'We Had To Move Our Troops Out As Fast,' Says Pentagon Press Secretary 1

‘We Had To Move Our Troops Out As Fast,’ Says Pentagon Press Secretary


Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby joins Morning Joe to discuss the Afghanistan withdrawal.

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'We Had To Move Our Troops Out As Fast,' Says Pentagon Press Secretary


  1. The Taliban is right back where they started and we are right back where we started sans trillions of dollars and several lives. Feel free to blame whoever you don’t like. But the facts remain. George Bush started it and could not get us out and neither did the other two presidents.

    1. @Belly Dancer Em Cheating Joe voted to go in! Cheating Joe withdraw wrong! Cheating Joe is 100% responsible for what is going on! 100%.

    2. @N 827 What nonsense. Orange Head was all talk. He didn’t have the balls to do it. Just like his wall that he promised the Mexicans would pay for.

    3. We were never supposed to be nation-building there. The purpose of the invasion was to deny safe haven to Al Qaeda and let the Taliban know that the consequence for harboring bin Laden was losing control of Afghanistan, albeit it would probably be temporary. We screwed up by not leaving in 2002.

    4. @J Groovy Americans don’t know how to win wars or leave after they engage in it. This would have happened at any point in time. You can’t control a tidal wave of thousands of people. They can’t even control themselves at a soccer game. People have literally been crushed to death under foot.

    1. An agreement that should be null and void since the US has a policy of not negotiating with terrorists.

    2. @Slappywag 72 We did have that policy but the pompous Pompeo and his Fearful Leader Trump ignored it and didn’t bring the anyone from the Afghan Government with them to the negotiations. The Trump teams’ collective hubris is stunning.

  2. The united states to have been in Afghanistan for 20 years training and given weapons when it was time to fight they refused.
    The President made the right choice. The ones in the Media that want talking points just like the President said SEND YOUR CHILDREN OVER TO FIGHT
    Right right CRICKETS

    1. I am scared of what these lunatics are going to do next. It’s not like they want to dig in and keep to themselves. They are aggressors.

    2. @rjtheripper931 “We have always been at war with eastasia” ~ Orwell, 1984
      An entire generation of soldiers were not even born yet when we entered Afghanistan.
      They have no idea what we’re fighting for, and we have no business wasting our time any longer.
      It’s hard to watch, but this fate was sealed 20 years ago, like with every nation that invades Afghanistan.
      Anyone that’s still there should have known to leave long ago.

    3. @Enyo Theios what we are doing is giving them more resources and more ways to be bold and try to hurt us. The only way we are going to be safe is if we take a proactive approach. Otherwise we are going to be in a situation where a lot of our civilians and our people are going to be killed.

    4. @rjtheripper931 Oh? You mean they have Weapons of Mass Destruction?
      Pretty sure we need out of that country too. They don’t want us, and we don’t need to protect the 20% who do want us there. I would have been in the service 15 years ago if not for these sham military contractor wars.

    1. The most expensive military & intelligence organizations on the planet. Got your money’s worth?

    2. What are talking about!? Yes we should have left but not like that! Hello! This was unacceptable and continues to show how America disregards life…Period! They left Americans there and 18k Afghanistan civilians who risked their lives in the hope they were bettering their nation by partner with America. Are you mad!?

  3. President Biden: “The buck stops with me.”

    Trump: “The buck stops with everyone else BUT me. Unless, that buck is actual real legal tender, then YES, that buck stops with me.”

  4. Yes, there was betraya – the betrayal of every Afghan soldier and so-called leader who passively let the Taliban take over without a shot fired, with only blood money taken. America was betrayed as well as every Afghani who wanted better for their country, as few as they may be.l

    1. The Afghani government was corrupt; they screwed over their own armed forces and that is why they would not fight.

    2. americans doing things they don´t know how to do. what´s new? in about 4 years from now you will all agree you HAVE TO attack a new country. americans will rally around the flag, the US media will support the attack, and the american people will cheer their troops on into a new X year long operation of nada

    3. Afghanistan became too comfortable with American presence and couldn’t imagine otherwise. They thought we would send in the troops if taliban threatened Kabul. Seemed like an effort to get the American military back in the fight.

  5. Wonder what our other allies we/ve been protecting? Hint: The can’t all be vacation tours in Germany, some are actually HARD!

  6. This is a war zone that we should never have been in the first place, if you are looking for people to be held accountable look to those who created this mess. Vietnam showed us the reality of this type of engagement and that the West will never win in these situations, let’s hope we will learn from history and stop the cash making war machine!

    1. Absolutely.
      We had no reason to be there in the first place!
      Recommended reading:
      The Great Game
      Peter Hopkirk
      Historically empires have never gained by occupying Afghanistan.

    2. @Judith Smith :- l agree with you 100%, but…
      The Taliban (who were in power in Afghanistan at the time of 9/11) was sheltering the Al Qaeda terrorists who were responsible for 9/11. There was some expectation by the Americsn people, that a military move on Al Qaeda in Afghanistan was required for a response against terrorism.

  7. This was never not going to happen. There’s a reason every President since (and including) Bush has promised to pull out of Afghanistan, and then not done so – because they knew this would happen. Well, that and the obscene amounts of money defence contractors could make from the war. Biden’s just the guy who had the balls to actually do what was necessary and take the consequences.

    1. @Anne Murphy Dumby.
      Trump was moving us
      He’d had already moved over 3000 Troops
      He would of never left Americans behind Never

  8. Having already worked alongside domestic terrorists for several years, the notorious American patriot Mike Pompeo felt very comfortable negotiating with the Taliban, excluding the Afghan government from their clandestine discussions.

    1. @I Am The Light & The Darkness. I was wondering what he was saying too. They’re speaking Portugese and what I could translate is this: “he could not be the government anymore. Who are you to mess with those you don’t know? Um social media (?). Because of his success in the media you and TRUMP tbm” (not sure what tbm is).
      And that’s what he was saying in Portugese.

  9. Did Trump bring any of them out , he had over one year n Biden had hys 3 months…. Who made this agreement, TRUMP N HIS CABINET ?

    1. Exactly & if Biden didn’t stick to the agreement the Taliban would have been justified in starting a war with us.

    2. Yep the terrorists loving ex reality tv ……failed ex puppet president, and his la[ dog Pompey, so lighten up! This is what they did to the k Kurds in Syria also…/../

    1. @Thomas Wikstrand Evil Empire that people all over the world are dying to come to! We are the last nation of hope & light with the prospect of freedom but sadly this evil regime is changing that image as you have said!

  10. Who ever thought this process was going to be “pretty” needs to have their heads examined. Praying for the Afgans, but it was time.

    1. Do you not hear what the advisors have said. They never thought it would happen this way. There was no plan.

    2. @Abe M. And you do not care about the children and women who will suffer at the hands of the Taliban. What happened to Pelosi saying aren’t we all gods children. I guess that only holds true to the people invading the southern border that will vote democrat.

    3. @john smith We will see who speaks when the dems get their butts kicked in the mid terms. Foreign policy, southern border, inflation, pipe lines for Russia but not for us. Yes great job so far.

    4. @bill wilson your wrong trump made a deal with Taliban & didn’t include the Afghan govt. Plus trump could’ve gotten some of those people out, he also denied Biden of crucial transition where he would’ve gotten intel about all this. We’re lucky this is the outcome of his mess. The last time there was a delay in transition we got 9/11.

    5. @Sandra Tima Again Trump was trying to negotiate a peaceful transition. So you are blaming Trump for the thousands of Americans trapped over there. And you are blaming Trump for the millions if not billions of dollars of weapons that now are owned by the Taliban. Very interesting how you put the Taliban in caps but not Trump. Another American hater liberal i guess. The crisis at the border is Trumps fault also right.

  11. There can be no orderly withdrawal of American troops and allies in any time, situation or administration when dealing with the talibans. They’re no different to wild lawless people.

    1. @tuck979 Did you expect thousands of people to stay home and watch the lucky ones leave the country on TV?
      I’ll bet you’ve never been to the Middle East.

    1. @Tessmage Tessera Stop this stupid “world policeman” conceit,only Americans tell themselves that. You were there for your own governments aims,this ridiculous Hollywood morality story you all tell yourselves..is just that,ridiculous.

    2. @Mark Hepworth Your opinions are not facts. Also, your opinions are vapid and childish. Have a nice day.

  12. When Trump made the deal with the Taliban the Taliban started making arrangements to retake the country. It was always gonna end this way. Where the USA messed up was not starting evac as soon as the pull out was cemented.

    1. Making an agreement with the Taliban, without Afghans at the table, then forcing the Afghani government to release Taliban prisoners, was not a good start.

  13. This was entirely predictable. Unfortunately, it would have happened no matter who was president. We should have moved translators and others marked for execution out earlier.

    1. @Satanic Microchip v5 great comment! I agree. I love your screen name, by the way.

    2. @Daniel Glover, piano, Дэниел Гловер Orange Head has no balls. He is all talk. Just like his bs about building the wall.

    3. @silverlake girl did you know that a British newspaper did the calculations and determined that it would have taken Trump 666 years to build his complete wall given the time it took to build what they already had done? I think the Great Wall of China went up faster than that!

  14. Americans who disagree with the decision to leave Afghanistan can take their guns, pack their bags, and fight the Taliban.

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