'We Do Have A Lot To Worry About' With Covid Delta Variant 1

‘We Do Have A Lot To Worry About’ With Covid Delta Variant

With U.S. hospitalizations linked to Covid on the rise, Dr. Irwin Redlener is among the health care professionals warning that the Delta variant of the virus poses a real threat — particularly to those who are not vaccinated.
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    1. Introducing the all new Delta Echo 2 Plus Pro. With 6 new symptoms you’ve never experienced before.

    1. Plus Purell (and all hand sanitizer) is the worst for defending yourself against viruses, because it kills your immune system. Stay away from that toxic crap

    1. @LowRidah64 and it’s not just Dr. Faucci saying getting the vaccine is a good thing, the cdc, as well as several other health official all say getting vaccinated is good to lessen the chance of getting hospitalized or having a death occur. I don’t get the pushback, people have received several vaccine in their lifetime, many way before we are even aware of what a vaccine was..

    2. @Steven Olson lol according to theM sir you simple couldn’t number the amount of genders out there because you can identify with whatever makes you feel complete ! Somebody needs to educate these people

    3. @Mike Glenn and u proved my point that u have no life and have time to watch the video, which u havent

    1. @Purplemamba so companies are listing all the deaths from clots, enlarged hearts etc.
      Must be in the fine print.

    2. @ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ Huh I seem to remember this being debunked? O yeah hundreds of times. Stop, just stop. If they have covid and die to anything covid is listed, that’s how death certificates work. In plenty of states we have under counted, we know this occurred in Florida for sure and plenty of states at the start of the pandemic.

  1. Not sure which is more accurate, Fauci’s previous medical statements and predictions or his “fast ball”.

    1. Your comment is disinformation. He pitched a perfect strike. Anyone who says it’s a ball is a white extremist

    2. @Daniel Martinez And you would be labeled as a “Tio Tomas” for affiliating with a klan member like me.

    1. @DS And that’s why we are in this mess. You slaves believe this is about partisanship. They have you right where they want you… Keep that mask on and plug your body full of chemicals, the rest of us want to live and breath.

  2. Remember, plenty of letters left in the Greek alphabet. This won’t end until people grow a spine and say “no”.

    1. And that is the typical way most viruses mutate. They either flame out within the host upon mutation (cannot maintain integrity) or they become more transmissible/less deadly. In very rare cases is it the opposite, but in that case the virus is much more unstable, more prone to mutation flame out as it progresses.

    2. @Robin Dale Most respiratory viruses anyway. Ones spread by insects don’t necessarily need you alive to survive.

    3. except it’s not. It has an increasing number of asymptomatic & mild cases yes, but with 1000 times the viral load, those that get hit, get hit really hard. 1/3rd of those in hospital in the UK & Australia are in ICU

  3. “There are potentially 100 million targets.” They’re using military style language to describe an illness.

    1. @BigTomInTheBasement Millions of lives have been saved and the probability of any severe reaction from the vaccine is extremely rare. Why exactly do you think that in the US right now 99.5 percent of deaths are among the unvaccinated?

      Prefer to ignore facts and statistics. Ok. Don’t let anybody else stop you. But you may have to learn the hard way.

      Those who cannot act in alignment with the reality are far more likely to suffer. In that case, I suppose there is no other alternative except to let survival of the fittest take it’s course

    2. @Shunya Yoga BS. The data is manipulated and science has been politicized. You can believe the lies. I won’t.

    3. @Obed Reyes 83% of all cases in the United States are Delta, and yet 97% of all hospitalizations and deaths are unvaccinated. Springfield, Missouri is begging their state to produce another medical facility because of this virus for younger people.

    4. @BooBoo Bear In addition to @Walter Bo ‘s comment, the viral load is reduced by 40% if you got the vaccine. This means transmission is still lower, but not 0%. If you don’t know, no vaccine does what you’re claiming.

    5. @BigTomInTheBasement So this the data and science has been politicized worldwide and this is a scam conducted by every government, by all politicians, all the scientists, all the media outlets, all the hospitals, in every single country. That makes more sense to you than simply considering that you may be suffering from delusion.

      Classic conspiracy theory delusions, not unlike flat earthers or people who believe humanity is governed by shape shifting reptile people.

    1. @stopme rite Right? They don’t have a clue what they are talking about. I got the vaccine but will never get another one – I’m healthy and will take my chances.

    2. @Yoshi Lee That’s a decision for you to make – no one else’s. I got it but will not get another”booster”. I’m healthy so I’m comfortable taking the risk. If I were in a high risk group it would be different but the odds of it really making you sick is really low. I’m just tired of the fear mongering and now have to question the motives of pushing it so much.

    3. cause life ie expendable in the US, only business profits matter, so they have to do as their lobbiests tell them to in order to project an image that keeps business operational

    1. Got mine, boy I was sick as a dog 12 hrs later and felt like crap for 2 days but I’m glad I got it. Hopefully lots of trumpers die in this 4th wave

  4. “Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”
    ‭‭John‬ ‭14:6‬ ‭NKJV‬‬


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