We Should Not Tell the Foreigners No | TVJ Sports Commentary – April 13 2022

We Should Not Tell the Foreigners No | TVJ Sports Commentary - April 13 2022 1


    1. @Trudy Kroll a them tell the Americans them seh them wah come to them college and university them come every year to buy out we runners….we have University and college out here to…

  1. I really see nothing wrong with the idea. Because I’m sure our athletes who travel abroad is in the same situation to represent high schools and colleges overseas. So why are we having an issue with foreigners recognizing our country to participate in. We are looking at it in a tunnel vision of “but my school lost to the athlete” instead of seeing it from a different POV and saying hey, country is getting recognized and have growth through this and the athlete can grow through this program as their country may not be as developed for said athlete. 🙂🙂🙂

  2. In the steeplechase when the kc athlete finish the race the others still have two lap around the field I nearly die that race was funny asf no lies🤣🤣🤣 the boy look like him could run around the field again dwl. The competition is good for the sports a so it go.

  3. We guh farin all di dam time go run fi dem at dem university mi nuh see nothing wrong wid dem a come here and run once we have the space. Jamaican of all ppl nuffi a chat against foreigners because as uno bawn a dat a uno dream fi left di dam island and guh farin. Nobody as farin mined as most of uno. Uno see how uno gwan ova usa visa? A gold fi uno dont? Well coming here to run from another country is gold fi some a dem athletes ya to.

  4. As long as they at the correct age, they sit out a year its ok. Jamaicans get to go to colleges abroad on scholarships so we must give the same opportunity for foreigners. Just cap the yola per school

  5. We benefit from it just as much as the foreign students, especially when it comes to middle and long distances..

  6. Oh, the irony and hypocritical ideas of those who want to the tell non-Jamaican born students “no”…while hoping that our Jamaican students will get scholarships to run for “foreign” schools… Last I checked, it’s a school competition NOT a Nationality competition.

  7. Yes they should cut out this thing saying wen they move from one school to the other them must sit out one year be4 them can compete Rub it out jaaa….unuh must stop that now

  8. Let’s be honest . The only issue here is KC winning with foreign athletes . If other schools win foreign nationals there wouldn’t be a problem or any discussions around the issue . Last year JC won with a lot of Caribbean athletes , no one said anything . Calabar won with their long distance runner from cayman and high jumper as well . But no one will acknowledge this

  9. ISSA is not going to tell KC no as well . They need KC supporters for champs and the continued sponsorship from Grace . Without them , the stands empty on a Friday n Saturday . Also kc haters will become less interested in seeing them lose n disappear too

  10. Steel sharpen Steel. Competition will increase the already high standard of our athletes, especially in the distance events.

  11. If jamaicans transfering from a different school and has to sit out a year..i think that should go for foreigners aswell..thats the only thing i see wrong

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