock full of info that goes directly against some of the right wing narratives.

  19. Muller gives the impression that he is such a decent and upright character. He is now revealed to be a spineless coward.

  20. Fear of being fired? Really? Way to “serve” the country

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