'We really don't know' how long Afghan government can hold back Taliban forces, warns expert 1

‘We really don’t know’ how long Afghan government can hold back Taliban forces, warns expert


Carleton University's Stephen Saideman discusses the Taliban gaining more ground in Afghanistan.

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  1. Lol let it get bad then Biden can save the world bahaha. Gotta have a reason to fund industrial military complex.

  2. How much longer before American politicians start negotiations with Taliban to secure release of American citizens from captivity inside Afghanistan

    1. They died to transfer around 20 billions of taxpayer money to various “interests”. Basically the same reason the American soldiers died only at a different scale.

  3. Leave afghanistan to the afghans, thats their internal affairs. So that they will not send their women to school, thats what taliban wants, who cares anyway

  4. 5 trillion well spent lol. the pathetic western nations thought they could impose their rule and their puppets but once again failed

  5. The Taliban was in power before USA intervened. They are now back in power again. Maybe we just have to acknowledge that the ppl there really do support the Talibans.

  6. Qur’an 3:28—”Let not the believers take
    disbelievers for their friends in preference
    to believers. Whoso doeth that hath no
    connection with Allah unless (it be) that ye
    but guard yourselves against them, taking
    (as it were) security.”

  7. Hopefully they’ll have a place to call home sweet home. What a beautiful country, a country Americans can set up all inclusives in the future once it’s settled down a little.

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