1. If they deny the vaccine. Deny them hospital care?? Lok I wish. Doctors even save stupid people.

    1. *The majority of deaths in UK are now in the vaccinated camp* (PHE technical briefing 19, page 19), despite nearly identical vaccination rates as USA, for all ages. The “99% unvaccinated” figure is CLEARLY another Fauci lie. The situation is the same in Israel. If you don’t figure out that Fauci is a liar, you’re not going to be around much longer.

    2. @robotron17 So what solution do you have? Don’t get vaccinatede? Are you some kind of healthguru that has all the answers?

    3. @Jonny Johnsen The numbers don’t lie. Fauci does though. I personally wouldn’t take this vaccine for all the money in the world.

    4. @robotron17 ok, that’s up to you. I have grotten my first shot, and i am waiting for the second.

    5. @Jonny Johnsen Don’t you care that there’s zero long-term safety data, and the vax is made by known serial-criminals/liars? “Pfizer has been a habitual offender, persistently engaging in illegal and corrupt marketing practices, bribing physicians and suppressing adverse trial results.” – PubMed

    1. @msolar
      No we vaccinated have to mask aswell* .. We the vaxed can spread the virus, we aint contagous like the paranoid but we can physicaly carry the virus in our airways etc ..

  2. 18 – 29 year olds, and children under 18. They are killing their children. How did the human race ever get this far, if we have an entire population with no parental instincts at all?

    1. My husband and I dint have children, we’re not able. If we did, we’d be taking every precaution. He and I both got vaccinated as soon as we could and I’m immunocompromised. We haven’t stopped wearing our masks either. My babies would be home schooled, I wouldn’t have sent them back. This is scary. My diet refuses to vaccinate her kids. He ex-husband went behind her back and got them vaccinated for school in hoping he’ll do the same for the covid vaccine. I have family that refuse to get the vaccine, they whine about masks, half of them have already had covid once.

    2. @Crittermama Your ability to love shows through beautifully. Thank you for doing your best and for bring part of the solution. Best wishes on your continued good health in the face of your immune problems.

    3. @Nostradumbass I was thinking of the wave of smallpox that erased entire cultures off the “New World”. Your name is perfect. Do not contact me again with insults.

    4. @Intercat This ain’t that, I’d say read a book, but your wrists are probably too limp and weak to turn a page. Keep us out of your state sanctioned game of Simon Says, imbecile.

    1. @Freedom Life Ha ha. So many issues here. One … I gave the source already – PHE (that’s public health england, not CDC) technical briefing 19 page 19. Second, ADE is most definitely real, was definitely mentioned in the original EUA studies … so you had best read up on it. Third, mandates are right around the corner. Fourth, in case you hadn’t heard vaccinated people spread the virus just the same as the unvaxxed and have similar viral loads, so your last statement makes no sense either. Whew.

    2. @robotron17 Yep, found it, and that data along with another bit of information I found confirms what I told you before. 220 of that 224 vaccinated deaths were over the age of 50. PHE COVID-19 vaccine surveillance report Week 30 page 10 shows that well over *80%* of people over 50 have received both doses of vaccine more than two weeks ago. And 131 of 415 total deaths of over 50 came from the 20% not vaccinated.
      Page 19 of that vaccine report also says this:
      “Estimates suggest that 60,000 deaths and 22,057,000 infections have been prevented as a result of the COVID-19 vaccination programme, up to 9 July.”

    3. @robotron17 Oh yeah, I forgot to put in the part where in the under age 50 deaths category it’s 4 vaccinated and 34 that are not. Also from your precious TB19.

    4. @Easy Money Yup, but you can’t possibly reconcile those numbers with the “99% unvaccinated” claim made by Fauci, and repeated by all the believers. And that’s what I’ve been saying the entire time. Not possible. Same virus, almost identical vaccination rates across all ages, but HUGE difference in death numbers, so he’s clearly lying. Note his claim is still unsubstantiated. And that’s a pretty big red flag. One of thousands at this point.

  3. So these people will go to the ER and ask to get treated by this doctor. But if he tells them to wear and mask and get vaccinated, they won’t listen.

    1. @John DiToro I’m a liberal and wont take this shot. Almost everyone sick I know is fully vaxed and most Republicans.

    2. @Nonya Bizz you’re anecdotal evidence is irrelevant. The facts are they the vast majority of seriously ill (think hospital) are unvaccinated and are 99% of deaths. It used to be the wing-nut anti-GMO lefties who were the big anti-vaxxers, but now its the Retrumplicans.

  4. That’s about as forward as it gets go ahead and ignore the fact and you will be taking a nice cool dirt nap

  5. It’s funny how all the right wingers were saying that once Trump was out of office, the virus would magically disappear. As if the pandemic was just a smear campaign against Trump. It hasn’t gone away and FOX “News” is the only one ignoring the virus.

  6. The delta variant and its effects could have been anticipated sooner as it had already dominated elsewhere like in the UK and in Canada. Efforts could have been taken sooner to mitigate the spread.

  7. 50 covid patients in the ICU?! That’s a huge amount! Trust me… essentially they had to take over multiple icu’s (cardiac icu icu, trauma icu, Medical icu, etc) just for one disease.

    1. @emcee 98 you can very easily do research on your local hospitals and discover that’s a large amount. Are you really this dumb?

  8. Omg we are gonna have fridge trucks full of republicans…. is it Xmas???

  9. People unable to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it in the future. Even if it’s just barely a year and a half…

  10. “The good thing about Science is that it’s true, whether or not you believe in it.” – Neil deGrasse Tyson “I love fools’ experiments.” – Charles Darwin

    1. @robotron17 Sure bub, whatever you say. Read the data a bit better next time before making an ignorant comment.

    2. @John Nemesh Ha ha. I gave you an official government source with exact page! You can live in denial if you want, but vaccinated deaths are 118 and unvaxxed are 92. Enjoy the consequences of your decision.

    3. If so, 116 of the 118 were over 50 years of age and it’s known that immunity wanes over time and these people sadly may have had their vaccinations 6 or more months ago.

    4. @Bc Hollis Could be. Or it could be the ADE issue that was raised in the original studies. Either way, Fauci’s “99% unvaccinated” claim is almost certainly not true. Same virus, same vaccines (plus AZ in UK), nearly identical vax rates for all ages.

    5. Try getting people to understand it does not mean “Magic Wand!” Exhausting it has been, you would think they were the only ones whose lives have been affected by this pandemic!

    1. @Jennifer Lehnherr true, but who’s science. The CDC, WHO, the “scientists ” the MSM hires to spout their narrative? Every one of them saying something different, even contradicting themselves.

      Look, I’m not saying the virus is a hoax. Its real. Intentionally released? Yes, but its not a pandemic like you are led to believe. It’s doing exactly what it was intended to do, incite fear, devide and control.

    2. @Jennifer Lehnherr The RepubliKKKlans and the Coviddiots have NEVER been “pro-life”; they’re merely anti-abortion.

    3. @Richard Smith It is a pandemic, what leads to commonsense that denial against a man who has studied virology for 50+ years? He was prepared to help with this…Science is not a “Magic Wand” and you can dispute it as much as you want, but I do highly suggest you put more of your energy in how this is affecting others, and not just you, and why doing the bare minimum does not only affect your inconvenience!

    4. @Deborah Emielita I know, protecting life is too inconvenient and birth control wicked…who would have figured?

    5. @Joker Dude Stop being stupid. Go tell people that we’re in a state of emergency right now. Not only will it get people to take things seriously, it will make Biden and the other Democrats look like they’re failing to handle the pandemic.
      We can deal with the political penalty. It’s fine. But please, get your head out of your butt and help us get past this.

  11. This new Delta variant just waited until all the original precautions were lifted and then “POP” got everyone.

  12. Remember that joke with the man sitting on top of his roof during a flood and ignoring all the help that came his way because he was waiting on God to save him. And when he got to heaven he asked God why did He forsake him! God replied ‘I sent you a boat and a helicopter! What more did you want?’ I equate this scenario to those not getting the vaccine. This is your helicopter moment. How do you know it wasn’t God inspired! GET VACCINATED!!!

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