1. Rex Chopper unfortunately 25 yrs ago there was! The difference now is everyone has phones to video and take pictures and share it with everyone

  1. All of the riots happened because Federal Prosecutors failed to do their job to charge the cop Derek Chauvin. It’s the government responsibility to upheld justice in Canada.

  2. How about condemning the violence in Hong Kong. Very selective who he judges based in politics. Disgustingly Liberal.

    1. Uighur & Africans in CN as well. The guy only speaks out when its safe for him to do so, he’s a coward.

  3. Living in Canada in 2020 far surpassed anything Orwell could have predicted. WTF do we have to do with Minneapolis?

  4. Liberals thrive on racism. it’s what they do. Racism tactics are most widely used by liberals …..just pay attention a little bit it’s easy to see

  5. Trudeau is the most racist pm in Canadian history with his multiple use of blackface

  6. This happens in our police forces here in Canada every day!! Trudeau stop pretending IT’S not happening in your own backyard!!!! Hippocrate!!!!

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