'We Don't Understand' The Resistance To Vaccines, Says Florida Doctor 1

‘We Don’t Understand’ The Resistance To Vaccines, Says Florida Doctor


Dr. Nestor Galvez of the Cleveland Clinic discusses Monday's protest from Florida doctors fatigued from the coronavirus surge.

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'We Don't Understand' The Resistance To Vaccines, Says Florida Doctor


    1. @JT26blue That “reality” guy shows up in all the comment sections. He’s very worried about the LGBTQ community and their sexuality.

    2. @Shiva Peddapally after getting covid! Same science involved as the vaccine! Just more expensive and time consuming!

    1. @Shiva Peddapally Nonsense. If vaccines don’t work then why are over 90% of people currently hospitalized and over 90% of recent deaths in the unvaccinated?

    2. You are 100% RIGHT. NO BED, NO VENTALATURE, NO MEDICAL TREATMENT. And no financial help on MORTUARY expenses for them or their family.

    1. I also stand with them. If you treat them or their families you are hurting the rest of America. I know you swore an oath, but when that oath was made they did not know that there would be a day Americans decline in intelligence and not care if their children die.

    2. @Shiva Peddapally Great idea, lets sink the federal government. It cost us $25.00 for a Covid shot that does the same thing, even better, yet you’ll sink us for $1,000.00 for the monoclonal antibodies treatment instead. Make so much sense for someone to peddle this kind of crap.

    3. @Kacee Harrison I see no problem with it. If I was a ‘CORP. DOC,’ I’d do it, too!
      WHY More NURSES haven’t; last year and, especially, these last few weeks, is beyond me.

      You can always learn to do w/ less.
      No amt. of money is worth having to deal with more of the stupid; but, now, it’s the 90+% of the most stupid, AND most delusional, people, in our population!
      Yes, babies get waaay too many ‘bizarre’ vaccines and Boosters!!
      NO. Vaccines Don’t cause Autism.
      What is it some ppl don’t get about the concept of: “PUBLIC Health”???


    1. @President Notsure “Imagine these same people in Germany. They would have sold you out in a second to the Nazis.”

      The 2-week-old troll account who says spreading a potentially deadly virus to children and the immuno-compromised who can’t get the vaccination is “freedom”, and compares taking basic steps to stop the spread to Nazi Germany. Meanwhile, hospitals are overwhelmed with idiots like you.

      Do you wear a “Team Virus” jersey? The GQP is turning into a death cult.

      You utterly fail on SO many levels.

    2. Resistance to this vaccine and the tagging that comes along with it is more detailed to describe our mindsets. Guns do not have anything to do with Covid. I could argue that noone should ever drive over 10 miles an hour because every auto death is a tragedy (which they are). We have our reasons and it should always be a choice over our own bodies. I despise tech the more invasive it grows, compromising my privacy. I am not against vaccines except this one, electronic medical records and the tracking that will soon come with it.

    3. @Dale Eastern brat no guns are not a right anyone needs, self defence yes but not to have a gun, hundreds die each day because guns are easy to get, it’s ridiculous and out of date

    4. @Sticky Buds are Lovely lol remember when President Trump tried to close the border to shithole terrorist countries and the democrats called him a raaaaaaacist?

      Pepperidge Farms remembers. Now tell me again why we have open border policies for third world holes?

      Right, because democrats love to play the race card as often as possible. Exactly like you just tried to do troll.

  1. It’s hard to be part of the “Rescue Team” when the people you are trying save won’t participate in their own rescue.

    1. @MyndGod AndPsyche But you have the right to give out any of your own personal medical information that you wish. To top it off I do suggest that you are careful who you share such info with because only medical personal are bound by HIPAA, and anyone else that you might share the info with may do with it as they wish.

      You really need to learn the difference between laws and good sense. But then the good sense aspect may be beyond your capability.

    2. @MyndGod AndPsyche “first of all you’re not a medical professional there is no reason for you to actually know my information except for opinion purpose therefore under HIPAA law I don’t have to tell you anything” Because you are not talking about yourself being a medical professional and you are talking about your own personal medical information HIPAA doesn’t come into play, however good sense does come into play and I personally suggest that you be careful about who you share sensitive medical info with. OTOH, Saying if you had a bad reaction to a vaccine is not very sensitive.

      To repeat, MTG doesn’t know enough about HIPAA to speak intelligently on the topic or she would not have told a reporter that asking about her vaccine status is a HIPAA violation.

      Just one more time a lay person can ask any question he or she wants about other people’s health. The same lay person is only bound by personal morals as to what he or she does with any information he or she is given.

      I notice you mention that you are black, just what does that have to do with your lack of knowledge of HIPAA law? I personally didn’t look at your avatar, and after studying it I really can’t tell if you are black, Latin with very curly hair, or even a very well tanned European with very curly hair, and again what does your skin color have to do with your actual education in any branch of the law? Are you saying that it’s your race that prevents you from doing a quick google on HIPAA law?

    3. They don’t understand why people won’t comply LOL. How about the fact there is no long term safety studies. How about the fact that medical boards and the MSM are blocking any opposing science to the experimental jab and if doctors to speak their mind they are hauled in and reprimanded. How about the fact we have freedom of choice to our own healthcare treatment. How about the fact that an individuals healthcare is between them and their doctor. Shall I continue?

  2. I’m sure we will see more of this. And the anti vaxxers will start to be rejected by healthcare workers and no care will be given to them.
    I would not blame them.

    1. @Dawn Johnson No, we know this for a fact because we listen to doctors and scientists instead of snakeoil televangelists and far-right politicians.

    2. I read if one doctor who has a nite in his door denying covid treatment to UNvaccinated. Maybe alabama, but I’m not sure

    3. You are generalizing and creating groups who but heads. There are only a few, hardcore “antivaxxers” out there. Please don’t presume to know why we dislike the covid reaction. Every individual makes there own choice and many are not antivaxxers. Technology and privacy invasions are the problem as are authoritarian rules, among about twenty reasons for me. I am not an antivaxx. Are you an anti-privacy goon?

    4. @Desmond Jefferson lol trauma centers can’t turn you away if they take medicaid.

      Fun fact, trauma centers all take medicaid or they aren’t trauma centers.

    5. @Michael Mc did I miss something? Like who is you?…me?.
      Because I never said anything about any of those things.
      This seems to be a trend among certain people who …idk want to push their views? I’m always curious as to the random statements.

    1. @Ronald King this is purely anecdotal but: i has covid in April 2020. I was very sick but did not need to be hospitalized. Since then i have tested positive for COVID-19 twice and have been completely asymptomatic. Well actually i had a dry cough for a couple of days during my second infection but other than that nothing.

    2. @Bob Habib you realize if india had been vaccinated, there would have been no delta variant mutation right? We need to vaccinate the world like we did with smallpox.

    3. @Ryan Piercy you want to vaccinate the entire world in a year? hahaha no. Not possible even if you tried.

      Start vaccinating the first world, suspend all international travel for those that cannot prove vaxx status for two years. That MIGHT put the brakes on it but I doubt it.

    4. @Ann NoelandersBy the way, since you have such a committed opinion on Covid, what type of medical degree do you have? I’m guessing you are a immunological specialist! Right?

    1. Gphunk,
      Yes, we are prepared for the his. It is our job in emergency medicine. You should be thankful that we trained to handle a crisis.

    2. Rosemary,
      It is our job and sometimes it places our lives in danger. This is why we have triage training. You do not want a medical staff that is not prepared to take on a catastrophe.

    3. @Kacee Harrison They knew that a pandemic was coming and that there would be a majority of the population refusing to do the things that are best for their health and the things that would help end the pandemic? I want to meet the clairvoyants that were able to call that one.

    1. @NICHOLE They are doing a symbolic jesture and not putting their patients at risk ! Their protest isn’t political it’s humanitarian while your vicious crap is shameful.

    2. @David Cohen You’re a freak ! On what planet does the broadcast you commented on warrant what you said ?

    3. @jlo I imagine this nichole character has some form of pox effecting her/it’s brain. I’m in the UK and proud to have a Sister and Niece as Nurses, my Sister is 61, she should be retired !

  3. I so feel for these doctors and the frustrations dealing with the ones that won’t vaccinate. Some are still refusing when lucky enough to leave the hospital. The other patients that need the icu it’s incredibly sad!

    1. It’s so hard to fix STUPID. OR, have simpathy for them. But I do feel sorry for their children die because of lack of parent care.

    2. @Cheryl Jones if you really think this is a pandemic you’re a seriously stupid person.
      Absolutely an obvious scam, real pandemics dont need 24/7 propaganda and fear mongering.

  4. Just prioritize vaccinated patients for their operations. The unvaccinated can go to the back of the queue.

    1. @Marcela Biney this is an old talking point. Vaccinated are just as dangerous as unvaccinated to others.

    2. @Marcela Biney actually, if it is not an emergency medically necessary surgery, they sometimes are, sometimes they are even refused outright if they don’t lose X pounds by surgery date. Additionally, some people who are obese are carrying what is sometimes known as water weight and it can be surprisingly stubborn in people with certain medical conditions.

    3. @Pyroth309 the data tends to show you are significantly less likely to get covid 19 from an exposure if vaccinated, you might still be contsagious to others but at least you tried to protect them.

  5. For reasons that they don’t even understand, Doc. They claim all sorts of “reasons” but they don’t make any sense. Why are we wasting money and time on people that don’t care about their own lives? I understand caring for the children but screw the parents.

    1. chance of getting covid, very low. Chance of even noticing you are sick if you get covid, very low. Chance of death, nearly zero. Why the hysteria?

    2. @gizzy guzzi …. as the hospitals are being OVERRUN with UNvaccinated COVID infected people, many of whom are DYING.

    3. @gizzy guzzi
      “chance of getting covid, very low.” Tell that to the millions who contracted severer cases.
      “Chance of even noticing you are sick if you get covid, very low.” Again I refer you to the millions of who got sever cases. I also refer you to many mild cases like I experienced from the delta variant.
      “Chance of death, nearly zero.” Tell that to the families of the over 600,000 dead just in the USA.

      Now expand those notices to the whole world.

      BTW, Thanks to the mishandling of Covid-19 last year it turns out that USA having something like 5% of the world population we had over 25% of the deaths.

      Do you really choose that hill to die on?

    4. @Chuck Scott if you don’t value your own life enough to save it, don’t expect anyone else to value it for you.

  6. When a concensus of medical experts tells us something, most of us tend to believe it. The anti-vaxxers have all kinds of reasons for rejecting the science, but the bottom line is, they don’t believe it until someone in their family dies from it. That seems to be the standard for them these days.

  7. I understand it and I imagine millions and millions do as well.
    People in a cult would rather die than admit they are wrong.

  8. Next from stupid republicans, “I’m tired of these woke doctors, time to pretend to do another boycott!”

  9. USA, the country where people think guns are completely safe but vaccines and doctors are dangerous . This is plain stupidity!

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