‘We Hear You’: Sen. Scott Discusses Republican Police Reform Bill | MSNBC


    1. @Tech ti “Americans” want President Shitstain removed because all he does is lie.
      The word is out, when Trump dies they’re going to bury him standing up so he can’t lie in the grave.

    2. @RuBaron715 lies about what? Media lies for money. They are bending you over for money. The system the crooked dems created are all showing. Trump is trying to fix it. But the crooked dems integrity is in stake. So they will do everything to try and stop Trump

    3. @pa tamburrino Pick one!!! The orange turd should have been removed when impeached and the “REPUBLICAN PARTY” are complicit in not removing him!!! the republican party is ruined, all cause of Trump!! They will never regain the way they was before Trump!!

    4. @Tech ti”lies about what “❓ ………..you mean today right❗
      He misleadingly claimed to have ushered in the “cleanest air, the cleanest water we’ve ever had.” (America’s air is much cleaner than it was five decades ago after years of progress, but independent analyses have shown that air quality has declined under Mr. Trump’s watch.)
      He misleadingly claimed to have “stopped people very early on from China,” a decision made with the support of “almost nobody.” (The travel restrictions had many exceptions, followed similar actions by scores of other countries and was made on the advice of career health officials.)
      He falsely claimed to have been left “empty cupboards” of supplies for a pandemic. (The Strategic National Stockpile had more than $7 billion worth of supplies when he took office.)
      He misleadingly claimed that the United States had conducted more coronavirus tests “than anybody in the world.” (It still lags other countries in testing per capita.)
      He falsely said China “paid for” the cost of tariffs and that a “small fraction” of tariff revenue went to farmers hurt by his trade war. (The cost of tariffs are largely passed on to American companies and consumers. They have generated $53.4 billion in duties, as of June 3, while farmers have received about $28 billion in relief.)
      He exaggerated the trade deficit with China as $500 billion a year. (It was $307 billion last year.)
      He hyperbolically claimed to have “rebuilt the military.” (The military has been buying new equipment but continues to use old and aging equipment as well.)
      He again took undue credit for the Veterans Choice program, which he falsely said “they’ve been trying to get” for 50 years. (The program was created in 2014.)

  1. Hey Tim Scott (token puppet) your hero and his administration don’t believe systemic racism exist at all…

    1. @Moises Huerta have you ever experienced something that other people haven’t?
      Just because you haven’t or aren’t doesn’t mean other haven’t.
      I did feel it and I’m not black but my experience showed me.
      Why if the richest country in the world history do we have poor people?
      Do you see homeless more or less now than 10 years ago?
      Empathy and compassion is needed to see.

    2. @Moises Huerta you don’t see because your bubble hasn’t experience other cultures.

    3. @Hull Style Produtions Change the World So you think Sen. Scott lives in a bubble? He has no experience being a black man?

    4. Token puppet? How racist can you get? Haven’t you learned anything from the weeks of protests, rioting and looting? It’s cops that think exactly like you that create all this mess.

  2. It’s literally Ben Carson and This clown left. That’s it. Stay up in that house. His words are Sickening to me.

  3. seems like the only time you see Sen. Scott are times like these when Repubs want to give everyone the illusion they are not racist

    1. @Wotze Smith You won’t debate because you would lose. I took a chance, and lasted 3 seconds into that video..obvious hit piece. Interview the dumbest Trump supporters. The same has been done on the other side. So many Lefties don’t have a clue about the Constitution and even have trouble naming the Vice President.

    2. @Maharajji NKB Ok, sir do you realize how dumb you sound. You couldn’t even admit trump was wrong matter of fact, trump has not yet apologize for his stupidity. Do you know what that did to his credibility? It blew it up just as your answer to my question on whether President Obama a citizen. Are you a trump supporter?

    3. @Wotze Smith But Trump wasn’t wrong. Obama is a liar. Why is this so difficult to understand? Some folks talk about the ‘Trump cult’. What a joke. Obama cultists refuse to see the truth.

    4. @Maharajji NKB This should be easy to resolve. The republicans had full control of government to reigning the trump administration and after loosing the house, they still were able to obstruct and trample over all the norms. Just about everything that was once consider normal or close to was turn upside down. They were investigating everything how come not President Obama’s legitimacy?
      Sir, if trump wasn’t wrong. don’t you think that would have been resolve like the first few months in office? Ok say he couldn’t get it done that early with his personal DOJ at the helm need I say more? Look you need some help, sorry I can’t help you. Your logic makes no sense.

    1. @David Hale 👈scared Trump supporter❗ that’s okay Presidents Shitstain is scared too

      Are you sure you won’t take a hankie for November.

    2. adam bower yeah ok sweetheart.myour not one to judge. Aren’t you late for a Antifa or black lives matter meeting?

  4. The Republicans allow one black person among their ranks in the United States Senate specifically for occasions just like this.

    1. @Charles Stevenson why is a black man amongst whites considered a token? Why can’t you consider him as intelligent as his peers?
      How racist are you? Pure KKK slang from your mouth.

  5. Republicans are literally representing the will of the police “the government” and not the will of the people “The voters”.

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