'We Want People To Enjoy The Nation's Fireworks,' Says D.C. Mayor 1

‘We Want People To Enjoy The Nation’s Fireworks,’ Says D.C. Mayor


Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser joins Morning Joe to discuss how the city is reopening for business and opening for tourists, her thoughts on a committee to investigate the Jan. 6 insurrection and how to improve policing in her city.

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'We Want People To Enjoy The Nation's Fireworks,' Says D.C. Mayor


  1. Everyone be on point and be careful at them bbq’s everyone is going to just remember what you been seeing and hearing

    1. @Manuel I hope you find somewhere that denies the freedom of speech and expression you despise, so you will find comfort and peace in your own personal cell

    2. What was the realistic chance of that happening? Zero! You can join the bombastic parade of propagandists.

    3. IQ45 we must make sure he never again holds office. And we have to keep control of the house and Senate.

    4. It was the Democrat states and governors who chose to be economy killing dictatorships with no measurable gain to public health.

    1. Noooo You’re right.. Sometimes people will reject change, no matter how simple or reasonable.

  2. Don’t forget that the fireworks are to remind you of exploding shells and rockets.
    But let’s celebrate that Trump is out of power, out of ideas, and just out of it!

  3. Small reunions and open areas with proper restrictions should be fine. The important factor here are taking both of the vaccines and take care for those who haven’t taken both vaccines.

  4. Talk to the people at animal rescue shelters about how wonderful fireworks are. Time to grow up, America, and leave behind this childish obsession with loud noises and shiny things. And for my neighbors in the Pacific Northwest, two words: fire season.

    1. Agreed. The entire Western U S needs to outlaw personal fireworks. And seriously restrict professional shows. Penalties need to be Fines AND jail time. No excuses.

    2. As someone who lives in PNW, I am all about banning personal fireworks. It is time people to take control of planet. We are burning up!

    3. @ce I live in Portland. I will never forget or forgive the Eagle Creek Fire, started by a stupid kid with fireworks. My wife and I hiked up to the falls just five days before the fire started. We were among the last people to see it in all its glory and wonder.

  5. With the current climate, we must only make fireworks as public displays only. No more personal fireworks! The climate has changed and we are idiots if we do not listen.

  6. I have both Pfizer shots, but I have no choice about it.
    I agreed to it because I choose to serve my country

    1. Just a side note, not many are aware of many American expats who do not have access to vaccines. Sad to see those in the country turn down the opportunity granted to them.

  7. Fireworks need to be banned, a silly tradition that causes all kinds of fires and injuries, stupid fun for stupid people. This is not a patriotic act, it is stupidity personified.

  8. If we don’t do an infrastructure plan,
    it’s curtains for the US
    If trump had of been smart, ( but he wasn’t)
    He would have got that done.
    Now Biden gets his shot.

    1. Trump truly is an animal. A narcissistic animal. He can’t think for the long term. It is only reactionary impulse for him. We should be grateful he wasn’t more cognizant.

    2. @J Ross very true. In my thinking.
      Trump is an absolutely a stupid person.
      No functionality or logical thinking for good, at all.
      All reptilian
      At the beginning of his administration he had an absolute grip on the majority.
      He could have thrown a multi trillion dollar infrastructure bill onto the mix. Congress and the Senate would have likely passed it.
      If he was cunning, which he isn’t.
      He could have started ear marking money for the wall, health care bills etc etc .
      Really rev up the Economy.
      Instead he got into fight with Paul Ryan, who was a decent Speaker of the House.
      And was absolutely dedicated to trump.
      Ryan must have been shocked and surprised.
      Then trump shut down the country and Nancy Pelosi absolutely handed him to the public for almost a month.
      To me, he looked very weak during the shut down.

      His Governance and comments during Covid was so bad I thought he was completely incompetent

      Never mind his performance ( with his own people ) over impeachment for the Ukraine scandal.
      Thrown under the bus by his own staff.
      That’s called Fragging
      Nobody notices these things ? ?
      Thanks Dave

  9. I hate fireworks….. Pretty much anyone that’s ever survived combat hates fireworks…. I’ve watched veterans I’m friends with have mental breakdowns because of fireworks….

  10. How about people donating the amount they would usually spend on fireworks to the animal shelters in the form of food, blankets and upkeep. The animals would love it as would the staff.

  11. Yes. let’s just overlook the HEAT WAVE that just baked our tinder. Go ahead and set everything on fire.

    What’s the worst that could happen?

  12. Sorry, but adding Cheney to the investigation would be detrimental to it’s credibility. Thanks but no thanks.

  13. ‘We Want People To Enjoy The Nation’s Fireworks,’ Except at Mt. Rushmore…..because that is a republican run state.

  14. “We want people to enjoy the nations fireworks”
    You could also say:
    “We want all the animals to be spectacularly terrified for nothing”

  15. Trumps Mt. RUSHMORE SHOW was amazing! Rememebr all the haters on the left being mad that he celebrated freedom? I do

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