1. Well, that’s consistent with Trump. If we don’t test for covid, there will be no positive test results.

    2. @Cuz R Or any need for those pesky civilian review boards and those expensive “body cams.” And with no crime, think of all the time that will be saved, time formerly spent on inventing ways to blame BLM and antifa for virtually every instance of civil unrest in America. Why that would free up untold amounts of time and energy for Republican politicians to work on actual issues.

    1. @Vote Fraud Joe And now to the self defense and cries of being picked on as a method of deflection when things are pointed out. Looks like you’ve are a round peg in a round hole on how neatly that troll description fits you.

    2. its less about education and more about gullibility, not sure if both of these are connected as I know highly educated people believing the most ridiculous stuff

  1. The reason for folks to shelter in place in Alabama and Mississippi is because if you are in a traffic accident, you could lie in the roadway for hours before an ambulance can get to you, by which time you will need a hearse which will entail another hours long wait.

    1. @Verruca ya just bothers the living… who wants a bunch of warm dead bodies sitting in trucks, stinking and spreading disease?

    2. @C. S.
      The time wasted in the interim leads to more patients that don’t get the help they need either. Two pronged killing machine. Which part of finite resources is so difficult to comprehend⁉️🤷‍♀️🇺🇸🤦‍♀️🦠

    3. @Joni Beehive I totally agree. So many though go around thinking that it won’t happen to them or that this isn’t a problem so why should they have to do anything or alter how they live. Then when they end up in an emergency they get mad because they don’t believe the system could really fail and they have a right to get everything they need promptly. There are too many people like this unfortunately who don’t get it until it’s them or someone they care about without a bed or who’s family member is struggling to breath for hours because there isn’t a vent for them so other things are tried to keep them stable til they get better, one opens up or they go into cardiac/respiratory arrest. Why do so many have to learn the hard way?

    4. I don’t live in these states but in Florida, but it is why I don’t get out much. Florida could become like this soon if it stays on its downward trajectory. Already people are sitting for hours in waiting rooms with chest pains and other emergencies.

  2. This is the definition of insanity!! You keep doing the same thing expecting this to be different!! I’m so tired of going through this…. Sadly it is all self induced!✨

  3. The GOP republicans don’t care they will just gerrymander out the folks who they think will not vote for them 😳

    1. thats the problem with republicans and has been for decades. They rule and lead for “their own” only and “their own” seem to be the rich and companies…not the small people at the bottom

  4. This is what happens when your health care strategy is shut your eyes, stick your fingers in your ears and hum; it will all go away.

    1. @Virginia Moss In Florida, they send patients with early symptoms for monoclonal antibody treatments. One center is a library in Jacksonville which had no wheelchairs left so patient was lying on floor.

    2. @Bc Hollis While money shouldn’t be a consideration when people’s lives are at stake, for the refusal of a twenty dollar shot, their needing a treatment costing $2,800. Some how, I’m sure, we will end up paying for. If they are too far along monoclonals do more harm than good. If they end up in the ICU on a ventilator the cost is around $1,522 per day. If they survive most will have post viral syndrome and bankrupt.

    3. Amazing. Lets open everything and save businesses but run up hospital resources and money in the millions or billions.

    4. Our governor announced we have six months worth of PPE stocked up. Not a word about the vaccine! Which would make all that PPE unnecessary!

    1. @The nice one a war “criminal”? Oh please. Your kangaroo court of stupid doesn’t apply to the world because muh muh patriotism shtdck

    2. @Butter Toast “traitor” to what? your fascist loser trailer park justice mentality, short bus? AOC is more popular than all your leading GOP fascist candidates combined because she’s smart and honest and attractive and tells the truth–something your party thinks is a detriment to winning.

  5. Unvaccinated-by-choice should be the lowest on the priority tier to get beds. You’ve had your chance…

    1. @Bob Beckhart Unfortunately, most of the unvaccinated who are dying have already reproduced. I have never in my life ever thought I would wish anyone to be dead, but this issue has so deeply angered me that I wish for something I shouldn’t.

  6. There needs to be a congressional investigation into governors and Congress members that have invested in to Regeneron pharmaceuticals Inc. It seems that some politicians are profiting off our sickness instead of vaccines and mass.

    1. @MrWideballs Good point. There is a Chicago based hedge fund that has $15.9 million in shares of Regeneron Pharmaceutical Inc. according to their filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. The CEO Ken Griffin has donated $10.75 million to a political committee that supports DeSantis. DeSantis is now pushing monoclonal antibodies treatment which is sold by Regeneron. No wonder he doesn’t care if his people get sick. Rand Paul finally revealed that his wife purchased stock in Gilead Sciences which produces Remdesivir. No wonder he doesn’t support masks and vaccines. Boy, I tell ya, you have to watch out for those corrupt, lying republicans.

    1. @Bill Hicks One persons devil is another persons angel and one persons angel is another persons devil.

    2. Do you know there are people who shouldn’t get the vaccine? I have autoimmune issues and I’m not taking a chance on injecting anything into me that would make my symptoms worse. I work hard to stay functioning. My children had bad vaccine reactions and we had to stop. Do you get there are people like us out there? We wear a mask and stay home. Wishing harm on another says alot about YOU. Me and my children deserve medical treatment if needed just as much as you. I think you belong back in the 30s in Germany. Have a nice day.

  7. A rise can’t be said to have peaked until we see it fall. Nobody knows when, or even if, that will happen. We must flatten the curve.

  8. Sadly, this will increase the mortality rate far beyond what we’ve seen so far. While the death rate has been 1-2% with treatment the lack of resources means that very very many that could have survived won’t.

  9. No vaccination?
    If they’re old enough to qualify for a free vaccination tell them to go home and celebrate their freedom at home.

    Children get treated first.

    1. Ticker Carlson better pray the atheist s are right, bits I doubt he’ll be allowed to pass through the Pearly Gates, but will be directed to the down elevator.🙄

  10. Sounds like the “death squads” so feared that Dems would invoke may actually be visited upon in states like Alabama via a disastrous mix of Republican malpractice and misinformation. 😕

    1. They are the masters of projection. If you want to know what they’re up to, look at what they’re accusing you of.

  11. When the health care system finally collapses, guess who the Republicans will be blaming, for a reason yet to be dreamed up.

    1. You mean like how Trump supporters blame Obama for the 2007 Great Recession, when Obama wasn’t in the oval office for nearly 2 years later?

    2. Blue states will never let red states’ heath care systems completely collapse, we’ll send staff and the Feds will send field hospitals.

    3. @E E Dude they’re still blaming Obama for stuff and he’s been out of office for more than 1/2 a decade. Idiocy is the real epidemic we are facing in the US.

    4. What you think the party of personal responsibility is suddenly going take responsibility? Which GOP you been watching the last forty years?….better days friend

  12. So, quit admitting those who don’t believe covid is real. Send them home to deal with the lie they choose to believe.

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