1. @Sausage Head it’s not free stuff. It’s OUR stuff. We pay the taxes. We reap the benefits. It’s time that you idiots stopped looking at corporate welfare and tax cuts for billionaires as good things and start looking at our taxes working to make our lives better and easier as good things. Because when the country works for everyone, we all benefit.
      Getting money back from the government during a time of crisis after I paid them money to ensure that I would be taken care of during a crisis is not “free”. It’s MINE. And I’m gonna use it to make sure that I don’t become homeless.
      And if that triggers you “patriots”, then you can kindly suck me dry.

    2. As Ivanka Trump said; “American Patriots” referring to those who stormed the White House and defecated on the good people of the United States & spit on the American Dream!

    3. This guy is so bitter towards trump.
      Remember he was asking trump for a job 3 1/2 years ago. And now they applaud this fraud.

    4. @Dave Gordon I agree with you, perhaps when McConnel resigns, Romney can take his place. Likely a Romney led party will return to something like it was in the Bush administration. I digress, even that is something better than it is now.

    1. @Bass INC First off I did enjoy what he said. I thought it was the best speech giving. However if republicans voted him in to run in the next election what are the chances of Trump to run on a 3rd ticket just to keep him out?

    2. @Jesse and Jan
      Yada, yada, but what about, what if.
      I’m not Nostradamus.
      DrUMPf is clawing for life now.
      Can’t believe DrUMPf has the support he claims.
      The ” billionare” can not tell the truth to save his own life.
      That makes him petty.
      I am befuddled others can not see him for what he is.

    3. @Bass INC Some of my children, and relative were at my house when he ran the first time and said they were going to vote for him and I said not me. I did note vote that year but I did this time around and it was not for him. I had enough of his B.S

    4. @Jesse and Jan
      It was astonishing to believe the population has been so mislead and misinformed that DrUMPf was elected.

    1. @Chris Morrison If you think Romney is a democrat you do not know what a true conservative republican is. What is going on now and for the last 4 years isn’t it.

    1. I don’t agree with Romney on much but I do agree with him in the value of our democracy and that we must stand against fascism.

  1. My mom was alive during the Nixon scandal and the Kennedy assassination. She said she’s never witnessed such a horrifying insurrection spectacle as what happened yesterday.

    1. @Mega554321 Kennedy assassination wasn’t the President of the United States inciting a riot of his followers because his ego could not accept losing the election !

    2. @Jevon Burke Because Trump started before the election saying that the only way he could lose was if the election was stolen from him. He continued with that lie through yesterday and unfortunately his followers believed his lies and Republicans in general repeated his lies at every opportunity. That is why half the country in upset; they believe his lies.

    3. @A Slaughter the incident with the polls? What incident do you speak of?

      I didn’t vote for Biden and I’m not Democrat, but I didn’t vote for Trump either. I questioned the reports I was hearing about from a few states but eventually I could see there were reasonable explanations and no fraud.

    4. @Jevon BurkeThe confirmation of the next president interrupted, and the capitol invaded by armed militia under another soverign flag is a bit more than “just some property damage”

    5. @A Slaughter I see that the attempt to normalise is already afoot. You do realise that context is important – this was a textbook example of trying the march on Rome in the USA.

    1. @Marcio Coelho yes that exactly right , so peace should prevail and how are you doing Marcio and a happy new year.

    2. @Eric Klaus I don’t think you understand sir, I voted Trump in 2016 but certainly not in 2020. you keep bringing this unemployment decrease up, I don’t think most people understand that that decrease was entirely inherited from Obama.

    1. @Isaiah Wynn THANK God tRump couldn’t fool all the people all the time. WE VOTED HIM OUT NOW LOCK HIM UP !!!

  2. I’m ok with Mitt because he has his head screwed on the most of all Republicans and never was a Trump pusher. Hes right in all hes said.

    1. I think Mitt was the only Republican to vote for Trump’s impeachment in the senate. Yeah. Don’t seem like a really big Trump pusher

    2. Random: I wonder how they’re going to make the claim that the vax is effective, after already using language that established Covid the ultimate cause of any Covid-related death! For instance, if a person dies now after taking the vax, is it gonna be listed a covid death on the death certificate? Or will that individual have died of whatever natural causes that we were all are once familiar with, pre covid? https://youtu.be/Tw9Ci2PZKZg 🧐

    1. Agree highly with that. I didn’t like him when he ran for office, but Mitt Romney’s won me over and I now like him.

    1. @Ilya Blay He actually has repeated these same things for years now, he also voted to impeach Trump, – a president from his own party, something that no senator has ever done in United States history

    2. I am a Democrat and I would vote for mitt. We need more men of integrity and fearlessness like mitt in government no matter what party they’re from. We’re not democrats or republicans, we’re AMERICANS!

    3. @SnowFaust_MTS Yes he did and I respect that, but in that instance too, he didn’t say a thing until the day before the vote.

    4. ​@Ilya Blay yeah that is very true, i didn’t think of that, it would have been way better if he had spoken up during the prosecution/defense proceedings,

  3. […] much respect for (R) Mitt Romney, the TRUTH toward this shameful shenanigans, has been stated today.

  4. His speech is an echo of something only the late Senator John Mcain would have the balls to say! Man of honor!

    1. Exactly, Nesh. Mitt and John believe in serving Americans and not a man or party. Our respect for this………

    2. @Nesh Nesh You’re right. It’s called statesmanship … a very rare trait now that money has completely swamped our political system.

    1. No, he’s a dirty politician, liar and scumbag. He’s just a politician who pretends to have integrity. It’s all calculated and you’re buying it.

    2. @Darren Murphy You must have a very short memory. Where was this integrity when it wasn’t convenient for him? He’s setting up a run in 3 years. That’s your “integrity”. Stop being so naive.

    3. Agreed. Like McCain i don’t agree with him on most of his policy stances but he is man of integrity that respects the institutions of government. Compared to Trump hes Jefferson, Lincoln and Kennedy rolled into one.

    1. @Jan Presley oh shut up, the BLM and Antifa thugs terrorized our country for month’s on end. The left burnt police stations to the ground and destroyed federal court houses, our country’s corrupt left wing media and Democratic politicians are so hipocritcial and afraid of being labeled as racist they just shut up and stay silent while excusing the violence on the left. Trump Supporters were treated 10x worse than BLM/Antifa ever could be….period

    2. @Avery Smith No way. They were taking selfies with the police. They should had been dealt with harshly. Trump supporters were treated with kiddie gloves. Well at least the FBI, local and state police will be going after these people now. Those rioters will be losing their careers, humilitated , and thrown in jail for years. They only have themselves to blame. May god have mercy on your soul.

    3. @Avery Smith those groups were a violent (and therefore unjustified) response to the violent domestic right wing terrorists that supported Trump like a cult. Those same cultists are the thugs that rioted in the capitol yesterday. Republicans proved they are even worse than the democrats when they literally spread a rumor that these people were all BLM in disguise. They take zero responsibility

    4. @BLM Trash i know this won‘t change a thing but just being curious. How would you react if trump was elected and democrats would‘ve stormed the capitol?… i thought so…
      Btw im white and i condemn everyone who protests violently but they protested because they were being shot on the street. You are protesting because you don‘t like the outcome of the election. And you didn‘t just protest anywhere. You stormed the capitol – the heart of democracy. If you can‘t see the difference, you are beyond help…
      Also how in the world are trump protestors treated 10x worse?? Do you even know how many blm protestors died in comparison? Try to imagine what would happen if blm protestors would storm the capitol. So many more would‘ve been shot. I would urge you to at least be honest… but who am i talking to. Hypocrisy is what you live for

  5. They should have run Romney 4 years later than they did. He’d probably be a two-term Republican President at this point.

    1. They would have called him racist sexist homophobe…the same attacks they launch against any Republican. I know that because they did it when he ran…

    2. The lesser of two evils I suppose. But this thing HAD to happen. People’s lives and livelihoods have depended on these people and they’ve been ignored too long. Both oppressors and oppressed. It’s time to own up for their lack of ethics and responsibility to the people of the nation.

    1. Of course it doesn‘t matter what his beliefs are. Even having to make that clear shows that there is something very wrong with this election 🙁

    2. As a Democrat, I do admire this man for being more sensible than most of his neo-nazi /fascist trumpist party.

  6. Romney hit the nail in the head. No “committee” could ever be successful as long as the President keeps telling his followers—against rhyme and reason—that the election was stolen.

    1. @Brian Y, I also would like to know if it was Republicans clapping for him, or the Democrats. I’d like to think at least some of the Republicans were.

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