1. Rev Barber you da man! This guy has the gusto all Democrats need right now to succeed in the face of the fascist behavior of the Republican party. They’ve enacted filibuster carve outs multiple times. And this bill is FAR more important than any of the legislation passed over the past 10 years. The Voting Right portion alone will help to save our democracy from the massive power grab by Republicans to cement a permanent minority rule.

  2. We shouldn’t narrow the bill, but we do need to do something NOW or pretty soon no ones vote is going to matter.

    1. @No Show Joe That’s such bull they’re taking away local ballot boxes, I’ve seen them remove mailboxes and the drop boxes. I try to vote in the inner city downtown location after the third time. After the third time, I was told you’re voting in the wrong community location.

      So I ask the ballot coordinator if it was possible to vote in the downtown city community? His response came back saying they changed the rules this year, then he asked me why haven’t I went to the freistadt community first?

      I told him I checked my registration and it was rejected three times at Ozaukee county so I went to the inner city to vote.

      Matter of fact the place I was told to vote was close in my area and decided to make a personal appearance at my city hall to find out why?

      The Ballot worker asked me who told you to go there I explain the registration website.. The ballot worker had asked another question was you there before and I said yes for Bernie Sanders.

      A younger female worker asked me how long were you in line at the inner-city location, I responded to her roughly two hours for each visit.

      I also was told to come here first and don’t trust the government website anymore.

      Now we have to deal with the new gerrymandering guidelines, thanks Ron Johnson, Scott Walker and Chris Abele. 😬

  3. Pass the For the People Act already, Congress dems, but getting replacement at least 2 “republicans” in Secret, then have the filibuster vote, and 51 majority passage of bills. So simple, that even an average person like me know what the hold up is and how to remove that senemamanchin impaction.

    1. You may have seen kevin mccrazy, calling cheney and kinzinger: “PELOSI Republicans!” Well i submit then, that manchin and sinema – are mcBLOCKall Democrats!!

  4. For Sale !!!!! My white Priveledge card !!!! Iam over 50, I had to p[ay for college, FOR ME, FOR MY KIDS, I had to go to work every day !!! I watched those that didnt live for free, Go to college for free, Get free everything, All while I worked and paid, I want to sell mine and buy a VICTOM Card, Obviously they work much better than mine ,

  5. we have a governor in Texas in a wheelchair passing laws to make it harder for people in a wheelchair to vote ,what is wrong with this picture ?

    1. We have democrats in Congress trying to push vaccine passports for all citizens. But not wanting ID’s to vote🤡

  6. And then you have people going around talking about their rights .Well let me tell you you dont have the right to infect your neighbors with a virus .When aids first showed up .these same people who wanted anyone who infected anyone else with aides to be arrested for murder.

  7. ALL States need to mandate ID and proof of who you are and where you live. Anyone against it, doesn’t give a crap about our election integrity.


  9. The left: we need vaccine passports for all citizens.
    The left: we don’t need IDs to vote.
    The left:🤡

    1. Stop repeating GOP occupied Nazi talking points. Democrats are for voter id’s and have been for months, do try to keep up.

    2. @Juna Nougues Nazi? Did MSNBC tell you that anyone against the lefties views are Nazi’s? 😆

    3. @Juna Nougues For months? Hmm yet all we hear them cry about is blacks can’t afford them. Have not access to the internet. Don’t know where to get an ID. Yet not 1 time have I heard a Dems say, OK, but lets give a state ID for free. Nope, they just keep saying somehow it’s Racist.

  10. I live in New England but I’m getting on an Amtrack train down to Washington DC to join your effort!! LOVE YOU!!

  11. You come California and I will walk with you! It is time that FEINSTEIN AND PADILLA GET ON BOARD! We have the numbers and we should not tolerate this attack on our democracy.

  12. Why is he being interviewed, we need a separate church and state. Why is MS NBC injecting religion into the right of all Americans to vote?

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