We Need To Be Doing A Million Vaccines A Day: Biden-Harris Transition COVID Advisory Board Member

We Need To Be Doing A Million Vaccines A Day: Biden-Harris Transition COVID Advisory Board Member 1


President-elect Biden warns Americans the "darkest days" of this pandemic are still to come. Stephanie Ruhle speaks with a member of the Biden COVID task force, Dr. Celine Gouder, about what her team is walking into when they take over just weeks from now. Aired on 12/23/2020.
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We Need To Be Doing A Million Vaccines A Day: Biden-Harris Transition COVID Advisory Board Member

46 Comments on "We Need To Be Doing A Million Vaccines A Day: Biden-Harris Transition COVID Advisory Board Member"

  1. Spring Sunshine | December 23, 2020 at 2:30 PM | Reply

    Our government rips us off …they have Christmas.

  2. T. R. Campbell | December 23, 2020 at 5:24 PM | Reply

    We have seen the federal government react to the development of the COVID-19 vaccines by both Pfizer and Moderna. We have seen operation warp speed in the military ramp up production and distribute the vaccines to the states. Many have felt that the states were going to be the snafu in all of this because they did not have an action plan nor boots on the ground ready and able to administer the vaccines to people. We see some news reports of first responders getting the vaccine which is good but this is not enough.
    The critical vaccines are sitting in super cold storage in some states in few were being vaccinated. This is now a state responsibility in some states are failing.

  3. This made me laugh out loud

  4. I will never take this vaccine

  5. According to this news station we have about 15 million in the hospital from this virus. At least we know where the vaccines should be going for the next 15 days, right? Not to healthy politicians that get in front of the camera for clout?

  6. American Paisa 2 | December 23, 2020 at 7:28 PM | Reply

    They can’t go talking about the vaccine without mentioning Biden.🤦🏻‍♂️

  7. I’d like to donate my dose to a needy liberal !

    • @L W Oh god why do you keep saying this? You tell us that we listen to one person and believe it like the news about trump or COVID. But when we do listen you get mad? I have heard that you can’t believe one person who says something that sounds good. “Stop the Steal”? People listen to one person and believe it. Election Fraud? One person cries wolf and you believe it. How can you tell us to not believe one person who says a fact but you do it too by listening to nonsense? Hypocrites I say. Tell us to do one thing but you sway yourself into doing the one thing that you call us out for. Don’t tell me to not listen to news or not wear a mask because I hear it somewhere and believed it, if you are going to the do the same with the whiners who hate this time.

    • @Sharon Azevedo You don’t math well.

    • U dont talk well lol

    • @Sharon Azevedo I was fine along with my grandpas 80 year old friend… grow a set soy boi

    • Thats the sad part if u beleive it goodbye good luck

  8. What specifically is your team doing? ” we are doing what we can” thats the biden harris way i guess.

  9. for EVERY reporter getting a Vaccine WE as Americans get a drop to test it. #testheMSM

  10. 1 mill vaccinations a day, 7 days a week, would take a solid year to get through the entire population. (approximation)

  11. That’s a no from me..

  12. You’re not smiling Stephanie, that’s not like you Wall St. Goon.

  13. Y’all can take my dose I’m good😂😂😂

  14. U guys can take it when I seen people falling over with anphylaxis shock I rather die from covid then die because my air ways close

  15. Robert Terrill | December 23, 2020 at 9:23 PM | Reply

    Even at that rate it will take a year to give everyone the first dose of a two dose vaccine. If you haven’t gotten one in the first month, you won’t be getting one for another month after that while the first people get their second dose.

  16. Richard Wooten | December 23, 2020 at 9:36 PM | Reply

    They should figure out if anyone want the vaccine first before worrying about not having enough.I thought CVS and Walgreens where giving them out.send them a few hundred doses and see how long it takes to run out

  17. W.H.O. changed the definition of herd immunity to make vaccines more essential. In other words one step closer to mandatory.
    They also changed the definition of pandemic just prior to CV. A pandemic used to be identified by its mortality rate. Now its identified by its transmission rate. So basically the common cold or the flu can be called a pandemic every year.

  18. “We need to be doing a million vaccines a day” Spoken like true drug dealers. El Chapo would be proud.

  19. I wouldn’t take it. Why haven’t they reported the CDC death rate this year compared to last year without COVID.. hmm? Not much change. I wonder why??

    • just curious. Do you know if the ICUs were full of flu patients last year . As far as I can tell that is the governing factor in restrictions imposed by my conservative city of 300,000 and of my conservative state. I don’t remember another year in my lifetime where there were full ICUs in every single state. I have no idea how many cities it applies to but it is certainly a lot and small towns have virtually no ICU so even a couple of cases means any extra cases don’t get the treatment that they normally would have. I support your choice not to take the shot and to believe whatever you want.

    • @karmuppet I can’t tell you statistics because I have been working in private practice. I am a healthcare provider. I can tell you that patients with COVID prior to test availability in the hospital were diagnosed with viral pneumonia. I am always very protective of the immunocompromised and feel they should take more rigid precautions, but from what I have seen and experienced isn’t the narrative being portrayed by the news. Doesn’t make sense to me, it’s like being told that as of today 1+1=3.. 🤔

    • @Amy Cheeks My conservative mayor and city council are making the decisions based on info from the hospitals. ICUs don’t have enough beds. It must make sense to them to impose restrictions and beg people to take precautions by providing daily local stats. That the NEWS portrayed by them on my local TV channels. / I feel obligated to throw in the conservative angle just because too many people try to make the restrictions look like it’s some liberal conspiracy. Nothing liberal about my city.

  20. I am very surprised – and thrilled – to read these comments! Even msnbc viewers are waking up??!!! All RIGHT!

    P.S. Where’s Bill GatesOfHell with all his billions? And the factories he was building to manufacture three different kinds of vaccines even before they supposedly knew which one they’d end up using? He wants so badly for the world to get his vaccine, surely he can afford to make it happen? Though I haven’t heard of anyone who wants it. I live in NY state and they’re trying to push a law to make their shot MANDATORY. You watch, they’ll shoot everyone who wants it, then claim herd immunity was not reached so they have to force it on the rest of us. Mark my words. Screen shot this if you don’t believe it, save it, and see what’s going on a year from now.

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