‘We Still Have A Long Way To Go,’ Says Doctor On Vaccine Timeline | Morning Joe | MSNBC

'We Still Have A Long Way To Go,' Says Doctor On Vaccine Timeline | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. The FDA also has an Advisory Vaccine Committee meeting to get thru on Dec. 17more a Federal Register notice. Funny how that notice doesn’t list who will be attending.

    1. @omi god first of all I have 3 channels. I’ve been on YouTube for 9 years. The troll would be you. Aside from being a giant pu$$y …云云云 I’m a troll for questioning what is going to fo in my body? Ok go drink more orange kool aid from your loser wannabe president. 不不不不不不不

    2. @Out of Business The vaccine did not come from Trump. Trump had literally nothing to do with it.
      The vaccine is safe, or they wouldn’t be handing it out.
      It consists of pieces of messenger RNA which code for a protein which causes your body to produce antibodies to the coronavirus that causes Covid. You become immune to the virus.
      The messenger RNA bits are destroyed in the process. Nothing remains except your immunity.

  2. Who to believe, scientific experts and websites with actual information about the virus and how the vaccine works, or a man who can remember 5 words and now thinks he is a genius?

    1. Actually they are saying it will take until late spring to vaccinate the 100,000,000 most vulnerable. That means well into June. The other 225,000,000 will start in July.

  3. When Gandolf appears with his great Army and the light of glory behind him he takes down evil Sauron’s army. Biden is Gandolf and Trump, well you already know . Biden has so much to clean up.

  4. Britain warns against the Pfizer vaccine for people with a history of significant allergic reactions.

    After two health-care workers reacted adversely to injections of the new Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine, British regulators on Wednesday ordered hospitals not to inject people who have a history of significant allergic reactions. The Washington Post/ By William Booth and Erin Cunningham, Dec. 9, 2020

    Pharmaceutical quality assurance;
    Pharmaceutical quality assurance may be defined as the sum of all activities and responsibilities required to ensure that the medicine that reaches the patient is safe, effective, and acceptable to the patient. The World Health Organization

    Immunizations are speeding towards approval before clinical trials end, but scientists say this could complicate efforts to study long-term effects.

    After a flurry of positive results from clinical trials of COVID-19 vaccines, developers are now seeking emergency use approvals, which could see these immunizations deployed in potentially tens of millions of people. But scientists are concerned that this kind of early deployment could compromise the ongoing clinical trials that seek to show conclusively how well the vaccines work. /nature, by David Cyranoski, NOV. 23 2020

  5. The President that allowed hundred of thousands to unnecessarily die, also screwed us out of millions of early vaccines from Pfizer by being such a stable genius. If only talking the talk and hugging the flag actually equated to something.

  6. Here are actual numbers. We are a nation of over 330 million people therefore if 25 million people are vaccinated each month that means it will take more than 12 months to vaccinate everyone because it is simple math therefore you can’t argue with that. Secondly the vaccine is not the end all. Scientists still need to work on a cure which will take a lot longer than a vaccine because they are not one and the same.

  7. By June 2021, 1 million will have died, because unless everyone gets vaccinated we’ll never stop the spread. People that don’t get vaccinated will keep the virus alive. Then you don’t know how long the vaccines last, because people that have had covid19 are getting it again. This could end up like the FLU SHOT, but instead getting a vaccine shot every 6 months. Growing up to attend school, every student had to be vaccinated period. So why are so many people agniast being vaccinated, Republicans saying this was a hoax. Just look at the White House, over 40 people have come down with covid19, and more. The White House, which is to be secured keeps spreading the covid19 virus.

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