‘We Have To Talk About Voting Every Single Day’: Board Chairman Of “When We All Vote” | Craig Melvin 1

‘We Have To Talk About Voting Every Single Day’: Board Chairman Of “When We All Vote” | Craig Melvin


MSNBC’s Craig Melvin is joined by former senior adviser to President Obama, Valerie Jarrett and Board Chairman of ‘When We All Vote’, Stephanie Young to discuss what they want President Biden to speak on during his address to Congress.

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    1. @Akitsu Maru
      We are still at war. With black americans & many countries. It’s been that way regardless of “President”.

    2. @Akitsu Maru you are ignorant if you think no foul play was involved. This presidency was stolen outright. You know so many people hated Trump that they would do everything that they could to get Biden elected. Having an ID to vote is a beautiful thing and that’s how it should be.

    1. It will never cease to astonish me that people willingly vote blue even though it always drastically raises gas prices, taxes, reduces freedom and creates more wars

    1. So let’s talk about the myth of voter fraud and the propaganda that is being put forth by the Republican’s that are sore losers. After there own party time after time in all of Republican ran states came up with one answer THERE WAS NO FRAUD!… Its Only in your Mind!! That’s just a sad state of affairs on your side. And Believing in The Big Lie doesn’t help you at all.

    2. @Loren Inglish
      Actually, the final bipartisan result was that voter fraud had happened, only not enough to influence or change the election. The most important part is “VOTER FRAUD HAPPENED”
      I believe, like most Americans, that voter fraud did have an influence in the election results. Arizona audit is proving us right. Soon all States with anomalies will be audited as well.

    3. @Jasmany Foch PLEASE GET OFF OF IT ! YOu bleeding heart Republican’s are out of it . Lost fair and square realize it. This is no Q-ANON FAIRY TALE….

  1. Biden is focusing on destroying the economy, growing the government, and dependency upon it. Fighting against election integrity, and dividing the country to the point it cannot possibly reunited. Karl would be proud.

  2. Actual Patriotic Americans want every eligible American to be able to easily cast their vote for WHOEVER they choose.
    Republicans know they Lose if every eligible American casts their vote. They know that they are in the MINORITY.
    Republicans shouldn’t be governing because the MAJORITY doesn’t want them to.
    That’s DEMOCRACY.
    Republicans hate THAT.

  3. They see all the negative comments about Biden on their videos so they have to post a fake “approval rate”

  4. Stacey Abrams can’t do it alone we all need to be involved and we need remind everyone that we know to do the same. Only ones we will be letting down are ourselves remember that. Get up and get word out and the word is VOTE. # SUPPORT THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY!!

    1. Never forget the democrat policy is to destroy the constitution and turn a constitutional republic into communism…

  5. maddow sweating as az audit rolls
    marky kelly worried … dems run from the light
    tip of spear nbc msnbc…. get ready to weep

  6. The voting age needs to go back to 21 and The Selective Service Act needs to be reinstated to all males and females living within 10 miles of any metropolitan city ….. I’m dead serious !!!!

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