1. Don’t forget Trump was vaccinated before his Presidency ended and still told people they shouldn’t be worried about Covid….

    1. Trump was vaccinated in Jan 2020, then he swore he contracted it….remember he was admitted into walter reed. At that point we didn’t know he had been vaccinated….so he either played sick or it was a mild case of break through. He’s the King of Liars so who knows what the true story is there

    2. @Shahnul Islam I appreciate they told me what they believe. It’s the source I have issue with – NYT , NBC ,PBS,ABC,CBS,W-Post etc.
      I went online- it’s all those sources . Why should I be a jerk about it ,I’ll be civil, just not trust the source.

  2. They don’t care. Don’t listen. Don’t comprehend. Don’t perceive. Whatever you want them to do they will deflect. Nice goalpost. Try shaming us for some what about ism. Threaten civil war and continue to dismantle democracy and reality. Republicans won’t stop until the world is dead. What will you do to set boundaries against republicans?

  3. _”Never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake.”_ – *Napoleon Bonaparte*

    1. @warpedjaffas1 We all get it. Republicans politicized it, and now they’re paying the price. To those people who don’t want to take the vaccine, I say fine. Just don’t use the healthcare system when you get sick.

    2. @SriniP l hear your frustration. We’re all very frustrated with them. Perhaps the most frustrating thing is that not encouraging vaccination & health guidelines is making it harder to get back to normality. Perhaps it’s a strategy by the GOP to undermine Biden success? If it is then its sick & the Democrats should emphasise they’re damaging the country economically as well as physically?

    3. ​@warpedjaffas1 If it’s a strategy to undermine Biden, it’s a pretty stupid one. I say, just let them use that strategy. Think about this – when insurance companies figure out that they could have saved a bunch of money if only these idiots had gotten vaccinated, it won’t take them long to start denying coverage. Heck they’ve been known to cut off chemo treatments, so this should be a piece of cake.

    4. @warpedjaffas1 If it turns out later, those currently unvaccinated are mostly among his supporters, and are the same who want to live in a GOP Dictatorship . There’s even recordings on here of people saying they would like to live this way. What would you say then ? NO ! Is the correct answer. Do not get ordinary people to do the job of medical people or thinking people who have already made their choice. They and other GOP made a choice going to rallies, cheered his ignorance and still got on the buses they were lied to by the whole Trump family , planned for weeks. Do not take away what they see as their civil right. That’s ridiculous, but it’s what they believe. I hope my choice of words doesn’t frighten the horses.
      Donnie DEUTSCH is an old friend of Prisoner- Elect 45. I haven’t heard DEUTSCH dissing him. Besides, I believe something along those lines was spoken about in recent times, and dismissed.

      America’s plethora of Universities, Colleges, Community Colleges, Work Places, Churches, Mosques, Synagogues et al, and night schools didn’t give these people a varied education . Time to step up to the plate, ( later) eg Choice of American History full or potted version, The First Peoples ( NC ) , British History (potted/select version), The Founding Fathers, Slavery British and American African, European Explorers. World Trading, The Civil War, Spanish Wars, CIVICS AMERICAN (compulsory) The American Constitution. The Bill of Rights ( Both compulsory)
      Duration TBD.

      Any ideas people?


    1. I live in Ks. around all these a-holes they ain’t getting the shots and they are stubborn. Most still dont believe seatbelts save lives!

    2. @Human Resources nope. Covid has been circulating longer than known. Read Italian studies that show infectious months earlier than previously thought . I want to say Harvard ( but not sure, ) that found activity in China months earlier than when China first reported cases.
      Cuomo purposely sent ill seniors into general population and he spread the disease. There were warships, pop-up hospitals available. He did it cause he didn’t want to hamper a book deal snd was enjoying getting his assed kissed on prime time every night.

    3. Mostly, you have to credit Remdesivir for that, and the liar who mandated every doctor to use it.

  4. He would still not help and even if he is given 100% of the credit – the anti-vaxxer cultists will still NOT get the vaccine.

    1. No they won’t, I saw some getting upset with Trump when he was pushing back before he lost the vote.

    2. You almost got it right, except for the antivaxxer cultists bullschiff. But you deserve credit for actually getting it

    1. Trump has already given himself credit for the vaccine. He, himself, and Melania have also had the vaccine. Doesn’t seem to matter to his dweebs!!!!

  5. Never ever EVER give that monster credit. It won’t change anything, and he doesn’t deserve it.

    1. Why not? He is a former President of the United States and he saw us through the first year of the pandemic. I may not like him or his politics, but calling him a monster is just hyperbolic and wrong

    2. @Nathaniel Winkelmann He saw you through the first years of the pandemic? By first denying it, while he was well aware of the sheer danger of this virus (as the audio recording of his telephone conversation in December 2019 proves)? Then by constantly downplaying it, advising everyone from wearing masks, trying to get people to gather in large crowds, later in his political election rallies?
      By hiding the fact that he and his family got vaccinated, while he kept speaking against vaccinations?
      If this is how you see a leader, then you should really run to a better country, if it weren’t a fact that you now have a real president that cares about the people, and works hard to get everyone vaccinated and protected, only being stopped by the effects of the vile rhetoric of trump, causing so many people to refuse to get vaccinated, or to wear masks.

    3. @Gary Campbell Let’a be realistic… The first time djt faced a CRISIS HE FAILED. And I’m convinced, that if the Pandemic hasn’t occured, he would have failed in so many other ways too. He has never been a leader and can he never be a leader. He just doesn’t have the skills. Every moment in the 4 dirty years, he was nothing more than a MISLEADER.

    4. @Kirsten Grau : All water under the bridge, for he is no longer President. Whether he is the nominee in 2024 remains to be seen. However, there are an awful lot of people who will never buy into the democrat / liberal alternative. The first 6 months of Biden reminds them why.

  6. We would be better off if republicans do not get the vaccine. less republican voters. lol

    1. Imagine the numbers of Republican voters being decimated by COVID forcing every Republican politician to beg their supporters to get vaccinated. Ohh, it will be a massive schadenfreude experience.

    2. The jab is the MOTB. If you have taken it, then you have secured your covenant with Lucifer. May God have mercy on your soul

    3. @Mike Davis also if jesus or god camre back today who would have him killed first??? think about that then please answ!!!

    4. @Mike Davis what god, who’s god not my God because there is no god you fool. And lucifer is coming from your lying self.

  7. It’s gone beyond giving Trump credit, they’ve had so much misinformation about it now if God came down and told them to take it they wouldn’t.

    1. @Alvin Yakatori Maybe president of Russia comrade. That’s how you Slavic’s seem to roll. The “strong man”, Ivan the terrible, Stalin, Putin. Murderous strong men. The Klingon empire. Lol

  8. Why should we give trump credit he doesn’t deserve in order to keep people alive who are dying from their own stupidity.

  9. How much did Trump and his kids make off Hydroxychloroquine? That’s what they thought about vaccines. Remember how he was pushing it? “What have you got to lose?”, he said. Just like a con man.

    1. peter navarro, last summer: we’ve got 60million doses that we can’t move bc FDA is close-minded
      1. never understood why navarro was involved in the first place (WAAAYYY outside his lane)
      2. the word “move” struck me as odd – that’s how for-profit sellers talk

  10. No, saying it is Trump vaccine would just please Trump.
    Scientists deserve all of the credit for creating the vaccine.

    1. And even if he DID develop the vaccine, he would have hoarded it until he could have developed a really high price, one only the really wealthy could afford….

  11. We should give Trump credit for causing more people to hate him than any President in history. He has shown us what can happen when a really corrupt, narcissistic person gets elected. The Anti-Vax movement has become the Anti-Vax Plague.

    1. Haha. You must live in the city with all the other brainwashed divs. Come on man!!! You the thing???

  12. I am STRONGLY against trump taking credit for something like that.
    Let his followers suffer.

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