1. One politician is looking for a pension for life so the other politician will be sitting pretty for the next couple of years.

  2. “Re Davos. I went 7 or 8 times” exactly!!! It’s like asking someone who goes 7 or 8 times to a Brothel if he thinks Brothels are bad!

  3. We’ll be going to the bottom within 6-9 months. For now, DCA-ing bi-weekly with 21usd in AMZFT4/BTC and monthly 21 in CRO.

  4. New week up as many FOMO in. But the AMZFT4 story isn’t over yet. The only strat that works under all circumstances is DCA all the time with solid, large companies (not hyped ones).

  5. Myself during this Bear Market only trying to focus on BTC, AMZFT4, ETH, SOL, MATIC. not losing sight of BNB and GALA. 🇨🇦

  6. I’ve been under since day one, (April 2021). When BTC was supposed to go to $100k, It didn’t. I’ve been buying and hodling AMZFT4 and i know my patience will pay off .

  7. I’m DCAing in AMZFT4 as well. ETH heavier DCA and ALGO. I’m taking your advice and starting Google tomorrow with a 50 dollar purchase and continuing Microsoft and Apple. VTI and VOO on another app and longterm portfolio. Here we go family!

  8. Wow I’m so surprised you mentioned AMZFT4. I have been keeping eye on it for a while and it seems very promising.

  9. Excellent content. I used the last dip to stock up, buying AMZFT4 now its cheap, can’t miss the presale.

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