'We Have To Speak Out': Biden And Harris Condemn Anti-Asian Hate | The 11th Hour | MSNBC 1

‘We Have To Speak Out’: Biden And Harris Condemn Anti-Asian Hate | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


In the wake of the horrific shootings at a string of Asian owned spas around Atlanta, the president and vice president traveled to Georgia to meet with Asian-American leaders and condemn the rise in anti-Asian violence and hate happening in America. Aired on 03/20/2021.
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'We Have To Speak Out': Biden And Harris Condemn Anti-Asian Hate | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. OMG, but for mitchie to condemn crimes that he KNOWS that his beloved donnie has deliberately inflamed, perish the thought! He’s already in the don’s doghouse for telling his pres that he would pay, in some way, for Jan. 6!

    2. The Biden Department of Justice dropped a lawsuit against Yale for racist anti-Asian admissions practices, which were proved. They got hold of Yale’s admissions standards, which showed unequivocally that Asians were denied entry because they were Asian. But the Biden DOJ didn’t want to pursue it because they support it.

  1. When are we gonna start calling murders of women “hate crimes” I’d like to know? Talk about deafening silence!

    1. @can’t be higher It’s still illegal in MOST states. Keep it up. You’re giving every one here more ammo.


    3. @can’t be higher lol, this is how u thank a person who clicks on your videos? your behavior is not a good advertisement for whatever you are selling.

    4. @Tessmage Tessera Ikr the big issue the society has is that nobody pays attention to when a man gets harrased by a woman, Its somthing that needs to be spoken out.

  2. Um there are a lot of other things to comment about . I feel for the Asian culture love the culture . I feel they are ignoring the pink elephant in the room.

    1. @Hard Rocker America needs to take care of its own people before letting others in for profit because they’ll work for a lower standard of living and therefore increase the value of the dollar.

    1. I’m not Asian but I agree, y’all should probably get protection due to all these crazy people

  3. Such a sadness overwhelms many real Americans. No human life here is safe as long as hatred leads the hearts of so many!

    1. @Toma Sande Who are you calling ‘a nut job’? You know Jeri Bryan, personally, do you? How do you know what she watches? You’re a peeping Tom or something?
      ‘anti white’ you say? Are you some kind of white supremacist that spews racist hateful rhetoric that is causing so much pain among people of color and animosity against decent people of your own race? How can you be so disrespectful while so many are in mourning?

    2. @Toma Sande Yet…here you are, on MSNBC channel, along with everybody else. Wouldn’t that make you a “but job” too?

    1. We need to stand up and realize the serious issue of mental illness. The idea years ago of returning the mentally ill to the community and keep them drugged up is a terrible failure.

  4. It disgust me to see so much lack of respect for others lives and want to do nothing but destroy rather than build up someone. I hope that guy gets the maximum sentence the law there in Georgia can give him.

    1. @Sidney Mathious Funny that there are so many “right-wing” black MAGA folk in the California bay area. That is where a large amount of the assaults against elderly Asians are happening. How convenient that this is also Ms Kamala’s old stomping ground.

  5. Hopefully this generates a whole new generation of Asian activists. You cannot stand on the side lines anymore. !!!! Act Up. Fight Back!

    1. The Asian community is not the problem. White supremacists are the problem. They need to be shamed back into the holes they crawled out of.

    2. I agree. Especially since racial issues are very prominent due to the George Floyd murder, it’s a great time for them to bring up their problems. They will find many allies

    3. I think it is. I think as an Asian, we will not go back to silence anymore. Just speaking up from now on. I think many Asians just want peace and want it to stop and we want unity. I think we are in a good position to bring people together who all want to fight against all these hateful acts and division. Well that’s what I’m hoping will come out of it.

  6. The image of bloodied face of the granny, crying is on my mind. US must do the impossible – stop the hate crime

  7. These people should take a plane ride to China and try what there doing here, but there nothing but sad weak minded people that pick on defenseless people.

  8. I’ve never had anythang against asians. I love their food and cultures too much. The people themselves are really nice, shy too but many of us all are.

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