‘We Do Know How History Writes This’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. money corrupts is an understatement in this case. they sold their damned souls to putin, all for money. something as fleeting as money. we could lose our freedoms so they could get a few million each. pretty damned pathetic

  1. We’ve gone from our first President never telling a lie to Donnie Numb Nuts it’s what he and now the GOP do !

    1. @Alex Hamilton The difference between you and me unlike you I can think and act for myself , you on the other hand need a criminal moron to do all the thinking .

    2. @Korey Valentine So you like a president that collaborate with the Russian> You approve of a cowardly man without honor?

  2. Yep.
    Donald Trump and the GOP ended up as the one administration that tried to murder democracy in America and turn it into a autocracy.
    They will *not* succeed.
    Vote Blue 2020.

    1. @Saynoto Socialists I agree but political affiliation or beliefs don’t merit or commence formal impeachment proceedings. We make our bed..

  3. The GOP will do anything to maintain power. Barr, Moscow Mitch and gang have been corrupt long before Trump.

    1. M John , where’s your proof of wrong ? All I see is hearsay and opinion , the president of the Ukraine saint no quid pro quo , and the Ukraine foreign minister , has denied the allegations against Rudy

    2. Saynoto Socialists ? Your points to excuse the fact don’t matter? People involved denying it is the same as asking a murder if he murdered someone…. I wouldn’t agree that I did would you?

    3. Wilmour43 , the problem with your assessment is the fact the Ukrainians are the murder victim in this case , and are claiming not to have been murdered

  4. The USA has lost a huge amount of so called soft power, it has also lost hard power because friends and allies feel they cannot trust Trump and crooked followers

    1. @Peter from GW thank you as well as please do not judge the majority of the American people by the actions of Trump and his henchmen ..

    2. @Diana Hulstine At this stage I don’t think most countries can afford to abandon us, but I don’t think they’re going to forget that this can happen when making decisions involving us.

  5. they will continue to worship at the alter of the trump cult. its horrifying. terribly depressing, and just frightening that the American Republican Elite have spoiled the waters of the indefensible Senate institution.

    1. @Mark N why, because trump says it’s flourishing? grow the f— up man. he is a compulsive liar. he has bankrupted thousands of our farmers with his bs bullying of china-thinking his tough guy nonsense would scare a dictator, hah. moron. we are worse off now than before he opened his big mouth. we had to pay them a billion dollars to help them out. they had a thriving industry, & now they are reduced to asking for handouts from our government. that’s only one crisis he caused in the economy. he caused 4 million people to lose their health insurance because he hates obama so much. he is garbage. he is a traitor & we absolutely want him out of our wh. & he gave us that opportunity & forced it to happen. pay attention.

    2. @Michael exactly. i love when they talk about the transcript. so f’ing funny. they just listen to the con artist. it’s astounding the level of pure, unadulterated ignorance.

    1. @Diana Hulstine we as a country for the first time in our history, came completely out of debt. Zero deficit with Clinton despite who may or may not have been under his desk. Nothing in comparison to trump or bush. I say that not having voted for Clinton. He didn’t do bad, even a Republican can say that. Well, they certainly made a ton of money while he was in office. Lol good times.

  6. They lie like shame-filled little boys who have to win and profit for themselves no matter what. That, dear people, is THE SWAMP

    1. the republicans lie to their hearts, they have to do self talk….I AM GOOD, I AM NOT CORRUPT, I MAKE A DIFFERENCE…..THE GOP IS FINISHED

    1. eric ocean   Perhaps, although I’d give him the benefit of the dbout and assume he meant it as ‘ stops my heart ‘.

  7. in our history there have been two presidents caught trying to interfere with an election. both were republicans.

    they are the greatest threat to democracy in america today

    1. Emsley Wyatt Mine too it’s “you can lead a moron to water but you can’t stop him from drowning himself”. tRump in a nutshell.

    1. Marquita McElya because Joe knows how much of Trump’s is tied to his Apprentice ratings. It’s an easy shot but he knows it gets under Trump’s skin.

    2. Exactly lol they were/are friends and trump went after their chnl, his fiance and our country. Luv how Joe tells it like he feels. Had to hear it twice! Joe is sick of the bs just like most of us.

  8. Joe: you’re speaking about and to people who don’t care much for reading and know little about history. The GOP is now the party of Christian zealots, Guns, and Money. It’s pretty simple.

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