1. When the Sec. Of State comes out saying he’s upset that the Taliban “isn’t being inclusive in government”, maybe he’s an inept virtue signaler.

  2. This person seems genuine and amazing. I hope more people like this end up on your network. Please add more coverage of individuals being (for lack of a better word) “real “ rather than focusing on personal or political agendas. Though she found privilege and I know nothing of her personal life except her struggle, I commend her comments and think this article needs more attention.

  3. Are enough Americans and friends out of Afghanistan that we can mourn our tragedies on 9-11 and then send MOABs to the Taliban on 9/12?

  4. We had a great life… Ask that to any Mexican capitalist… When is Mexico going to have a revolution?… Oh… They did… And we stopped them…

  5. Heavy stress mark’ is placed after a syllable that gets a strong accent, as in de-vel-op (di’vel’ep).
    A light stress mark ‘ is placed after a syllable that also gets a stress,but of a weaker kind,as after the third syllable of dic-tion-ar-y (Dik-sha-ner-e) .

  6. Judicial Watch – BREAKING
    – New Fauci Agency COVID Emails Detail Discussions about Wuhan Institute; Describe Gates Foundation Placement of Chinese Representatives on ‘Important International Counsels

  7. They should show the Taliban this lady’s message. This is their sisters, daughters & wives we’re talking about here not cattle but fellow human beings whom deserve to be seen as Equal.

  8. Work to protect your freedom instead of a soccer goal then you can say you did everything you could when freedom is lost. You cant say that now.

  9. Congratulations Joe. Thank you for ending America’s senseless Bombing in the name of Peace.
    The 20 year war that cost $300M a day and 2,461 American lives is equal to only 2 days Covid deaths.
    Cyber attacks make US weapons, vehicles, planes and ships nothing more than expensive scrap metal.
    International flights out of Kabul have restarted. Afghans and Americans can pay for a ticket. No drama.

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