'We know the outdoors is safe': Bogoch on Ont. keeping outdoor activities closed 1

‘We know the outdoors is safe’: Bogoch on Ont. keeping outdoor activities closed


Infectious Diseases Physician Dr. Isaac Bogoch on Ontario extending its stay-at-home order and not allowing outdoor activities as the May long weekend approaches.

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    1. @Jessie O. Lee so, then i understand that you do not have any evidence. neither does anyone else.

    2. @rick74304 after thinking a bit, i might have to acknowledge your point here. although they both have the same infection fatality rate, covid attacks the elderly with health issues much more aggressively and leaves the young at virtually no risk at all, whereas flu seems to attack everyone.

  1. No golfing until schools and stores are open! If our kids and small business owners are going to suffer, then we’re all going to suffer. Doug tried to open everything up but this doctor was crying foul so sit down, shut up and be humble DOC

  2. So Doug said if you play golf then you go out for a few pops and that’s dangerous. Pardon my being almost an antique but I don’t understand this. Decades ago my grandfather was called Pops. Is pops short for popsicle? Or is it drugs? Doug’s brother was into drugs. Does Doug do a lot of pops? Is that why he lets this science table walk all over him?

  3. I don’t want to live like this anymore. I hate this garbage country I was born and raised in. A year ago I was a proud Canadian. I would rather be dead than live like this indefinitely.

    1. I’m with you. It’s mass hysteria and there seems to be no way out and no end in sight.

    2. @Mary Cooper I sure as hell hope so. I just don’t think Canadians have it in them. Everyone I speak to is clueless and nobody cares.

  4. Because he hasn’t figured out Covid can be spread by the wind, by animals and by insects?

  5. Restaurants on PEI are expanding their outdoor patios this year, indoor dining is allowed here. Golf courses and clubhouses are open, so are the sports fields and playgrounds.

  6. That is odd, our health system is overtaxed? With the billions of dollars we’re giving away overseas you would think that our health system would be the best in the world. If you got that kind of surplus money then it should be.

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