'We have to vaccinate the whole planet': Dr. Labos on variants 1

‘We have to vaccinate the whole planet’: Dr. Labos on variants


Dr. Christopher Labos, epidemiologist and cardiologist, says low vaccination rates means more transmission and a higher risk of new variants.

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  1. Provinces need to tie lifting states of emergency with Re-opening plans this summer. If not, we can kiss our “liberal democracy” goodbye.

  2. He’s being a bit coy…rates are down likely from seasonality as well. Doctors like him are being somewhat disingenuous by not distinguishing infection from disease, thus deliberately giving the mistaken impression to the general public that the vaccines are ‘less effective’ than before.

    1. Thank you Doctor. Can your medical secretary validate my parking, or would that be an insulting question to ask?

  3. How Dr. Labos can explain that countries that has vaccinations rate 1%,3% have low cases also like Canada that has 60% vaccinations rate????

  4. Every doctor that went along with mask wearing should be arrested. They did harm to their communities.
    Bunch of cowards.

    1. going along with masks is pretty much proof that they didn’t have much use for that science. now we’re supposed to listen to them on anything else?

    1. @Urseye scientific consensus rarely is so uniform. Never hear a dissenting opinion, do we?

  5. Let’s audit all the TV docs pushing these sketchy vaccines. How much do you want to bet they’re all getting paid.

  6. This doctor is an outspoken critic of homeopathic medicine, acupuncture, reiki, etc. He is an opinion piece writer who works for a government funded university. Yeah, an “expert”.

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