‘We Have A Moral Imperative To Our Allies’: Fmr. CIA Intel Officer

'We Have A Moral Imperative To Our Allies': Fmr. CIA Intel Officer 1


    1. I would worry about birthing person J B its a total liberal meth tweaker pooping on public sidewalks in Nancy Pelosis district.

  1. You know what else we have, expectations our “allies” uphold their end and fight for themselves instead of running away like cowards.

    1. They don’t have the ability to live day to day AND fight the taliban. If the American taliban ( trumpster christians) try it here you’re GD right I’ll fight.

  2. The US has Afghan money and the skies. I agree that we should get out everyone that needs to get out by diplomacy if possible but by resolve in the end.

  3. If you address these matters further can you please explain why we gave up BAGHRUM air base which was biggest and best base for operations and why we left a drone or those aircraft in country. We would have had the protections of a greatly enhanced and provisioned base.

  4. Joe Biden is doing great. Bring my friends home Joe. Far too many of them have been lost in GWs war of choice. Get as many of our Afghan friends as possible.

    1. Unless you are a general officer (politician) you can’t be a real Marine. So far Biden has not done anything right let alone great

    2. @Jim D The enemies I wasted would beg to differ with you. You can’t be a real human until you make sense.

    3. @Gulf Marine Did you get a brain injury , Biden is a sad excuse for commander in chief and the proof is in you’r face , Good luck lie’r .

  5. Just like the Kurds, eh? The previous administration stabbed them in the back. This looks like business as usual, frankly. Ultimately, America betrays her allies, time and again.

  6. Yes accomplish the mission….we must get all out….eff the taliban uf we have to go past August 31….the end….

  7. “We” don’t even have the moral imperative to take care of our own, so our allies already know we don’t have any type of moral fortitude.

  8. According to FOX News, we have NO moral imperative to help our Afghan allies. But, then again, FOX News has no morals whatsoever.

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