'We Did Hear Screams': Eyewitnesses React To Florida Building Collapse 1

‘We Did Hear Screams’: Eyewitnesses React To Florida Building Collapse


Eyewitnesses to the Surfside, Florida building collapse tell NBC News they heard screams and cries for help from the building's residents.

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  1. RIP to the victims! I can’t even imagine the horror and terror in them moments before their bodies gave up on them.

    1. That’s hilarious, no one should be sad that Americans got what they fought for. You people wanted to spend decades deflecting all criticism while blindly bragging about how great you are? Well then, this is what you get. Zero pity for self inflicted wounds from the most arrogant and morally bankrupt nation on earth.

    1. This is not a matter of regulations or their lack. This a matter of climate change eating the barrier islands. It is not a matter of how the building was built, but where it was built.

    1. It’s strange actually cos I’ve seen photos of my local coastline over the last 100 years and the sea levels literally haven’t changed at all

    2. I wonder how many of these multi-story buildings on the barrier will have to collapse, before they see the pattern.

    3. @N W wow you must be living on another planet bc literally every scientist who studies the oceans can tell you it’s rising

    1. We have better regulations, they’ve changed for the better. You don’t see new buildings doing this. This one is 40 years old. But I do know this, nobody knows why this fell yet. Think of how many hurricanes this building has seen in that time. I’m curious, but not presumptuous this early in the investigation.

    1. Smh . They are the evil that curses this world. They are the only across the world and they have their disasters

  2. this is what you get when constructed by lowest bidder, low wage labor, and lack of maintenance using qualified personnel.

    1. Not properly maintaining or fixing structural issues on a 40 year old building over the years is going to be more to blame. I wouldn’t blame the original builders so quickly. Could be, but my money is on owner ignorance.

    1. The bill mentions nothing about building structures. Adding and fixing roads that generally no one uses. And none for the ones the majority of American’s use daily. Upgraded WiFi in well to do neighborhoods and no new infrastructure to those that have none. Killing fuel based businesses to introduce “Green Energy” that, ironically, uses fuel to operate. With much of that fuel being bought overseas. There’s many reasons to oppose it. And many reason with a revised version to the “infrastructure” that needs the help for it to go forward. There’s no need to beautify a good road and leave a bad one to become unusable. Theres no fixing if what needs to be fixed isn’t fixed…first. It historically fails.

  3. I knew it. I knew it. I told my wife that somehow, someway the right was going to make this Biden’s fault even though it’s in bloodshot red Florida ran by bloodshot red a$$holes.

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  5. “Look What DeSantis Has Done”! “Look What DeSantis Has Done”! Sorry, I just finished watching “Paul” on the Net.

  6. welcome to 3rd world america.
    alot of stuff falls down here, who pays of the govenment to get the ok ?

  7. OSHA needs to be all over this – regardless of their perception/reputation. Buildings shouldn’t just fall TF down in the USA. That happens in ‘s-holes’, right? WTF was going on to make this one come down? Major disregard and “not-give-a-damn-ness” in cutting corners for profit.
    Heads should roll…

  8. This is why no one should live in a right to work, deregulated state. There are no building codes except the bare minimum. They expect the general public to be experts in everything so they can make an informed choice and not buy a bad item, including houses. But at least everyone can carry concealed in a few months in Texas with no training so that will solve all their problems, right? At least until a strong wind blows down their homes.

  9. Is salty beach sand as bad as they say for concrete mix and rusting out rebar? Contractors wired on cocaine have weird decision-making skills.

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