1. Hersea 13:16 God tore pregnant women open and ripped their fetuses apart. They need to lecture God on right from wrong. Based on the Bible God is not Pro life. And it sucks at planned parenthood.

    2. @SCOTUS says BidenWon Given how the Bible outright states that killing a fetus is less of a crime than killing a person?

      They need to actually read the book they preach from, rather than have a Republican pastor tell them what’s there.

  1. I guess Trump is good at killing everyone but his Campaign associates whom he pardons. Are any of those people being executed white?

    1. exactly did you hear that for some reason he wants to all of a sudden withdrawal troops from the Iraq & Afghanistan ? What is that about? I bet hes doing it so Russia can move to take those countries. They or someone else

    2. He should be indicted for crimes against humanity – for letting thousands die from corona due to his incompetence at handling the pandemic – AND for his treasonous behavior regarding the outcome of the election….Jan. 20 will not come fast enough!

    1. Jean valjean my brother! You no longer belong to evil. With this silver I have bought your soul. I’ve ransomed you from pain and hatred… And I give you back to God.

    1. That’s right, but we must acknowledge tRump is only doing what Republicans have wanted. He isn’t the only one burning down the house, the whole stinking party is. And, they did pretty well in the election, god help us.

    1. Thats a coward. The man who serves the sentence shall swing the sword. Trump is a small man who has the illusion of power thats why he has to manipulate ppl. He does nothing and demands everything, He takes all and gives none. Nobody rly respects him and world leaders just laugh at us. Its all an act and its a wrap on 45.

    1. I’m afraid you can’t reason with completely stupid and ignorant “people”; Trump and his “administration” shouldn’t be even called people.

  2. This is part of a pattern of Republicans’ disregard for human life. Trump just happens to be the worst of them.

    1. Trump has no care for the lives of Americans because he’s a pathological liar, cult leader, and psychopath wrapped up in one massive messy stinky diaper. 🍟🇺🇸

  3. Trump warned Woodward in July, 2020, that “you don’t know me, but you’ll know me after the election”. We are learning now.

  4. Trump doesn’t care about people he could stop this. He only cares about him self. With black people it’s the highest.

    1. He has ordered this…He said in a past interview that when he hurts he hurts back.He is livid at loosing the protection of the oval office..and he is taking it out on black men..Trump is insane, racist filth

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