'We got it wrong': Ford apologizes for new lockdown measures 1

‘We got it wrong’: Ford apologizes for new lockdown measures


Ont. Premier Doug Ford apologizes for sweeping new public health measures that he says, “went too far.”

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  1. How do you not realize he is only apologizing because his rating are dropping right? He doesn’t actually care. He will try to take more of our rights away next month

    1. He’s not pro lockdown he’s pro keep his career in politics. He said it himself, anyone who doesn’t listen to Public Health Officials might as we tie a rope around their neck.

    2. @JAMSAI De Melo the average death age is over the life expectancy age. Should we ban cars until no accidents happen anymore? Politicians are taking rights, jobs and homes away. You think that’s just? Texas, Sweden, Florida and other places have shown lockdowns actually increase covid. You should question the government when they take rights away.

  2. You made a mistake when you took the sick days from the working guy,so your rich buddies wouldn’t have to pay for them

    1. @Glenn Jarvis You’re the one who needs to research it. Payments are not “delayed” and It’s incredibly easy to apply. You’re just looking for an excuse to to hate the Ford government. Any lazy person can apply for the federal sick leave benefit in 5 minutes.

    2. @Jiggy Thanos are you in a cave, most the country is on lockdown
      And the main reason is because sell out conservative disallowed Canada to make vaccines

  3. it’s one thing to apologize and admit to a mistake. it’s something very different to change your behaviour and act like you really mean it

    1. @JAMSAI De Melo get back to living. protect those elderly and others that are at risk and who choose to be protected. lockdowns and non pharmaceutical measures have been shown to have no effect both by peer reviewed study and by example.

  4. Punish kids for playing outside in a park by allowing police officers to shove them off their scooters and scare the ship out of them.

    1. To be fair that was the cops normal reaction to “lawbreakers”, the lockdown did not instruct them to be violent it just gave them the excuse.

    2. Yea that was to far yes close parks but at no part should physical contact should be used

    3. @file,hype,exe Is not responding what 12 year old kid carries i.d. to the park anyway?? I sure didn’t!

    4. @Tanya Wieczorek ik I don’t mean that the cop should have told him go home and if he doesn’t listen arrest him bring him back to his home and tell his parents no part should he have pushed him

  5. If a politician acted more like a compass instead of a weather vane , they would have a lot more respect and they’d make less “mistakes”

  6. Meanwhile, half of Toronto City Councilors this guy made unemployed got covid still waiting for their apology.

  7. “we did it too quickly” That’s says a lot. They are just sorry they didn’t take our rights away slow enough that we accepted the little increments.

    1. Just 2 weeks . Just 6 feet. Just a mask. Just your income. Just your job. Just your family and friends. Just your right to leave your house. Just homeschooling. Just this camp. Just die so other don’t.

    2. That’s the same as when you increase very slowly the price of Gaz .
      To fast we’re sorry that you realised that we F**** you to hard .
      Let me do it again with Vaseline this time I promise it won’t hurt again .

  8. Notice it took a long time to go from WE to I; I could buy into his apology if he only used I instead of we. Showing integrity, accountability, and humility goes a long way in terms of fixing what is broken!!

    1. He did better then G.W. Bush, who when giving a speech about the unjust invasion of Iraq, said: “Mistakes were made”.

  9. So can ppl still pay you a thousand dollars to talk about nothing at a nice “closed to the public” restaurant….or are we not suppose to know about that….

    1. The only thing you’re going to hear from Korrupt Kenney is ” budget cuts and tax cuts for the oil corporations”!

    2. @Shawn Dowdall Trudeau is doing a fantastic job compared to all the conservatives who do nothing but complain maybe they should send mad dog Poilievre after Kenney.

    1. Go on No More Lockdowns Brantford FB page. A friend just posted a screenshot of the actual PCR cycles they are using at Brantford Hospital. I think it is 45.

    1. More by the reactions of police refusing to enforce what he tried … and only cuz they realize they just don’t have the manpower to.

    2. He’s only regretting not taking our restrictions a little slower, so we won’t notice & be as vocal & pushing back.

  10. This just makes me think of the frog in the pot of boiling water, he reacts immediately and then he gets put in a pot of cold water and slowly the temperature rises without a reaction. Time to wake up and realize we’re the frog.

    1. He didn’t say he shouldn’t have done it…only that he did it too fast. Gotta ease that temperature up slooowly, Doug….slooowly.

  11. Just 2 weeks . Just 6 feet. Just a mask. Just your income. Just your job. Just your family and friends. Just your right to leave your house. Just homeschooling. Just this camp. Just do what you’re told because government knows best

    1. @Mick PM Airhead is a whole other story lol. Hes gonna print money our way out of this lololol

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