1. Like money laundering, coke addict, rap album Zelensky and his Paris shopping spree wife are more trustworthy. How much more money did they need again? Another 50 billion?

  2. Trust America to abandon Ukraine , just like Afghan after 20 years of democracy terror. Russia is not going any where the 4 Regions is annex that worth 12 Trillions and E-U is still pumping money to Russia. The Donation will dry out!

  3. If Putin really values soldier live so they could spend Christmas with family back home , then send them back home, not in a ditch somewhere in ‘no mans land’ in Ukraine.

  4. So in other words, Ukraine does not agree to cease fire, not surprised. Also, the dates she listed when Russia attacked Ukraine, claiming Putin can’t be trusted, what do they have to do with the current case? Russia never announced ceasefire at Catholic Christmas or New Year or other dates that she listed, so they continued attacking. Makes sense to me

  5. Puttin can never be trusted. This is a pretty sick ploy but not surprising to say the least. I agree business as usual until victory is accomplished.

  6. Love thy neighbour… ooops …Putin doesn’t even know what that means ..but let’s celebrate Christmas 🤔🤯

  7. Russia agreed to respect Ukrainian independence in return for it giving up its nuclear weapons.. Russia has broken that agreement, so Ukraine is free now to also break that same agreement.. I think then Ukraine would get the peace and respect for its borders that it rightfully deserves.

  8. What choice do you have? Either Russia begins shelling or they don’t. Why not cease fire? Are you that bloodthirsty?

  9. Russia has shown incredible restraint so far. They are waiting for the solid freezing of the ground to advance. Ukraine will be offered one last chance to negotiate for peace before they lose decisively.

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